Stanley Praimnath (born 1956 or 1957) is a survivor of the Sept... -
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Stanley Praimnath (born 1956 or 1957) is a survivor of the Sept...

wikipedia - 12 Sep 2016
Stanley Praimnath (born 1956 or 1957) is a survivor of the September 11, 2001 attacks on the World Trade Center. He worked as an executive for Fuji Bank on the 81st floor of the South Tower (WTC 2), the second tower attacked that day. He was one of only eighteen survivors from the South Tower impact zone where the plane hit.
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9/11 Survivor Brian Clark Reflects On His Escape, 15 Years Later

Here And Now - 07 Sep 2016
Brian Clark was an executive vice president at Euro Brokers, working on the 84th floor of 2 World Trade Center on Sept. 11, 2001. He was one of the few people who were able to escape from one of the floors above where the plane hit the building. On the ...
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Film Review: Man in Red Bandana

Film Journal - 07 Sep 2017
Survivor Ed Nicholls, the South Tower supervisor, and fellow survivors including Richard Fern, Stanley Praimnath, Ling Young and Kelly Reyher speak in new interviews, giving eyewitness accounts: They were on the 78th-floor sky lobby, evacuating the ...
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The Sept. 11 saviour and the saved

Toronto Star - 11 Sep 2016
“I'm Stanley,” said Praimnath, reaching back. “We'll be brothers for life.” What happened next cemented their relationship, says Praimnath, 44 at the time. A cut on his right palm grabbed the attention of Clark, 10 years older and a transplanted ...
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9/11 stories: Stanley Praimnath and Brian Clark

BBC News - 06 Sep 2011
Ten years after the attacks of 11 September 2001, seven people reflect on the momentous events that changed their lives forever. There were only a handful of survivors above the point at which the Al-Qaeda piloted planes hit the twin towers of the ...
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9/11 Survivor Tells Allendale: 'Live In The Present'

Pascack Valley Daily Voice - 12 Sep 2016
But not before a harrowing descent, stopping at the 81st floor to rescue a stranger trapped in a nine-foot pit and calling for help: Stanley Praimnath. The two got to the bottom floor and then ran like mad, hoping not to get hit by falling debris. They ...
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Sept. 11 Survivor Shares Story At Spring Valley Church

KGTV San Diego - 22 Aug 2011
Stanley Praimnath is touring the United States and spreading his message of hope and survival from a day he will never forget. On that day – Sept. 11, 2001 – he watched in horror as an airplane came right toward the 81st floor of the World Trade Center ...
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Guyanese banker turns preacher after surviving 9/11 attacks

Stabroek News - 10 Sep 2011
NEW YORK, (Reuters) – Guyanese Stanley Praimnath still remembers the roar of the engines, the stench of the jet fuel and the thunderous impact in his 81st floor office as United Airlines Flight 175 hit the south World Trade Center tower. Praimnath ...
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Genius Israeli Commando Was First 9/11 Victim

Israel Today - 13 Sep 2016
Did you know that one of the first victims of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks on the United States was a former Israeli commando, a bonafide genius and a driving force behind the modern Internet? Daniel Lewin was on American Airlines Flight 11 ...
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Reclaiming the High Places for the God of Israel

Israel Today - 15 Sep 2016
Talking of high places and what cannot be shaken, witness the amazing testimony of Stanley Praimnath, the only known survivor from the impact zone at New York's World Trade Centre towers on September 11 2001. As United Airlines 175 was about to strike ...
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Meet those who vowed to give to the city after WTC attacks

New York Daily News - 12 Sep 2007
Injured and disoriented, Praimnath prayed for help. When the dust and smoke briefly parted, he saw a flashlight being waved by the floor's fire warden. Praimnath crawled to the light, a nail protruding from his hand, and climbed over a damaged wall to ...
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'102 Minutes' captures tragedy, humanity of Sept. 11

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel - 02 Sep 2011
In a storyline that seems emblematic of the day's confusion and miscommunication, Fuji Bank Assistant Vice President Stanley Praimnath made it down to the lobby of the south tower less than 10 minutes after the north tower was struck, only to be told ...
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After 9/11: From horror to hope

New York Daily News - 02 Sep 2009
11. "United by 9/11" reflects, probably more than it intended, just how tricky that mission remains. This edited version of a program made in 2005 for British television spotlights six individuals and families who were directly impacted by 9/11 and ...
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Day of Pain, Through TV's Prism

New York Times - 08 Sep 2011
“Beyond 9/11” delivers the same immediacy with the opposite approach: witnesses recount their experiences, without a visible interviewer, against a stark white background that intensifies the testimony. This documentary starts with Brian Clark, then a ...

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