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Local TV Tries To Cover Shellshock Bug, Fails Miserably

Deadspin - 25 Sep 2014
With news breaking yesterday of a potentially catastrophic bug in the Bash shell since dubbed "Shellshock," media outlets rushed to breathlessly tell viewers about their newly hackable Apple computers. In that rush, they almost universally got the ...

Shell Shock! Can morphometrics distinguish fossil turtle species?

PLoS Blogs (blog) - 08 Mar 2018
A big component of paleontological work revolves around identifying morphological characters that diagnose distinct species in the fossil record. But therein lies an unavoidable problem: where is the line between variation among separate species and ...

Fringe review: Shell Shock

InDaily - 01 Mar 2018
This is a play that gives civilians tremendous insight into what soldiers experience at war and the nightmares that continue to plague them. It is an excellent performance and a topic we should all be prepared to give up a night for, because it will ...

Adelaide Fringe review 2018: Shell Shock

The Advertiser - 01 Mar 2018
PRODUCTIONS from the Guy Masterson stable have delivered excellent theatre experiences at The Fringe for many years and Shell Shock is no exception. This piece, performed by Tim Marriott, was created the support of military charities Help for Heroes ...

BWW Review: SHELL SHOCK: ADELAIDE FRINGE 2018 at Bakehouse Theatre

Broadway World - 01 Mar 2018
The name, Tommy Atkins, came to represent the archetypal British soldier. When Neil Watkin wrote his book, Shell Shock: The Diary of Tommy Atkins, under the nom de plume, Neil Blower, he made his central character an everyman, representing all soldiers ...

A war in the trenches

Great Falls Tribune - 15 Mar 2018
The first way, the easiest and fastest, was called “entrenching.” It was dug straight into the ground from the top, but it left the soldiers open to rifle fire from the enemy. The second was called “sapping.” The trench would be dug from one end. It ...

Orr-struck gallery hears of bribes and forgeries

The Australian - 16 Mar 2018
During a break from the barrage yesterday, Aussie's head of human resources, Lynda Harris, looked more like a shell-shock victim than a banking executive. Next week looks to be just as long and hectic. After four days, the commission has finished one ...

12 Fotografie mostrano il traumatico effetto dello “Shell Shock”

Vanilla Magazine - 25 Feb 2018
Occhi spiritati, espressione vuota o un immotivato sorriso al fotografo: sono tutti segnali dello Shell Shock, la “psicosi traumatica” seguente all'esposizione di una persona allo stress da bombardamento tipico delle Guerre Mondiali (ma non solo). Lo ...

DAR Essay winners

Port St. Joe Star - 15 Mar 2018
His loss reminds me of the battlefield: blood, death, trench foot (which is a nasty fungus caused by wet boots), and shell shock. You can hardly sleep at all, and when you hear the order that no man wants to hear, “go over”, you know it is time to ...

Shell shock: why crayfish replicants are taking over

The Guardian - 07 Feb 2018
A marbled crayfish … there's millions more where this one came from. Photograph: Fredrik von Erichsen/dpa/Alamy. Name: Marbled crayfish. Marmorkrebs in German. Age: Potentially infinite. Appearance: Marbled, to be blunt. Right, so it's a potentially ...

Entering into the 1Tbps Era

Security Boulevard - 08 Mar 2018
This IoT botnet utilized the ShellShock vulnerability to infect IoT devices. But shortly after Bashlite, in 2016, a new IoT botnet was discovered and struck the security industry with three massive DDoS attacks that shook the traditional protection ...

My Lai Amnesia Fifty Years On

Antiwar.com - 16 Mar 2018
Achilles desecrated Hector after the siege of Troy dragged on for 10 years. The American Psychiatric Association added Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder to its classifications only in 1980, but character-changing responses to trauma are common. “Soldier's ...

The Dean's Reflection column with the Very Rev John Dobson

Harrogate Advertiser - 15 Mar 2018
Owen spent the afternoon of that birthday in Ripon Cathedral – he was stationed at the camp here while recuperating from shell shock. He would return to France and be killed in the final few days of the war. At 3.30pm on Sunday, we are holding a ...

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