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Local TV Tries To Cover Shellshock Bug, Fails Miserably

Deadspin - 25 Sep 2014
With news breaking yesterday of a potentially catastrophic bug in the Bash shell since dubbed "Shellshock," media outlets rushed to breathlessly tell viewers about their newly hackable Apple computers. In that rush, they almost universally got the ...

Shell shock over threat to oysters

Express.co.uk - 11 Jul 2018
In its 1850s heyday the company sent 80 million oysters a year to Billingsgate Fish Market, with oysters regarded as the food of the Victorian poor. But Canterbury City Council decided planning permission was needed after a 10-fold rise in the number ...

Shell shock

Barbados Advocate - 02 Jul 2018
ONE of Barbados' more popular sea turtle nesting sites was potentially compromised, but a collaborative effort stopped any further damage in its tracks. Yesterday morning, through a social media post, Carla Daniel of the Barbados Sea Turtle Project ...

Handloading Shell Shock Technologies NAS3 Cases

Shooting Sports USA (press release) (blog) - 27 Jun 2018
WARNING: All technical data in this publication, especially for handloading, reflect the limited experience of individuals using specific tools, products, equipment and components under specific conditions and circumstances not necessarily reported in ...

Shell shock: Inside Kim Jong-un's turtle farm

The Sydney Morning Herald - 24 Jun 2018
The turtles in the tanks were keen to hide. The few with spots on the surface to dry off slipped underwater at the sound of approaching voices; in the distance only an occasional splash could be seen. The three in the bucket had nowhere to go. They ...

Shell shock: why crayfish replicants are taking over

The Guardian - 07 Feb 2018
Name: Marbled crayfish. Marmorkrebs in German. Age: Potentially infinite. Appearance: Marbled, to be blunt. Right, so it's a potentially infinitely old crayfish with a marbled appearance. Got it. Not so fast. There's something interesting about this ...

Reg Meuross – Reg Meuross

Folk Radio UK (blog) - 16 Jul 2018
From his third album, Dragonfly, comes one of three songs here based on real people and events, And Jesus Wept with its circling guitar chords being a first-person telling of how, in 1916, suffering from shellshock, Harry Farr was executed by a firing ...

Fringe review: Shell Shock

InDaily - 01 Mar 2018
Shell Shock has been adapted for the stage from the book Shell Shock: The Diary of Tommy Atkins, by Neil Watkins, and is performed by Tim Marriott. It is the story of an English soldier who returns from fighting in the Middle East and who then has to ...

Adelaide Fringe review 2018: Shell Shock

The Advertiser - 01 Mar 2018
Theatre. Rating: ****. Bakehouse Theatre. Until March 16. PRODUCTIONS from the Guy Masterson stable have delivered excellent theatre experiences at The Fringe for many years and Shell Shock is no exception. This piece, performed by Tim Marriott, was ...

Shell Shock! Can morphometrics distinguish fossil turtle species?

PLoS Blogs (blog) - 08 Mar 2018
A big component of paleontological work revolves around identifying morphological characters that diagnose distinct species in the fossil record. But therein lies an unavoidable problem: where is the line between variation among separate species and ...

From Shell-Shock to PTSD: a Century of Invisible War Trauma

AlterNet - 28 May 2018
English physician Charles Myers, who wrote the first paper on “shell-shock” in 1915, theorized that these symptoms actually did stem from a physical injury. He posited that repetitive exposure to concussive blasts caused brain trauma that resulted in ...

Sacha Baron Cohen's 'Who Is America?' Is Best When It's Not Funny

The Ringer (blog) - 16 Jul 2018
While a fair representation of liberal shell shock, the character avoids insight less surface-level than a caricature of performative tolerance. Cohen aims for the low-hanging fruit, going to dinner with some wealthy conservatives and shocking them ...

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