Google Doodle honours feminist writer Simone de Beauvoir -
simone de beauvoir

Google Doodle honours feminist writer Simone de Beauvoir - 08 Jan 2014
She was a leader of the existentialist movement along with her lifelong partner Jean-Paul Sartre. The two never married because de Beauvoir believed their relationship should not be defined by an institution. She believed not marrying or having kids ...
simone de beauvoir

1947, Simone de Beauvoir in America

The Eye of Photography - 14 Dec 2018
Sous Les Etoiles Gallery is pleased to present «1947, Simone de Beauvoir in America» a photographic journey inspired by her diary «America Day by Day».
simone de beauvoir

Simone de Beauvoir as a role model?

Irish Times - 04 Oct 2018
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simone de beauvoir

Fahmida Riaz, Our New Aqleema

The Wire - 18 Dec 2018
Fahmida Riaz, who passed away on November 21, informed the reader in her first collection of poetry, Patthar ki Zuban (The Language of Stones), that she ...
simone de beauvoir

Simone de Beauvoir and the Left

NewsClick - 10 Jan 2018
Today marks the 110th birth anniversary of Simone de Beauvoir (1908-1986), the acclaimed French feminist theorist, who was born this day on January 9th.
simone de beauvoir

Aging into Feminism

Boston Review - 12 Dec 2018
Aging into Feminism from Boston Review. Many Amazon holiday orders will be fulfilled by homeless retirees, America's newest precariat. Taking better care of ...
simone de beauvoir

How “Little Women” Got Big

The New Yorker - 27 Aug 2018
From Simone de Beauvoir to Stephenie Meyer, the world that Louisa May Alcott created has been an inspiration for generations of female writers, Joan Acocella ...
simone de beauvoir

Simone's Existentialist Ethics | Issue 115

Philosophy Now - 16 Jul 2016
“My life is my work,” Simone de Beauvoir once said. Spoken like a true Existentialist: to her, life and thought were inextricably linked; we are what we do.
simone de beauvoir

The Spirit of the Left Bank

The New Republic - 21 Mar 2018
Before she became a sultry chanteuse, Juliette Gréco was a prisoner in occupied France. Arrested by the Gestapo in 1943, Gréco spent several months at ...
simone de beauvoir

A notorious advocate for gender equality

The Washington Post - 08 Nov 2018
Why has Ruth Bader Ginsburg, at the age of 85, become an American icon whom young women stop for selfies in the street? The simple answer: She's such a ...

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