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Review: A welcome return in 'Spider-Man: Homecoming'

Varsity Online - 19 Aug 2017
Spider-Man: Homecoming, starring Tom Holland as Peter Parker, comes just three years after Andrew Garfield played the part in The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Thankfully, this dynamic reboot has earned its place in the pantheon of great superhero movies.
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'Spider-Man: Homecoming' Busts Past $300M At Domestic BO

Deadline - 11 Aug 2017
DC's Suicide Squad (32 days) and Iron Man 2 (40 days). The fastest Marvel title to $300M was 2012's The Avengers (9 days). However, the first three installments of Sam Raimi's Spider-Man trilogy hit $300M faster than Homecoming: Spider-Man 2, (19 days ...
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Japan Box Office: 'Spider-Man' and 'Despicable Me 3' Share Weekend

Variety - 15 Aug 2017
This was 7% better than “The Amazing Spiderman 2,” which ended its Japan run with $28.7 million. “Homecoming” is expected to finish around $30 million. Japanese charts, which rank titles by ticket sales, put “Despicable Me 3” on top for the fourth ...
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Deadpool 2 Director Plays Coy About Spider-Man Fan Theory

Screen Rant - 28 Jul 2017
With Fox moving full-speed ahead on Deadpool 2, director David Leitch has refused to shut down rumors that our titular antihero could have a surprising link to Spider-Man. Airing before this year's Logan, fans of the superhero world were treated to our ...
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Five of the best movie themed Supercars

Supercars.com - 15 Aug 2017
K-Mart Racing's one-off Spiderman Commodore marked its place in history with victory in the 2004 Supercheap Auto Bathurst 1000. The livery doubled as a promotion for a K-Mart toy sale and the DVD release of the Spiderman 2 film. Much to the delight of ...
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John Boyega Confirms Tom Hardy Will Be In 'The Last Jedi'

LADbible - 18 Aug 2017
Venom is set to be directed by Ruben Fleischer (Zombieland) and written by Scott Rosenberg (Kangaroo Jack) and Jeff Pinker (The Amazing SpiderMan 2). The film, although not part of the 'official' Spider-Man series may play as a nice interlude whilst we ...
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Marvel Spider-Man 'Horizon High' Brings this Hero back to TV

The Good Men Project (blog) - 17 Aug 2017
I really liked the Spider-Man cartoon from the 90's. It was full of great characters, dangerous villains and brought many of the comic book stories to life. I watched it all the time as a kid, and it told me a lot about this amazing hero. Now Disney XD ...
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Who Could Riz Ahmed Possibly Be Playing in Venom?

Comicbook.com - 11 Aug 2017
Norman Osborn, aka Green Goblin, has long been a popular go-to villain in the Spider-Man universe. Osborn was the primary antagonist for Sam Raimi's Spider-Man and has appeared 2014's The Amazing Spider-Man 2 as well. Casting Ahmed as Osborn ...
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Lego club plans to build small city in Howell Saturday

Livingston Daily - 18 Aug 2017
Chris Leach and a few friends plan to build a city in the space of four hours early Saturday morning in Howell. The 140-square-foot city, complete with trains, an amusement park, and more, will be made brick by brick, with roughly a quarter of a ...
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Spiderman: First Impressions

The Daily Star (satire) - 26 Jul 2017
Some are classics like Ultimate Spiderman and Spiderman 2. And then there are the botched ones like Edge of Time. But leaving the development to the exciting Insomniac Games was a bold move, and the curiosity within the community increased with each ...

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