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Gary Brown: 'Young Dead Soldiers' remembered

Canton Repository - 16 Sep 2018
The words penned 75 years ago by Archibald MacLeish, published in a poem created for what was called “American Heroes' Day,” were entitled “The Young Dead Soldiers Do Not Speak.” “Nevertheless they are heard in the still houses: who has not heard ...
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Local soldier remembered on 100th anniversary of Argonne Offensive

Lewistown News-Argus - 22 Sep 2018
Sergeant Albert B. Replogle of Grass Range, who served in L Company, 362nd Infantry in the 91st Division in WWI, is shown here in uniform. Upon returning from the war, Replogle and his wife wrote his recollections of the Meuse-Argonne Offensive, which ...
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60 minutes, war poetry, and Francis Willard Day in 1968

Great Bend Tribune - 19 Sep 2018
The country was deep into the Vietnam War in 1968, and the Associated Press was there to report on war action, but also the lives of soldiers. One report published in the Tribune this week in 1968 featured poetry that had appeared in a recent American ...
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Poetry in motion: Wimbush's words ring a powerful message

Grand Forks Herald - 01 Sep 2018
His inspiration came from soldiers overseas coming home and being reunited with their families. "It always isn't that pleasant," he said. "Families do have to deal with the fact their family member or brother or husband or wife isn't coming home the ...
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Traveling wall returns to the road

Fairfield Ledger - 17 Sep 2018
Waugh recited the poem “Just a Common Soldier,” also known as “A Soldier Died Today.” The poem was written by A. Lawrence Vaincourt, who served in the Royal Canadian Air Force as an aircraft mechanic during World War II. Vaincourt published the ...
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'UNFORGIVEN', By Major Gaurav Arya

Republic World - 01 Sep 2018
As I walked past the notice board of Jessami Company, with its sundry instructions and timetables, I chanced upon what seemed like poetry. Gentlemen Cadets write poems on two subjects'…soldiers and girl friends. I read on…it was a quote from a poem.
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100 years later: Returning to World War I's Western Front in France

Washington Post - 24 Aug 2018
Fourteen miles northeast of Chateau-Thierry, this cemetery holds the graves of 6,012 U.S. soldiers, including poet Joyce Kilmer and Foster Decorah, a Native American from Wisconsin's Winnebago tribe. Nearby, in Fere-en-Tardenois, stands a bronze statue ...
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Torrington historian cleans up old cemetery; graves date back to 1799

Torrington Register Citizen - 15 Sep 2018
Buckbee and his wife, Judey,offered a poignant interlude at the ceremony by reciting a Civil War poem, “Only a Soldier's Grave.” Here is an excerpt: “Yet, we should mark it — the soldier's grave, someone may seek him in hope to save! Some of the dear ...
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The Royal Room Packed for Poetry Saturday Night

Tucson Weekly - 27 Aug 2018
Terazawa opened the evening with a powerful and theatrical reading of soldier's testimonies from the Vietnam war, at points screaming while at other times holding a large knife to her throat. She captivated the audience, who didn't quite know what she ...
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Father Charles Fink reads poem, 'Bury Me With Soldiers'

Newsday - 02 Aug 2018
Msgr. Charles Fink reads the poem "Bury Me With Soldiers," which he wrote as a tribute to the U.S. servicemembers who served during the Vietnam War. Today, the poem is read at the funerals of Vietnam War veterans nationwide. (Credit: Newsday / J.
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Patriotic mango scent

Mid-Day - 23 Sep 2018
It goes, "Do you hear in the countryside/ The roar of those ferocious soldiers?/ They're coming right into our arms/ To cut the throats of our sons, our women/…Let's water the fields with impure blood." ...
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How Poetry Came to Matter Again

The Atlantic - 12 Aug 2018
Long Soldier's lyric “I,” at once fractured and centered within its fissures, attempts a poetry that can bear grief and make something new—just as the poet wishes that her young daughter, learning Lakota and Navajo and beginning to appreciate the ...
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Historical nonsense underpins UK's Brexit floundering

Irish Times - 17 Sep 2018
“They are whimpering to and fro,” he lamented in his 1891 poem The English Flag, “what should they know of England who only England know?” Very little, it appears, as the pied pipers of Brexit have peddled a past ...
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Dela Fuente brothers: Iloilo's sons lost to Marcos' martial law

Panay News (press release) - 20 Sep 2018
His brother, Edward Dela Fuente, a student of Central Philippine University and former editor-in-chief of the student publication Central Echo, wrote a poem entitled “Epilogue” to commemorate John's death, swearing to live on and continue his fallen ...

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