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south park (season 21)

Lylo Media Group Acquires Media Localizer Captiz

Slator - 08 Jan 2018
The company has dubbed into French popular titles such as School of Rock (Season 2), Garfield (Season 4), Sponge Bob Square Pants (Season 10), and South Park (Season 19). It has done subtitling work for BET Awards 2017, Teen Wolf, and Vice (Season 1 ...
south park (season 21)

South Park Goes Soft on Donald Trump in 'Witch Hunt' Episode

Vulture - 26 Oct 2017
Though there's never really a “good” time for such a thing, it's an especially unfortunate week for South Park to run an episode as frivolous and insubstantial as “Sons a Witches” all the same. The Village Voice ran a lacerating feature titled “South ...
south park (season 21)

Season 21 of 'South Park' Bounces Back After a Rocky Start

Splitsider - 14 Dec 2017
south-park-trump At the halfway point of South Park's 21st season, my reaction was a bit mixed. On one hand, they gave us a brilliant look at the opioid epidemic with “Hummels and Heroin,” and Tweek's fear of Garrison/Trump in “Put It Down” cleverly ...
south park (season 21)

South Park Fumbles an Incoherent Episode About the NFL

Vulture - 16 Nov 2017
South Park has gotten as far as it has on the strength of its unspoken pact between the Matt Stone–Trey Parker brain trust and the viewing public. Their chaotic one-week turnaround schedule makes them one of a small, elite cadre of pop-culture ...
south park (season 21)

South Park Recap: Principals and Principles

Vulture - 30 Nov 2017
A nod to the old “Blame Canada” ditty from the South Park movie and the prompt nuclear bombing of Toronto bring the episode to a close, an odd addendum to a story focused elsewhere. Next week marks the season finale and the creative team's last chance ...
south park (season 21)

Why Does South Park Think a Trump Rape Joke Is So Funny?

Vulture - 09 Nov 2017
Human behavior is full of little system bugs, compelling us to make life more difficult for ourselves using cockeyed emotional rationales. People act against their own interest all the time, both consciously and in instinctive response to gut feelings ...
south park (season 21)

South Park: Season 21

IGN - 13 Dec 2017
South Park has increasingly focused on building and maintaining a season-long continuity in recent years. Season 20 was basically the culmination of that shift, delivering ten episodes that basically fit together as one long, rambling movie that ...
south park (season 21)

South Park Recap: Trappin' at the Old Folks' Home

Vulture - 19 Oct 2017
From the moment Stan's grandpa warns, “You know old-lady farts, where they're so loose they don't even acknowledge they happen,” the audience knows the episode is going to work blue. But McGillicutty's never-ending stream of flatulence gets overplayed ...
south park (season 21)

South Park Ridicules Statue Protesters and Columbus Critics

Vulture - 28 Sep 2017
South Park's latest episode tells a hotter-button riff on this same bizarre phenomenon, beginning with the local students in a full chaotic riot over the news that their Columbus Day break has been revoked due to the handiwork of one Randy Marsh. It ...
south park (season 21)

South Park Season 21 Episode 6 Review: Sons a Witches

Den of Geek US - 26 Oct 2017
Hang onto your broomsticks, we have plenty to discuss about last night's Halloween episode of South Park. A few weeks ago, Randy said: “You have to overdo it in today's society or critics go, 'wow what the hell was that?'” That's a line that stuck with ...
south park (season 21)

'South Park' to Tackle White Supremacists on Season 21 Premiere - 12 Sep 2017
It's unclear whether the episode will also lambast Donald Trump for his confused and delayed response to the Charlottesville incident. Over its two decades, South Park has not shied away from controversial topics, most recently launching a video game ...
south park (season 21)

South Park : Season 21 Revisited

The Georgetown Voice - 10 Dec 2017
I have been trying to pinpoint the exact point in time I started watching Trey Parker and Matt Stone's animated adult cartoon South Park. The show has become such a staple of my television consumption that it seems as if I have been watching it since ...
south park (season 21)

South Park Season 21, Episode 7: “Doubling Down”

Ball State Daily News (press release) - 15 Nov 2017
Throughout the season, we have witnessed Cartman being outwardly despicable, manipulative, and downright menacing to his poor girlfriend. “Doubling Down” takes all of this to a new level of uncomfortable. This is the Cartman we all love to hate and ...

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