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siege of jadotville

'The Delinquent Season' Available VOD

The Irish Film Television Network - 18 Jun 2018
Written and directed by Mark O'Rowe, 'The Delinquent Season' is produced by Alan Moloney (Siege of Jadotville, Intermission, Mary Shelley) and Ruth Coady (Siege of Jadotville, Mary Shelley) of Parallel Films with support from the Irish Film Board, RTE ...
siege of jadotville

Army officer involved in attempt to relieve Jadotville siege

Irish Times - 19 May 2018
In his book on the siege, Siege at Jadotville, (Maverick House, 2005) journalist Declan Power argued that Shannon's superiors had let the Irish troops very badly down on the occasion, a view supported by Pat Dunleavy, one of the Irish troops eventually ...
siege of jadotville

'We literally would all have died in Jadotville but for him'

Irish Times - 29 Oct 2017
Tribute has been paid to the man who led 155 Defence Force members back to Ireland after the Siege of Jadotville in 1961. The late Col Pat Quinlan from Caherdaniel in Co Kerry was an extraordinary leader and a true hero to his men following a furious ...
siege of jadotville

Honouring the brave Longford Lions of the Siege of Jadotville

Longford Leader - 02 Feb 2018
Their Company was ordered to Jadotville to provide protection to the Belgian citizens who felt under threat from the native Congolese. However it was the Belgians with white mercenaries and native troops who turned on the Irish. Commandant Pat Quinlan ...
siege of jadotville

Irish hero of Siege of Jadotville finally honored

IrishCentral - 04 Nov 2017
The late Commandant Pat Quinlan from Caherdaniel led 155 Defence Force members back to Ireland after the Siege of Jadotville in 1961. Former Taoiseach Enda Kenny, officiating at the memorial, said Quinlan was an extraordinary leader and a true hero to ...
siege of jadotville

Irish veterans of Siege of Jadotville to receive medals

Irish Times - 13 Jun 2017
Members of the 35th Infantry Battalion, who fought at the Siege of Jadotville in1961 are to be awarded medals, it has been announced. The announcement is the culmination of a long campaign to honour the men of A Company who defended a United ...
siege of jadotville

The hero of Jadotville

Fingal Independent - 22 Oct 2017
Talking about his father's role in the Siege of Jadotville, Leo said: 'He was 42 years of age at the time and he, like the rest of the company had never been in action before. It was a big shock to them, I imagine but as history shows they acquitted ...
siege of jadotville

Bursting with pride for Jadotville hero Quinlan

The Kerryman - 03 Nov 2017
"I put a notice of motion in at a meeting of the South and West Kerry Municipal District last year at a time when there was increased awareness around the siege and Colonel Quinlan's deeds; it was just a couple of months after the film 'The Siege of ...

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