After That Finale, Does Silicon Valley Have Anywhere Left to Go? -
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Bad Blood Review: The Biggest Scam in Silicon Valley

GQ Magazine - 21 May 2018
In the past two years, we've watched public opinion flip on Uber and Facebook, and the nerdy opulence of startups has become a frequent punchline, be it through the lampoon of HBO's Silicon Valley or memes of thicc Mark Zuckerberg. In the same vein ...
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How John Chambers Taught Me 'The Magic Of Silicon Valley'

Forbes - 21 May 2018
As I think about the influences that have been most important to me in my career and my life, quite a few come to mind. I really believe you can learn something from anybody, but there are a few people who stand out. There's my father of course—there ...
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Afghan Women Fly High In Silicon Valley

RadioFreeEurope/RadioLiberty - 21 May 2018
0:00 0:01:17 0:00. Share. Share on Facebook · Share on Twitter · Share on В Контакте · Share on Google+ · Email to a Friend · Share on LinkedIn. They once lived in refugee camps, but now these three Afghan women are top scientists in Silicon Valley.
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Is Google a monopoly? '60 Minutes' revisits long-running question

Silicon Valley - 21 May 2018
Amid the hubbub over big tech, it's Google's turn under the spotlight with “60 Minutes” on Sunday examining the long-running claims that the Silicon Valley giant is a monopoly and stifles competition. The allegations — that Google abuses its dominant ...
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California's Hottest New Tourism Hotspot? It's Silicon Valley

Forbes - 19 May 2018
Cupertino is a quiet, residential town nestled in the foothills of the Santa Cruz mountains. It's also where Apple has its headquarters, which isn't news to anyone. What is news, however, is that since Apple completed its new corporate headquarters in ...
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How Silicon Valley Came Up With Richard's Season-Finale Diss

Vulture - 14 May 2018
HBO's Silicon Valley is known not only for precisely roasting the country's ever-growing tech industry but for its bold, unforgettable, and sometimes slightly crass jokes. Think about its famous horse sex scene or the season-one finale, where the crew ...
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Should Africa let Silicon Valley in?

The Guardian - 19 May 2018
This will help countries put in a modern digital infrastructure, they say, and save huge sums on education and healthcare budgets. But Silicon Valley's aspirations to make the world smaller and bring people together, no matter how sincere, are being ...

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