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Neighbors reader's poem is just the thing for Memorial Day

INFORUM - 28 May 2018
Memorial Day, Remember? Memorial Day should be a day we all recall. A day to remember all the soldiers that did fall. Also to honor those that came back. We really should treat them with a little more tack. Dying is not the hardest part of going to war;.
soldiers poem

A soldier-poet's Memorial Day

Washington Times - 27 May 2018
Joyce Kilmer (1886-1918) was an American soldier-poet who was killed in France during the waning months of World War I. He is remembered today primarily for his poem “Trees,” which is, unfortunately, one of the most mercilessly parodied poems in all ...
soldiers poem

Israel Considers Bill to Criminalize Filming Israeli Soldiers

Democracy Now! - 22 Jun 2018
Reporters Without Borders has called on the Israeli parliament to reject a new bill that would criminalize the taking of photographs and videos of Israeli soldiers. Violations could result in jail sentences of five years if the photograph or video ...
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A Wall Of Poppies On The National Mall Honors Fallen Soldiers

NPR - 26 May 2018
She wrote the poem, "We Shall Keep the Faith" in response to McCrae and pledged "always to wear a red poppy of Flanders Fields as a sign of remembrance." For this year's exhibit, the Veterans of Foreign Wars and the American Legion donated the flowers, ...
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Poquoson poet Bill Glose wins honor for military composition

Daily Press - 20 Jun 2018
His poem, inspired by the memoir of an American soldier who lost both legs and an arm in Iraq, was well received — just as it had been a few weeks earlier in San Francisco, when an Army colonel read it in Glose's absence at the first reception for the ...
soldiers poem

A portable memorial to fallen soldiers blooms in Washington

PBS NewsHour - 28 May 2018
He penned a poem, “In Flanders Field.” Three years later, an American woman, Moina Michael, wrote her own poem, “We Shall Keep the Faith.” And in that, she said we should never forget the fallen. And she recommended wearing a poppy, as I'm doing.
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American Legion Post Honors Fallen Soldiers

The Villages Daily Sun - 31 May 2018
The audience became silent as U.S. Army veteran John Chang, with the American Legion Lt. B.R. Kimlau Chinese Memorial Post 1291 in New York, read a poem called “Just a Common Soldier.” Guest speaker Maj. Gen. Richard Colt then took the stage to ...
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Sackets Harbor remembers legacies of fallen soldiers - 28 May 2018
Larson, commander of the second brigade combat team for the 10th Mountain Division, shared the memories of a few deceased soldiers and read the poem he thought was indicative of the holiday: “Flanders Field,” by John McCrae. Col. Larson said he ...
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Local veteran pays Memorial Day tribute through poetry

Cecil Daily - 25 May 2018
ELKTON — Memorial Day is a time to pay tribute to the soldiers who have given their lives to protect America and the freedom its citizens enjoy. Tributes will inevitably come from all over, but perhaps the most moving come from the veterans who are ...
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Top 8 places to visit during Araw ng Maynila - 23 Jun 2018
Inscribed in Rizal's monument is his famous poem Mi Ultimo Adios (My Last Farewell) and is guarded by ceremonial soldiers 24/7. This scenic landmark requires a good angle in your photos. 2. Intramuros. Going to the oldest part of Metro Manila is quite ...
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Local soldiers honored at Vietnam Traveling Wall

MyEasternShoreMD - 13 Jun 2018
Another powerful moment came when Kate Mansfield of Kent County read a poem titled “Remember Me” by Either B. (Campbell) Gates. It said, “This long black wall is somber, true. Name after name of those who died for you ...
soldiers poem

A memory from a beach wins this year's Daily Press poetry contest

Daily Press - 03 Jun 2018
B.V. Dahlen, of Newport News, took third place for “A Soldier's Lullaby.” She said the poem came from a lifelong learning class assignment to compose a lullaby; rather than thinking of a song for an infant, she wrote about her husband, a retired Army ...

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