Sisters Sue Snapchat for Branding Them 'Snapchat Sluts' -
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Sisters Sue Snapchat for Branding Them 'Snapchat Sluts'

New York Magazine - 23 Sep 2014
According to TMZ, the Turner sisters are suing Snapchat for an unspecified amount, claiming that their photo appears when you Google "Snapchat sluts" and that their reputations have been ruined because of this. They also say that one of the photos ...
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The social media predicament facing famous men

Daily Telegraph - 22 Sep 2018
The New York City Ballet is in the greatest crisis of its 70-year history, having just sacked two principal male dancers, Amar Ramasar and Zachary Catazaro, for allegedly exchanging sexual images of young women without their consent, as well as ...
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This GOP Congressman Is Sad He Can't Call Woman 'Sluts' Anymore

Scary Mommy - 20 Jul 2018
Grab the nearest pillow because you're going to want pummel something after reading this. Rep. Jason Lewis, a Republican congressman from Minnesota, once complained about not being able to call women sluts anymore. Playing the world's smallest violin ...
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Three Good Reasons Not To Send Nude Photos Via Snapchat

Forbes - 12 Dec 2012
I'm sure another version of "Snapchat Sluts" will be with us soon. ***. As usual, I'll remind you that sending nude photos is a tad bit unwise. If you must send them, bear in mind Gawker's "time-honored rules of sexting: No identifiable clothing. No ...
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SoundCloud rap song might land teen in jail for a decade

The Daily Dot - 12 Jun 2018
Nobody is named in Schmitt's rap, but his high school is referenced in the title: “u lil sluts @ jchs i love u all even tho yall hurt me and i forgive u. i would never hurt u.” Schmitt promoted it on Twitter and Snapchat that morning, and by the ...
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Snapchat CEO emails talk about "bitches" and "sluts"

VatorNews - 28 May 2014
Breaking news: rich, white man says awful things. Other white men rally to his defense. This time, though, the timing is pretty damn bad. How bad? Like, emblematic of the institutionalized misogyny and rape culture that was at the root of the UCSB ...
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Why Are Women With Visible Tattoos Still Slut-Shamed By Society?

Konbini US - 31 Oct 2017
The recent Harvey Weinstein scandal has highlighted how retrograde ideas towards women and their bodies are still, unfortunately, alive and well in our society. One of the first women to speak out against Weinstein and reveal her sexual assault story ...
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Misogyny 'clear-cut' in deadly Toronto attack - 02 May 2018
"Sleeping with only two or three Toronto Tinder sluts would have been enough to stop his urge to kill," he wrote. Earlier this year, the SPLC added male supremacist groups to its list of hate groups after judging they had risen to a "level of danger ...
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The Important Lesson In Cardi B's Engagement

Refinery29 - 30 Oct 2017
In fact, tweets like these, that boldly declare that she's not wife “material,” speak to the heart of the problem that many people have with Cardi B. and women like her: she is not the version of womanhood dictated by slut-shamey patriarchy and misogynoir.
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Snapchat Nudes and Where Do they Really Go?

DESIblitz - 13 Oct 2017
There had been fear in the past for Desi girls when intimate pictures have gone viral, so with the introduction of Snapchat nudes, this fear was lessened. Because the pictures wouldn't be saved Asian girls could take as many as they liked and never ...

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