Solar storm heading Earth's way -
solar storm

Solar storm heading Earth's way - 11 Sep 2014
The storm began with a minor solar flare on Monday, followed by a major X-class flare — the strongest classification — on Wednesday at around 10.00 AEST. Both eruptions came from the same sunspot near the centre of the solar disk, and both produced ...
solar storm

NASA, ESA spacecraft track solar storm through space

Science Daily - 20 Aug 2017
However, scientists have recently used data from 10 NASA and ESA (European Space Agency) spacecraft in the direct path of a CME to piece together an unprecedented portrait of how these solar storms move through space -- in particular, narrowing down ...
solar storm

An Army of Spacecraft Tracked a Solar Storm From Mars to Pluto

Popular Mechanics - 16 Aug 2017
Our sun might seem peaceful floating out in space, but in fact it often experiences very violent outbursts called coronal mass ejections, or CMEs. CMEs are gigantic solar flares that can send stellar material flying through the solar system at ...
solar storm

Why the total eclipse has solar physicists very excited

Vox - 19 Aug 2017
To this day, many aspects of the sun remain a mystery: What causes solar flares, when massive amounts of energy and plasma are ejected from the sun? Why is the corona, the solar atmosphere, actually hotter than the surface? The eclipse provides a ...
solar storm

Here's What a Stopped Eruption on the Sun Looks Like

Inverse - 14 Aug 2017
Back in 2014, NASA and its partners' observatories saw something unusual happening: the formation of a solar storm stopped in its tracks before it could manifest into a full-blown storm. Those observations, published in a paper last month in The ...
solar storm

A Look at The Solar System's Most Intense Storms

Popular Mechanics - 17 Aug 2017
While Earth's storms are pretty intense, they pale in comparison to storms elsewhere in the solar system. Jupiter's Great Red Spot is a storm more than twice as wide as the Earth, with winds traveling upwards of 250 miles per hour. Saturn's polar ...
solar storm

Shopping for the apocalypse

Financial Times - 24 Aug 2017
One morning in September 1859, British astronomer Richard Carrington was in his observatory when he saw a white-light solar flare — a huge magnetic explosion on the sun. It was followed by the largest geomagnetic storm ever recorded on Earth.
solar storm

Rain and storms could impact Monday's solar eclipse

KWQC-TV6 - 19 Aug 2017
QUAD CITIES, IA & Ill. (KWQC) Though it is still a gorgeous weekend away, it looks as though QCA residents could be fighting clouds and storms the day of the solar eclipse. This is all due to a system that will be approaching our area from the west ...
solar storm

Total solar eclipse weather forecast as of Aug. 20

Washington Post - 20 Aug 2017
But the eclipse passes through this region around noon, before most of the storms develop, so the storm risk should be low there. [More eclipse coverage from The Washington Post]. Clouds often pop up along the rest of the path throughout the day simply ...
solar storm

SPOILER ALERT: Computer Simulations Provide Preview of Upcoming Eclipse

UT News | The University of Texas at Austin - 17 Aug 2017
If a powerful solar storm such as the 1859 Carrington Event — which led to auroras being visible as far south as the Caribbean and caused telegraphs to short and catch fire — were to hit Earth today, it would cause more than $2 trillion in damages ...

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