After That Finale, Does Silicon Valley Have Anywhere Left to Go? -
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Stanford tears down piece of Silicon Valley history

The Mercury News - 18 Aug 2018
Long after its headquarters moved to Hayward in 2016, the Ampex sign remained at the company's former site in Redwood City, a beloved fixture for drivers on Highway 101 and a standing testament to the birth of Silicon Valley's Golden Age. For decades ...
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Silicon Valley powers Bay Area job surge during July

The Mercury News - 18 Aug 2018
The Bay Area job market surged during July, an upswing powered by an employment boom in Santa Clara County, where the hiring picture is stronger than it was at the start of the year, state labor officials reported Friday. Santa Clara County added 4,800 ...
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Silicon Valley is dismantling a priceless piece of its history

Fast Company - 16 Aug 2018
Only a few companies can claim to have been part of Silicon Valley before the term “Silicon Valley” came into use—and the legendary Ampex is one of them. Founded in 1944 by Alexander Poniatoff, it introduced the first commercial video-tape recorder in ...
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Silicon Valley idealism at odds with China market

The Japan Times - 19 Aug 2018
“The tech industry had a utopian view of the world and of itself,” said Irina Raicu, director of the internet ethics program at Santa Clara University in Silicon Valley. “It's running up against its own narrative of how it holds certain values.” After ...
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Silicon Valley is leaving women of color behind

Salon - 19 Aug 2018
The report cited Reveal's investigation exposing the lack of diversity in 177 of the largest technology companies headquartered in Silicon Valley. Reveal's data analysis showed that less than 2 percent of professionals at those firms – including ...
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How the Pentagon joins forces with Silicon Valley startups

PBS NewsHour - 16 Aug 2018
The U.S. military has been closely connected with Silicon Valley since it "started-up" in the 1960s. More recently, the Defense Department has set up an innovation base of sorts to get closer to the new technology companies they need to help with ...
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Silicon Valley is here. Get over it.

Building Design + Construction (press release) - 17 Aug 2018
'For the people who were mentioning the fear from Silicon Valley. I am Silicon Valley. Get over the fear. Silicon Valley has already stepped into construction, and I am part of it.' AEC technophile Rohit Arora—who joined the design-build startup ...
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Is Ultimate Frisbee the Golf of Silicon Valley?

KQED - 17 Aug 2018
There's no question ultimate is popular in Silicon Valley. You might be surprised to discover it started in New Jersey rather than California. But California has a natural affinity for ultimate. In any given week, lists a couple ...
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TJ Miller says he was never a bully on 'Silicon Valley'

Mashable - 16 Aug 2018
Last month, Silicon Valley's Alice Wetterlund — who played engineer Carla Walton — accused co-star T.J. Miller of being "a bully and petulant brat." Miller, who didn't have the most glowing review of his on-set conduct by those behind the HBO show ...
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Ampex Sign, Long a Silicon Valley Fixture, Being Dismantled

NBC Bay Area - 17 Aug 2018
It's a sign of the times, literally and figuratively. An iconic sign of innovation in the Silicon Valley is being dismantled. The Ampex sign, seen for decades right along Highway 101 in Redwood City, is coming down despite an effort to save it. In the ...
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Inside Birmingham's Bid To Become The Southern Silicon Valley

Forbes - 13 Aug 2018
It's no secret that Silicon Valley has been looking east, with a number of entrepreneurs shying away from the high rents and salaries involved in working in the Bay Area. The quality of life might be great in the bay, but home ownership is a struggle ...

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