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New 'Spider-Man' PlayStation 4 Trailer Digs into the Game's Story

Collider.com - 30 Oct 2017
As a huge fan of the Spider-Man 2 video game, I've got high hopes for the upcoming Marvel's Spider-Man for PlayStation 4. It's a console exclusive built from the ground up, so rather than the developers racing to meet the release of a tie-in property ...
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Have Superhero Films Forgotten The Importance Of World-Building?

moviepilot.com - 21 Nov 2017
The ultimate example is in Sam Raimi's beloved Spider-Man trilogy. There's a reason Spider-Man 2 is generally seen as one of the best superhero films to date; almost every supporting character is fleshed out, and the film's villain — Alfred Molina's ...
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Someone Beat Spider-Man 2 Without Any Web Swings

Kotaku - 09 Oct 2017
2004's Spider-Man 2 is fondly remembered for being a pretty good movie tie-in game with some amazing web swinging. New York is a blast to zip through, but one speedrunner decided to see how fast they could complete the game without using its most ...
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All the trailers from Sony's Paris Games Week event

Polygon - 30 Oct 2017
Characters from Horizon Zero Dawn showing up in Monster Hunter World is a good fit, and Marvel's Spider-Man continues to look amazing. The remake of PlayStation 2's Shadow of the Colossus also dropped a few jaws around the office. “It is a remake,” ...
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Guida TV della settimana: i programmi dal 20 al 26 novembre

Film.it - 20 Nov 2017
The Amazing Spiderman 2 - Il potere di Electro del regista Marc Webb, con protagonista Andrew Garfield, va in onda alle ore 21:20 su Rai 2 durante la serata di lunedì 20 novembre. Alle ore 22:55 su Rai 4 il film di avventura Outlander - L'ultimo ...
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Why Does Spider-Man 2 Work So Much Better Than Amazing Spider-Man 2

The Mary Sue - 08 Jul 2017
ScreenCrush has shared this video comparing two scenes from Spider-Man 2 and the Amazing Spider-Man 2, in order to illustrate why the first is “a careful character study disguised as an action-packed blockbuster” while the second is merely “a Sony ...
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Spider-Man Homecoming : Découvrez 2 extraits inédits exclusifs

GamAlive.com - 21 Nov 2017
Parce que ce sont des gens chouettes, parce qu'on est aussi des gens chouettes, parce qu'on s'aime, parce que la vie est belle, et parce qu'il faut bien l'avouer, on aime tous se promener en combinaison ultra-moulante quand on sort, Sony Pictures nous ...

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