Get caught up with developments in the South Korea ferry disaster -
south korea ferry

Get caught up with developments in the South Korea ferry disaster

CNN International - 16 Apr 2014
(CNN) -- The effort to find nearly 280 people who remain missing in South Korea's ferry disaster is now in its third day. The Sewol suddenly started listing, took on water and capsized over a two-hour period Wednesday. Here's what you need to know to ...
south korea ferry

N. Korean workers in Russia fear sanctions will send them home

CNN International - 12 Sep 2017
"We really like Vladivostok," a North Korean worker told CNN ahead of the sanctions vote. "It would be bad if I can't work here anymore, it's very nice here, I can send money to my son." He did not give his name for fear of official reprisals on return ...
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Staff of South Korean broadcasters KBS, MBC go on strike

The Straits Times - 31 Aug 2017
SOUTH KOREA - Union workers of major South Korean broadcasters MBC and KBS plan to go on strike next week, according to various South Korean news outlets. They are calling for the networks' top management to step down for allegedly influencing ...
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How Seoul is Reinventing Itself as a Techno-Utopia

WIRED - 06 Sep 2017
I arrived in Seoul, South Korea at the same time that President Trump was warning North Korea—just 35 miles away—that it may “face fire and fury like the world has never seen.” It gives a special flavor to a research trip to look around and ask ...
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North Korea crisis: What will Russia do?

BBC News - 09 Sep 2017
"Russia believes that Pyongyang's aim is not to bomb anyone, that its [nuclear programme] is a deterrent against South Korea and the US," explains Alexander Gabuev of the Moscow Carnegie Centre. "Russia understands that because it is just as ...
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We needed more time to acquire ferry vessels

Trinidad Guardian - 06 Sep 2017
Lewis said the controversial Ocean Flower 2 was inspected by Lloyd's Registry in South Korea. Acting Port CEO Charmaine Lewis said the tenders team for the vessel included three Port board members and a Central Tenders Board representative - but she ...
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What happens when North Korea tests a nuclear weapon

CNN - 03 Sep 2017
South Korea's Meteorological Administration said the blast from the fifth test was estimated to have had the explosive power of 10 kilotons, which would make it less powerful than "little boy," the atomic bomb dropped by the United States on Hiroshima.
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South Korean ferry in which hundreds died raised after three years

The Guardian - 22 Mar 2017
The vessel was lying more than 40 metres (130 feet) below the waves off south-western South Korea and the operation, originally scheduled for last year, had been pushed back several times because of adverse weather. It is thought that nine bodies still ...
south korea ferry

Rust in peace, old Walterdale Bridge - 18 Sep 2017
South Korea to Edmonton: Transporting the Walterdale Bridge arches · Millions in late penalties and still no opening date for Walterdale Bridge ...
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Yonhap News Summary

Yonhap News - 13 Sep 2017
SEJONG -- South Korea's trade minister said Wednesday that taking China to the World Trade Organization (WTO) is one option being considered in response to that country's apparent retaliatory actions against Seoul's decision to deploy a U.S. missile ...
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South Korea ferry disaster: Sewol remains 'not human'

BBC News - 28 Mar 2017
Remains found on the raised Sewol ferry that were thought to come from one of the disaster's missing victims are from animals, South Korean officials say. The National Forensic Service conducted tests and confirmed them as animal bone fragments, the ...
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Carnival will crown Seychelles' celebration of culture

Soca News - 19 Sep 2017
In Britain, October is Black History Month, when we celebrate our culture in music, poetry, dance, art, discussion and much more. In faraway Seychelles, it's the month for the Festival Kreol, when everything connected with the country's rich Creole ...
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What 'Energy Security' Looks Like in the 21st Century

STRATFOR - 19 Sep 2017
(Chief among these bills is the Third Energy Package, which bars Russian energy giant Gazprom from owning the European pipelines that ferry its natural gas to the Continent.) All of these endeavors have undermined Russia's ability to manipulate the ...
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Raja Ferry Port PCL (RP) Is Yet to See Trading Action on Sep 19 - 19 Sep 2017
The countries most affected by this turmoil include South Korea and Indonesia. Philippines, Malaysia, Laos, and Hong Kong had also struggled during the 1997 Asian financial crisis. It was surely a dark period for Asia. However, Asian countries had ...

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