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simpsons family guy crossover

7 TV shows that were cancelled *twice*

DigitalSpy.com (satire) (press release) (blog) - 10 Jul 2018
Some TV shows in the past have managed to defy the axe and keep on going, sometimes even getting cancelled twice and still survive – like Family Guy. This isn't about them. ...
simpsons family guy crossover

10 Guest Stars Who Stole the Show

Anglophenia - 13 Jul 2018
When Brent comes out of an elevator, the two exchange some banter, and as Brent walks away, Scott says to himself, “What a nice guy.” Hmm, wonder if he sees himself in this random ...
simpsons family guy crossover

Um, The Orville And Family Guy Might Do A Crossover Episode

Cinema Blend - 05 Jan 2018
Having already crossed over with the king of animated TV, The Simpsons, Family Guy is usually more content with poking fun at other properties rather than teaming up with them. But because Seth MacFarlane is behind both shows, that makes things a ...
simpsons family guy crossover

Ex-Canuck Dan Hamhuis: Alex Burrows was 'a tremendous teammate'

Sportsnet.ca - 07 Jul 2018
“He's a guy that, everybody around the league that doesn't play with him hates him, and every guy that plays with him loves him. And that really sums him up. There's a lot of guys out there like that in the league and he's certainly one of them. I'm ...
simpsons family guy crossover

New American Horror Story to be Murder House-Coven crossover

BBC News - 15 Jun 2018
Back in 2014, Family Guy did a crossover episode with The Simpsons called The Simpsons Guy. In regards to films, Marvel's Avengers: Infinity War has been called "one of the most ambitious crossover events in history." Obviously, not everyone agrees ...
simpsons family guy crossover

10 Star Trek Cameos That Are Out of This World

FANDOM - 20 Jun 2018
Family Guy creator guy Seth MacFarlane LOVES Star Trek — and he hasn't been shy about his favourite fandom. As a teen he made the above fan film with his friends. Hell, he even manages to work Trek references into pretty much all of his shows. And now ...
simpsons family guy crossover

15 Memorable Crossover Episodes Ranked

Rotten Tomatoes - 16 Apr 2018
Fox animated series The Simpsons and Family Guy each have strong fan bases — so devoted are they that they sometimes turn on each other to argue similarities in the shows' premises or episodes. So it seemed appropriate that the two would join forces ...
simpsons family guy crossover

'The Simpsons' breaks TV record but faces controversy

eNCA - 30 Apr 2018
NEW YORK - The Simpsons has broken the record for the most episodes in a prime-time scripted series on American TV, but the milestone came amid accusations of racism. Fox's 636th episode about the Simpson family, which aired on Sunday night, pushed ...
simpsons family guy crossover

Stroman's poor outing underscores Blue Jays' rotation troubles

Sportsnet.ca - 05 Jul 2018
Any time a guy gets back to the big leagues, keep battling, it's tough to get here and really tough to stay, you feel for those guys and he did a nice job tonight.” At the plate, a couple of Blue Jays veterans had big nights, but the lineup was largely ...

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