Silpa Bhirasri (Thai: ศิลป์ พีระศรี; rtgs: Sin Phirasi; IP... -
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Silpa Bhirasri (Thai: ศิลป์ พีระศรี; rtgs: Sin Phirasi; IP...

wikipedia - 15 Sep 2016
Silpa Bhirasri (Thai: ศิลป์ พีระศรี; rtgs: Sin Phirasi; IPA: [sǐn pʰīːrásǐː]), born Corrado Feroci (15 September 1892 – 14 May 1962) was an Italian-born sculptor who worked mainly in Thailand. He is considered the father of modern art in Thailand and was instrumental in the founding of today's Silpakorn University.
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A day in photos

Bangkok Post - 15 Sep 2017
Anand Saeng-ura (centre), accompanied by lawyer Ronnarong Kaewphet (left), files a complaint at the Crime Suppression Division, asking police to help locate his missing daughter. She was the wife of an Israeli arrested last year for the jealousy-murder ...
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Explore Historic Home of the 'Father of Modern Thai Art'

Khaosod English - 18 Jan 2017
Silpa Bhirasri was an Italian-born sculptor and one of few foreigners whose cultural contributions are widely celebrated. He helped make a number of grandiose sculptures harkening to the European Fascist art movement at the time, including the ...
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Tribute to the master

The Nation - 14 Sep 2012
'Life is short … art is longer” was the motto of Professor Silpa Bhirasri, the Italian sculptor who was born Corrado Feroci in 1892, came to Thailand at the age of 31 and went on to found Silpakorn University, Thailand's first fine art institute ...
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Monuments to the fallen father

The Nation - 04 Nov 2016
Near the statue of the school's founder, Silpa Bhirasri at Silpakorn's Tha Phra campus, Pongpan's students are creating a likeness in clay of the King at age 19, when he ascended to the throne. The 87-centimetre-tall bust, titled “Phra Bhumibol”, will ...
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A burst of royal creativity

The Nation - 23 Nov 2016
SILPAKORN UNIVERSITY is paying homage to His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej with the lovely indoor-outdoor art-music-and-dance exhibition “Silapakorn… Tribute to the Father of the Land” at its Tha Phra campus. “We wanted to honour the country's ...
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Museums are out to amuse

The Nation - 18 Sep 2016
For the “Fine Art and Crafts” section, there are the late Misiem Yipinsoi's bronze masterpiece “Skipping Rope”, Qing Dynasty vases and a wax likeness of Silpa Bhirasri, “the father of modern Thai art”, as well as a portrait of esteemed former statesman ...
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National artist Thawan Duchanee dies

Bangkok Post - 05 Sep 2014
He furthered his studies at Sikpakorn University, where he was groomed by the late professor Silpa Bhirasri. Thawan also earned a doctorate degree in metaphysics and aesthetics from the Royal Academy of Visual Arts, Amsterdam, Holland. His paintings ...
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Photos Of The Week

Bangkok Post - 16 Sep 2011
The Sweet Troop or "Kong Roi Namwan" undergoes training at the Honda Driving Centre. Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra's female bodyguards learned protective strategies, motorbike riding skills and how to assist and evacuate in the event of an ambush ...
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Creativity for the King

The Nation - 23 Oct 2016
Inside the university, meanwhile, mourners can be spotted taking photos at the “Under His Granciousness” exhibition, which is being held at the art gallery of Silpakorn University's Painting Sculpture and Graphic Arts Faculty near the Silpa Bhirasri ...
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Un incontro sul Monumento ai Caduti

Qui News Elba - 12 Oct 2017
Relatori saranno la Dott.ssa Gloria Peria che parlerà della singolare vicenda dell'artista, fiorentino di nascita ma destinato a una “reincarnazione” nel lontano Siam (oggi Thailandia) col nome di Silpa Bhirasri ed il Dott. Amedeo Mercurio che si ...
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Thawan Duchanee, Thai Art Legend, 1939–2014

artnet News - 05 Sep 2014
Thawan was born in Thailand's northern Chang Rai provence. He first took up studies at Bangkok's Pohchang Academy of Arts before moving on to Silpakorn University's Faculty of Fine Arts to study under Italian sculptor Silpa Bhirasri who spend much of ...
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Bangkok Post - 11 Oct 2013
An exhibition of photos by Silpa Bhirasri at the Postal Heritage Hall in Bangkok's Grand Postal Building, organised by Thailand Post and Silapakorn University. Photo by Pattanapong Hirunard. An exhibition of photos by Silpa Bhirasri at the Postal ...
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Take an artist home with you

The Nation - 23 Jan 2016
Also on sale is a bronze bust of Silpa Bhirasri, the father of Thai modern art, by Kittichai Teeratwitcha. They made 123 copies last year for what would have been Silpa's 123rd birthday. Then there are T-shirts printed with Sutee Kunavichayanont's ...
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The Battle For Bangkok's Little-Known Folk Museum

Khaosod English - 21 Sep 2016
On the second floor sits a bust of Christian cast by none other than Silpa Bhirasri, the Italian father of modern art in Thailand for whom Silpakorn University is named. Christian's medical instruments are on display in the lobby; his former bedroom ...
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Looking Back with Love

The Nation - 29 May 2013
The National Artist spends a good part of his day working on his own creations and fills in the rest of the time teaching at Silpakorn University, where he studied with Prof Silpa Bhirasri, the father of modern Thai art. This evening, he'll be at the ...
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Police seeking stolen Misiem Yipintsoi sculpture

The Nation - 06 Jan 2015
Later she began devoting her time to sculpture, studying under Professor Silpa Bhirasri, the father of Thai modern art. Her works can be found in museums, galleries and private collections all over the world. AddThis Sharing Buttons. Share to Facebook ...
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A Sofitel Concierge's Guide to LGBT-Friendly Bangkok

Condé Nast Traveler - 09 Apr 2015
Five purpose-built stories contain over 800 pieces of art collected by communications magnate Boonchai Bencharongkul, and showcase the development of Thai fine art since the introduction of modern western concepts by Professor Silpa Bhirasri, ...
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How we got this far

The Nation - 26 Aug 2012
Among highlights are works by painter Prasong Luemuang and the late Jitr Buabusya, Chalerm Nakeerak, Hem Vejakorn and Suchao, plus several pieces by the “Father of Modern Thai Art” Silpa Bhirasri. “Inspiration from Buddhism” surveys the bond ...

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