After That Finale, Does Silicon Valley Have Anywhere Left to Go? -
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Silicon Valley financiers are recoiling from Saudi money - 23 Oct 2018
For years, Saudi money has flooded into California's Silicon Valley tech industry. The Saudi sovereign wealth fund and ultra-rich members of the royal family have lavished billions on small tech start-ups and established companies. That relationship is ...
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An Alternative History of Silicon Valley Disruption

WIRED - 22 Oct 2018
In Silicon Valley's telling, however, “disruption” became shorthand for something closer to techno-darwinism. By imposing the rules of nature on man-made markets, the theory justified almost any act of upheaval. The companies still standing post ...
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Fabs In Silicon Valley?

Forbes - 21 Oct 2018
With the move of most semiconductor manufacturing to Asia, finding a semiconductor “fab” in Silicon Valley is a bit surprising. Actually, there are lots of semiconductor laboratories in Silicon Valley run by the likes of Intel, AMD and many other ...
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Silicon Valley wants to groom next Chinese unicorn -- in China

Nikkei Asian Review - 23 Oct 2018
TOKYO -- Top U.S. startup accelerators -- businesses that provide boot-camp-like programs to develop young companies -- are expanding their presence in China despite rising trade tensions, in a sign of the growing recognition of the country as a hotbed ...
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Dara Khosrowshahi and 37 other Iranians who power Silicon Valley

Fast Company - 23 Oct 2018
As those families looked to regain what they lost, their children, already oriented in the value of math and science, gravitated toward computers and Silicon Valley. For the wave of Iranian immigrants like Khosrowshahi, who arrived in the years around ...
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Who Will Teach Silicon Valley to Be Ethical?

New York Times - 21 Oct 2018
As a journalist is beheaded and dismembered at the direction of Saudi Arabian leaders (allegedly, but the killers did bring a bone saw), Silicon Valley is swimming in oceans of money from the kingdom's Public Investment Fund. Saudi funding includes ...
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What Should Silicon Valley Companies With Saudi Money Do?

Slate Magazine - 22 Oct 2018
On Oct. 12, about a week and a half after Jamal Khashoggi went missing in Turkey, journalist Anand Giridharadas wrote in the New York Times about Silicon Valley's Saudi Arabia problem. Saudi Arabia's $250 billion Public Investment Fund invests a ...
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Remembering Jewish Baghdad at Silicon Valley film fest

The Jewish News of Northern California - 23 Oct 2018
The Silicon Valley Jewish Film Festival will screen the 2017 documentary “Remember Baghdad” on Oct. 30, with JIMENA serving as a co-sponsor. JIMENA (Jews Indigenous to the Middle East and North Africa) was founded in 2001 by Gina Waldman, a Jew ...
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Don't Miss 'Fun Home' At Theatreworks Silicon Valley

CBS San Francisco - 24 Oct 2018
Stars Moira Stone and James Lloyd Reynolds talk to Bay Area Focus host Michelle Griego about the Tony-award winning musical 'Fun Home,' based on a graphic novel by MacArthur genius Alison Bechdel playing at TheatreWorks in Silicon Valley.
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Is Silicon Valley Losing Its Luster?

Forbes - 15 Oct 2018
The likes of Google, Tesla and Amazon have already moved part of their business elsewhere. All of this shows that Silicon Valley may be losing its status as the world's technology hub. I spoke with my contact Eric on the ground in Silicon Valley. This ...

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