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Hands on with Snapchat's money-sending service, Snapcash

Mashable - 17 Nov 2014
Snapchat is no longer just for sending disappearing messages. The company announced Monday it was partnering with Square to allow its users to send money to each other with its new payments feature Snapcash. Sending cash with Snapcash, available ...

Spectacles leader has left Snap

L.A. Biz - 24 Jul 2018
Less than a year after taking over Snap Lab, Mark Randall has left Snap Inc. The hardware team, whose efforts up to now have mostly consisted of Spectacles, ...

Facebook: the latest way to transfer cash

Telegraph.co.uk - 24 Jun 2016
Would you trust a social media website such as Facebook or an app such as Snapchat with your money? In America, thousands of people already do. Facebook ...

Why Snap Inc. Stock Was Falling Today

Yahoo Finance - 30 Jul 2018
Shares of Snap Inc. (NYSE: SNAP) were sliding today, following the collapse last week of its two social-media peers, Facebook and Twitter, and on a broader ...

What are premium Snapchat accounts?

Metro - 21 Nov 2017
Snapchat has many hidden corners and unanswered questions but none more so than premium Snapchat. Don't go looking for premium Snapchat on the App ...

Snapcash remains unpopular among students

Inklings News - 27 Mar 2015
When Snapcash was introduced on Nov. 17, 2014, many students immediately had negative reactions. Unlike the “Snapchat Story” feature that also received ...

JD.com Eyes European Expansion

PYMNTS.com - 23 Jul 2018
eCommerce News: JD.com is preparing for a Europe expansion. Finance chief Richard Liu says JD.com investment is now in logistics and physical retail stores.

Strippers Go Undercover on Snapchat

New York Times - 25 Feb 2015
The mobile app has become a popular platform for X-rated photos, videos and personalized shows, often sold on the sly to avoid violating rules.

6 Snapchat tips for power users

The Express Tribune - 19 Mar 2017
Popular photo sharing app Snapchat has drastically expanded its offering over the last few years. From a basic disappearing photo messaging platform, it now ...

US Chamber Demands Crypto, ICO Regulation

PYMNTS.com - 23 Jul 2018
The U.S. Chamber of Commerce is demanding more regulatory clarity for cryptocurrencies and activities related to them, including initial coin offerings (ICOs).

When sexting meets social payments

PaymentsSource - 14 Dec 2016
Payments are inevitably merging with social media, but the mix comes with a clear and very public risk if not handled correctly.

Older generation: What's this Venmo thing?

Allentown Morning Call - 30 Jul 2018
What sets Venmo apart is its real-time feed of transactions, with room for comments limited to a few words. The brevity makes it ripe for generational ...

New app brings Snapchat filters to Twitch

Notebookcheck.net - 28 Oct 2018
Snap Camera is a freshly-launched desktop app that adds Snapchat Lenses to webcam feeds for vlogging or Twitch streams. Like all similar things Snap, ...

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