Songs of Love and Hate is the third studio album by Canadian si... -
songs of love and hate

Which of today's hits will be tomorrow's classics?

Slate Magazine - 18 Oct 2018
Less than a third of the songs on our list are fronted by white men, and no artists are featured more frequently than pop music's first couple Beyoncé and Jay-Z. Classic rock will soon be rivaled by classic rap, and the Cole Porter of the next American ...
songs of love and hate

The New American Songbook

Slate Magazine - 18 Oct 2018
We asked critics, musicians, and industry professionals to predict which tracks from the past 25 years we'll still be dancing and singing along to for the next 25, 50, or 100 years. Check out the result, which we're calling the New American Songbook ...
songs of love and hate

Amerie Releases First New Album in 9 Years: Listen

Pitchfork - 19 Oct 2018
Amerie is back. The singer-songwriter's new “double project” arrived today (October 19). It consists of a pair of albums: 4AM Mulholland and After 4AM. Check out the records below. Her last studio full-length, In Love & War, was released in 2009. Since ...
songs of love and hate

The Hate U Give Is the Film That Black Girls Need Today - 19 Oct 2018
In the 1990s and early aughts a handful of coming-of-age films including Love and Basketball, Akeelah and the Bee, Spike Lee's Crooklyn, and Our Song starring teenaged Kerry Washington featured adolescent black girls. Most recently, Disney's 2018 ...
songs of love and hate

Not the Man They Think He Is at Home

Vulture - 18 Oct 2018
In this song and in various other ways, John was leading a double life; he was a shy person donning outlandish getups on stage; he was a gay man singing love songs to women; he was a casual star who, behind the scenes, was creating with a determined ...
songs of love and hate

The History of Rock Biopics

Ultimate Classic Rock - 18 Oct 2018
Sid and Nancy portrays Sid (Gary Oldman) as someone with an IQ that rivaled a safety pin and who couldn't turn off a nihilist punk attitude even during intimate moments with the love of his brief life. Meanwhile ...
songs of love and hate

Kanye West Debuts New Song 'We Got Love' With Teyana Taylor on 'SNL'

Rolling Stone - 30 Sep 2018
“I play with the hunnids, love is the new money,” he rap-sang. “That's my frequency, stock up, burn the sage/ Clear the room, heal the hate, love is the new wave.” The track ended with string samples and, Spin reports, a voice memo of Lauryn Hill speaking.
songs of love and hate

Actor Charlie Plummer Answers Eight Questions About Love - 12 Oct 2018
The raw beauty of these lost and broken boys appeals to his love for projects that make an emotional connection with their audience, rather than rely on the thrill of special effects. He should have been around in the 70s when ...
songs of love and hate

Electronic Beat Empire: Inside Ice-T's New EDM Label

Rolling Stone - 18 Oct 2018
Most recently, Islam has spent the past 15 years fully immersed in the European electronic scene, where he's DJed at raves, nightclubs and major festivals like Glastonbury and the Love Parade. The new label reunites Ice-T and Islam, who together ...
songs of love and hate

Today's Birthday 21/9

Infosurhoy - 22 Sep 2018
After releasing several critically acclaimed albums, including Songs of Leonard Cohen (1967), Songs of Love and Hate (1971) and Various Positions (1984), he turned his back on the rock and roll lifestyle and moved to the Californian slopes of Mount ...
songs of love and hate

The King of Cool: 10 best Steve McQueen movies

The Independent - 18 Oct 2018
The split screen technology, innovative for the time, soon became over familiar; you'll either love or hate “The Windmills of Your Mind”, which won the best song Oscar; and then there's that damned chess scene, which quickly became ripe for parody.

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