John Boehner's Giant SOTU Thumbs Up -
speaker of the house

John Boehner's Giant SOTU Thumbs Up

Slate Magazine (blog) - 28 Jan 2014
It's how the daughter of a factory worker is CEO of America's largest automaker; how the son of a barkeeper is Speaker of the House; how the son of a single mom can be President of the greatest nation on Earth." ***Follow @JoshVoorhees and the rest of ...
speaker of the house

Hannity endorses Jim Jordan for Speaker

The Hill (blog) - 23 May 2018
Jordan, a founding member of the conservative House Freedom Caucus, has yet to formally announce plans to run for Speaker. Earlier this week it was reported that dozens of influential conservative groups signed a letter urging him to declare a bid and ...
speaker of the house

Ohio House Speaker Fight Could Delay Some Bills For Months

WOSU - 24 May 2018
Speaker Pro Tem Kirk Schuring, who's filling in as the Ohio House's top leader, has once again called off the vote for a new Speaker. That disorder of not having a speaker in charge is making its way into policymaking and could make for some long delays.
speaker of the house

Tea party groups to Jim Jordan: Run for House speaker now

The Columbus Dispatch - 22 May 2018
WASHINGTON — More than 100 tea party leaders have sent an open letter to Rep. Jim Jordan urging him to immediately declare himself a candidate for U.S. House speaker. “You must take the lead,” read the letter, signed by tea party and ultra ...
speaker of the house

House of Delegates ponders who will be new Speaker of the House

WV News - 22 May 2018
CHARLESTON — When House of Delegates Speaker Tim Armstead, R-Kanawha, announced he would not be running for re-election at the end of the 2018 session of the state Legislature, speculation began in the halls of the state Capitol as to who would be ...
speaker of the house

Governor not worried about House speaker fight

Toledo Blade - 24 May 2018
COLUMBUS—Despite criticizing lawmakers in recent weeks over their slow pace in addressing some of his legislative priorities, Gov. John Kasich was not overly concerned on Thursday that House action has come to a halt as it fights over its next speaker.
speaker of the house

McNeely: The evolution of how Texas picks a House speaker

Longview News-Journal - 24 May 2018
6 general election, another race is going on in the background. That's the one to see who the 150 members of the Texas House of Representatives elected in November will choose as their next House speaker. The current speaker, Republican Joe Straus, the ...
speaker of the house

Rep. Shurtleff announces run for Speaker of NH House

The Union Leader - 22 May 2018
Shurtleff's early announcement may have been intended to solidify his support among rank-and-file Democrats and avoid a leadership battle should the party win a House majority. He was surrounded by 15 to 20 Democratic representatives supporting his ...
speaker of the house

Paul Ryan Is an Almost Comically Inept Speaker of the House - 18 May 2018
On its merits, the Farm Bill that failed to pass in the House of Representatives on Friday was a great pile of that out of which you cannot make chicken salad. It would have knuckled the poor who subsist on food stamps with work requirements that most ...
speaker of the house

FBI Raids Ex-GOP Ohio House Speaker's Home Amid Ethics Probe

TPM - 23 May 2018
COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) — Federal agents searched former Republican Ohio House Speaker Cliff Rosenberger's southwest Ohio home and a nearby storage unit Wednesday, apparently part of an investigation into the money behind his international travel ...
speaker of the house

Shurtleff announces run for House speaker

WMUR Manchester - 21 May 2018
Steve Shurtleff, D-Penacook, has been the Democratic minority leader since 2014, so it's no surprise that he's running for speaker. But some said his announcement Monday that he's running is a strong indicator that, if Democrats win back the House, ...
speaker of the house

House Speaker Ryan Touts Passage of Several Critical Bills

One America News Network (press release) - 24 May 2018
House Speaker Ryan holds an enrollment ceremony for critical legislation passed by Congress this week as the bills make their way to President Trump's desk. On Thursday morning, Ryan addressed what the bills would mean for Americans alongside ...

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