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Spritz text streaming technology increases reading speed

PCWorld (blog) - 06 Mar 2014
Between email, Web pages, books and other texts, we each read thousands of words a day. A company called Spritz has spent the last few years in stealth mode, developing a technology to help us read even more, in less time. Spritz—which is both the ...

The Experience After Emory: Matthew Spritz

The Emory Wheel - 13 Sep 2017
At Emory, Matthew Spritz (05C) lost the election for Student Government Association (SGA) president, but that didn't stunt his love for politics. Now Spritz is back on the ballot. After he ran several local campaigns and worked as a legislative aid in ...

Three fragrances to spritz on this fall

The Province - 19 Sep 2017
This fall, there are a host of scents hitting shops that are worthy of a second spritz, but we're focusing on three new fragrance drops that not only boast remarkable scents, each also allows the wearer to immerse themselves in the history — and all ...

It's official: This is 2017's hottest drink

New York Post - 06 Sep 2017
In the Meatpacking District, Mario Carbone's Santina is whirring up the slushie-like Santina Spritz, with blood-orange juice and mint. Midtown's Sen Sakana, a Japanese-Peruvian fusion restaurant, classes up the cocktail with an eye-catching spherical ...

3-Ingredient Happy Hour: The Pleasantly Bitter Cynar Fizz

Lifehacker Australia - 01 Sep 2017
Happy (long) weekend, and welcome back to 3-Ingredient Happy Hour, the weekly drink column featuring super simple yet delicious libations. This week I am, as the kids say, firmly back on my bullshit with a fizzy, bitter, Italian liqueur-fueled beverage ...

Get a free Aperol Spritz at this giant South Bank sundial-bar

Time Out (blog) - 23 Aug 2017
'It's 5 o'clock somewhere,' or so the saying goes. Well, there's no guesswork to it this bank holiday, as a giant sundial-cum-bar has been erected to announce the minute it strikes cocktail o'clock in London. Or in this case, spritz o'clock, as it's ...

Roland Mouret

Vogue.com - 17 Sep 2017
Backstage at Roland Mouret's show at the National Theatre, the second since he returned to London after years in Paris, and the designer is wielding a gilded bottle and aiming it at my wrist. Spritz, spritz, spritz. It's Une Amourette, Mouret's first ...

The Weekly Cocktail Recipe: sketch Elyxir Spritz

The London Economic - 15 Sep 2017
Home to London's most outlandishly eccentric two Michelin star restaurant, the city's pinkest dining room, and recently refurbished The Glade – in all of its enchanted forest glory – sketch has become a dining institution since opening in 2003. In the ...

Shacksbury's Cider Spritzes Are the Perfect Fall Beverages

Tasting Table - 23 Aug 2017
We tasted both the citrus cider and ginger spritz flavors: True to their descriptions, they're invigoratingly light, like complex, more floral versions of your favorite LaCroix. The new ciders are available now, and according to Shacksbury, we can ...

Spring is here, get ready to Spritz

EFTM - 13 Sep 2017
From Jacob's Creek, the Prosecco Spritz is a new 750ml bottle that won't cost the earth and will impress your guests. Made with crisp Prosecco, the refreshing sparkling wine product has an elegant flavour profile of zesty blood oranges, and carefully ...

This Intimate Italian Eatery Was Three Years in the Making

Eater Denver - 18 Sep 2017
Upon entry, the bar-lounge provides views of the trains and passersby, perfect for snacks and an aperol spritz. Just around the bend from the bar is a 12-seat private dining room, bounded by glass cases containing bottles, largely Italian, that wine ...

#Spring cocktail - A Belvedere Citrus Spritz

Independent Online - 31 Aug 2017
It's spring but with this cocktail Belvedere Vodka makes it feel like summer all year round. Real fruit delivers a bright and natural lemon and lime brightness to the vodka. The aromatic citrus notes take you elsewhere, where the climate is warm and ...

Three Last-Minute Cocktails for Your Labor Day Party

GQ Magazine - 04 Sep 2017
You can fight me on this, gin and tonic lovers, but there is nothing as refreshing as an Aperol spritz, whether it's high summer or late summer or just that part of fall when you're trying to convince yourself that it's still summer. It's a traditional ...

Low-Alcohol Ciders Are Designed for Easy Drinking

Food & Wine - 24 Aug 2017
For those seeking a different kind of twist on a sessionable cider, Shacksbury decided to cut its alcohol levels the old-fashioned way, by mixing an alcoholic drink with non-alcoholic drink to create a spritz. Originally released back in May, these 3.8 ...

How to Get Reese Witherspoon's Powerful Red Lip

Hollywood Reporter - 18 Sep 2017
Stern prepped Witherspoon's clean complexion with an energizing spritz of Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Miracle Hydrating Mist before sparingly applying a sheer bit of foundation to even and warm her skin. A pop of creamy blush, spot of shadow and several ...

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