The Soviet invasion of Poland was a Soviet military operation t... -
soviet invasion of poland

The Soviet invasion of Poland was a Soviet military operation t...

wikipedia - 18 Sep 2016
The Soviet invasion of Poland was a Soviet military operation that started without a formal declaration of war on 17 September 1939. On that morning, 16 days after Nazi Germany invaded Poland from the west, the Soviet Union invaded Poland from the east. The invasion and battle lasted for the following 20 days and ended on 6 October 1939 with the two-way division and annexation of the entire territory of the Second Polish Republic by both Germany and the Soviet Union. The joint German-Soviet invasion
soviet invasion of poland

Poland remembers victims of 1940 massacre by Soviets - 13 Apr 2018
Commemorations were scheduled to take place nationwide throughout the day to observe the memorial day, which was established by the country's parliament in 2007. Poland's lawmakers on Wednesday observed a minute's silence to pay respects to the victims ...
soviet invasion of poland

Poland marks 78 years since Katyn massacre - 03 Apr 2018
Following the Soviet invasion of Poland in September 1939, thousands of Polish officers were deported to camps in the Soviet Union. On 3 April 1940, the NKVD – a forerunner of the Soviet Union's secret police organisation the KGB – transported 4,400 ...
soviet invasion of poland

Poland's ruling Law and Justice party is doing lasting damage ...

The Economist - 19 Apr 2018
FOR a glimpse of Poland under the populist Law and Justice (PiS) party, tune in to the news on the state television channel, Telewizja Polska (TVP). The opening sequence, a computer-animated tour of Polish landmarks, homes in on the clock tower of ...
soviet invasion of poland

This Nazi Parade Will Help You Reassess How Bad Our Time Really Is

The Federalist - 03 Apr 2018
But substantial help from the Soviets was not forthcoming—many historians believe Stalin halted the Red Army to allow the Germans to kill resourceful and independent-minded Poles who might prove problematic in a Poland that he planned to dominate ...
soviet invasion of poland

Poland's Legislated Antisemitism

Jacobin magazine - 24 Mar 2018
It turned out that Poles, represented in previous historical accounts — whether by communists in the 1945-1989 period, or by right-wing liberals, nationalists, and neoliberal post-communists since 1990 — as only victims of either German or Soviet ...
soviet invasion of poland

Where the Genocide Museum Is (Mostly) Mum on the Fate of Jews

New York Times - 30 Mar 2018
or 'Which occupation is better or worse?' ” Critics of the commission have said it is designed to make the Soviet occupation equivalent to the Holocaust. Much in Vilnius, which had once been world famous as a center of Jewish culture and scholarship ...
soviet invasion of poland

Letter: Never under estimate fire power of the underdog

Camp Verde Bugle - 17 Apr 2018
Two cases immediately come to mind: the Vietnam war, and the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. In both cases, the local citizenry was armed with what Mr. Burke would call “pea shooters,” against the two greatest super-powers in the world, but as I recall ...
soviet invasion of poland

Today in History: Adolf Hitler is born

Roodepoort Record - 20 Apr 2018
He directed large-scale rearmament and on 1 September, 1939, invaded Poland, resulting in Britain and France declaring war on Germany. In June 1941, Hitler ordered an invasion of the Soviet Union. By the end of 1941, German forces and the European Axis ...
soviet invasion of poland

Poland's Perpetual Pogroms

The Jewish Voice - 04 Apr 2018
With the invasion of Poland on September 1, 1939, the German military murdered 10,000 Jews, bombed 50,000 Jewish-owned factories and stores in more than 120 Jewish communities and destroyed several hundred synagogues. Severe restrictions were imposed ...
soviet invasion of poland

Prague Spring revisited at the goEast Film Festival

Deutsche Welle - 18 Apr 2018
There is nowadays no danger that democratic development will be curtailed by a power from abroad, as occurred in then-Czechoslovakia in 1968, when Soviet troops along with Warsaw Pact allies sent tanks and soldiers into Prague, effectively ending the ...
soviet invasion of poland

A Cold War Drama With Modern Echoes

Palisades Hudson Financial Group - 28 Mar 2018
The 1990s were a time of chaos and dislocation in Russia as kleptocrats seized state assets while much of the population lapsed into poverty and despair. Russian embarrassment at home was compounded by humiliation abroad. Former Soviet client states ...
soviet invasion of poland

Poland's contribution to building Israel

UNJ - 14 Apr 2018
It is estimated that in 1939-1941 at least 320,000 Polish citizens were shipped to Siberia, including 70,000 Jews. The situation radically changed with the German invasion of the Soviet Union in June 1941. As the result of the negotiations between the ...
soviet invasion of poland

Ukraine's NATO Bid Risks Even Worse US-Russia Ties

Consortium News - 19 Apr 2018
For the first time in 75 years, German troops retraced the steps of the Nazi invasion of the Soviet Union. That led then German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier to accuse NATO of “war-mongering” against Russia. “What we shouldn't do now is ...
soviet invasion of poland

Might Makes Might

American Spectator - 27 Mar 2018
Vietnam damaged U.S. self-respect so seriously that Jimmy Carter and Leonid Brezhnev never negotiated at eye-level. Carter sold himself as a peace-seeker, seldom to be feared: until the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan peeled the scales from his eyes ...

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