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South Park Is Avoiding Trump, but Still Hasn't Learned Its Lesson

Vanity Fair - 14 Sep 2017
Going into Season 21, South Park co-creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone revealed their new strategy: ease off Donald Trump and go back to the sillier stuff, like “fart jokes.” Their plan for Season 20 got blown up when Trump got elected, they said ...
south park season 20

Can 'South Park' Bounce Back From Its Lackluster Last Season?

Decider - 13 Sep 2017
Season 20 of South Park started off strong. “Member Berries” was one of the smartest, strongest, and silliest episodes this series has seen in awhile, and I say that as someone who is a fan of modern seasons. The brilliance of “Member Berries” stems ...
south park season 20

South Park's 10 Greatest One-off Characters

Paste Magazine - 14 Sep 2017
It's been 20 years since the first episode of South Park debuted on Comedy Central, its crudely-drawn animation, foul-mouthed creations and plot involving Cartman being anally probed by aliens immediately setting the subversive tone for what would ...
south park season 20

Football is back in South Florida following Hurricane Irma

Miami Herald - 20 Sep 2017
As South Florida gradually returns to normalcy after Hurricane Irma, another sign of that recovery will be the sounds of helmets clashing and whistles blowing on the gridiron after a nearly three-week absence. Miami Central and ...
south park season 20

South Park game adds skin tone difficulty

The Star Online - 11 Sep 2017
Biting wit and controversy remains the calling card of 20-season animated comedy South Park, and its latest video game tie-in, South Park: The Fractured but Whole appears to be carrying the torch in a similar fashion. October 2017's South Park video ...

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