US Cities Awash In Green To Celebrate St. Patrick's Day -
st patrick's day traditions

US Cities Awash In Green To Celebrate St. Patrick's Day

NPR - 18 Mar 2018
In accordance with tradition, the Chicago River was dyed green Saturday morning in honor of St. Patrick's Day. According to The Chicago Tribune, Richard J. Daley, who served as Chicago's mayor from 1955 until his death in 1976, initially proposed ...
st patrick's day traditions

How St. Patrick's Day Works

HowStuffWorks - 17 Oct 2017
St. Patrick's Day celebrates the Irish every March 17. Learn who St. Patrick was, the origins of St. Patrick's day and the legend of the Blarney Stone.
st patrick's day traditions

St. Patrick's Day Facts That Aren't True

Reader's Digest - 19 Feb 2018
From wearing green to eating corned beef to celebrating on March 17, how much do you really know about the actual history of St. Patrick's Day traditions?
st patrick's day traditions

A dummy's guide to St. Patrick's Day

IrishCentral - 01 Feb 2017
St. Patrick's Day is a worldwide celebration of all things Irish. Interesting facts, nuggets of Irish history, and tidbits to remind us what Ireland's national holiday St.
st patrick's day traditions

10 weird St. Patrick's Day traditions

Connectstatesboro - 06 Mar 2017
Growing up, being pinched for not wearing green on March 17th would make me so mad. St. Patrick's Day, an internationally celebrated holiday full of silly ...
st patrick's day traditions

5 Fun Facts About St. Patrick's Day - 17 Mar 2013
Every year on March 17, millions of people gussy themselves up in green attire, hold big parades and drink lots of beer, all in the name of an old Irish saint.
st patrick's day traditions

St. Patrick’s Day Myths Debunked

History - 16 Mar 2012
Myth: St. Patrick was Irish. Though one of Ireland's patron saints, Patrick was born in what is now England, Scotland or Wales—interpretations vary widely—to a ...
st patrick's day traditions

St Patrick's Day Recipes

Food & Wine - 24 Oct 2016
For St. Patrick's Day, we offer superflavorful takes on traditional meat and potatoes, whiskey cocktails and more patriotic recipes.

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