The scourge of LEDs everywhere: Readers speak out -
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The scourge of LEDs everywhere: Readers speak out

Network World - 14 Sep 2016
"Sure it doesn't bother people enough to speak so if they are at the hospital and [feeling miserable] that blue LED may be annoying but they are experiencing far more annoying things. However its absence will just help the person out a little more, get ...
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Speak Out

Chicago Tribune - 20 Jan 2018
The biggest danger to our country is not President Donald Trump, the North Koreans, the Iranians, or a host of other individuals. The danger comes in the fact that a significant portion of this country's population has not saved nearly enough for ...
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Government Shutdown: Hollywood, Beltway Speak Out On Stand-Off

Deadline - 20 Jan 2018
The federal government shutdown – aka the Trump Shutdown or the Schumer Shutdown, depending on your perspective – continues apace, as Senators head into yet another day of talking, arm-twisting and finger-pointing as they work to strike a deal. Related ...
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Donald Trump's Scam Victims Speak Out in Netflix's 'Dirty Money'

Daily Beast - 20 Jan 2018
Rather, it's a reminder of a long history of hucksterism and broken promises, as told by the people who fell in and out of his orbit along the way (including, notably, Russell Simmons). Though it's compelling to hear from the people that Trump swindled ...
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Yellowstone visitors speak out as federal government shuts down

KBZK Bozeman News - 22 Jan 2018
Day two of the federal government shutdown and the doors are still open at Yellowstone National Park. Visitors could still ride snowmobiles and ski in to check out the geysers and bison herds. Cross-country skier Carol Weaver says the trails were open ...
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Rauner Library will add SpeakOut collection in 2019

The Dartmouth - 19 Jan 2018
SpeakOut, an oral history project on past LGBTQIA+ students at the College, will be added to Rauner Library's Special Collections in early 2019. The project was announced last November and is a collaboration between the library, the history department ...
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Former employees of Tulsa apartment complex speak out - 21 Jan 2018
TULSA -- An apartment complex in Midtown forcing tenants to live without heat for over a month. Two Works For You has new and exclusive information from former employees who say the conditions are worse than first reported. A letter was posted on ...
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Two of Martin Luther King Jr.'s Children Speak Out Against Trump

New York Times - 16 Jan 2018
ATLANTA — As the nation paid tribute to the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., some of his relatives sharply criticized President Trump on Monday over his outlook on race and its effect on the country nearly half a century after Dr. King's death. “Our ...
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Larry Nassar's victims speak out

Reuters - 19 Jan 2018
Pope Francis hopes to inject new confidence in the two staunchly Catholic countries where the Church's credibility has been severely damaged by sexual abuse...
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Speak out: Medical insurance out of control

Chicago Tribune - 18 Jan 2018
Insurance out of control: Medical insurance is getting out of control. You've got your primary doctor who today is more like a record keeper. Check your blood pressure. Check your weight, height and discuss how you are feeling. If there is a concern ...

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