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'Star Trek: Discovery' Season 1, Episode 5: Saru's Moment

New York Times - 16 Oct 2017
Along the same lines, the fifth episode of “Discovery” is about Saru (played brilliantly by Doug Jones), who is unsure of himself after taking command following Captain Lorca's kidnapping. I should note here that Spock faces a similar circumstance in ...
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'Star Trek: Discovery' Season 1, Episode 4: Remain Klingon

New York Times - 09 Oct 2017
Star Trek” has often been progressive. Take its casting choices: Nichelle Nichols as Uhura, Avery Brooks as Sisko and Kate Mulgrew as Janeway were all landmark and hopeful depictions of a society moving forward. “Star Trek” has also never shied away ...
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Is 'Star Trek: Discovery' GOOD or BAD?

Motherboard - 13 Oct 2017
For the first time in over a decade, Star Trek is on TV. The new CBS and Netflix-backed series is called Discovery—following in the Star Trek tradition of naming series after the spaceship that most of the action takes place on—and reportedly costs ...
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'Star Trek: Discovery' Season 1, Episode 3: Sometimes Down Is Up

New York Times - 02 Oct 2017
One of my early complaints about “Star Trek: Discovery” is that we don't know much about character motivations. This week's episode three is titled, aptly, “Context Is for Kings,” and offers more information about where the show is headed. Yet, in ...
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Star Trek: Discovery Recap: My Threat Ganglia Remain Unconvinced

Vulture - 09 Oct 2017
Today I ran into some friends who saw John Cho at New York Comic Con, which means that in a very real and very meaningful way, I watched the latest Discovery episode with nu–Lieutenant Hikaru Sulu. In another, truer sense, I watched it with my friends ...
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Star Trek: Discovery Is a Stirring, Rare Work of Science Fiction

Vulture - 25 Sep 2017
Wonderstruck, overstuffed, corny, and stirring, Star Trek: Discovery stands tall alongside the best-regarded incarnations of the Trek franchise even as it raids elements from all of them (including the recent J.J. Abrams film series, which Paramount ...
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'Star Trek: Discovery' Season 1, Episode 2: Battles Begin

New York Times - 27 Sep 2017
Early in the run of “Star Trek: Discovery,” it is clear that character development will be a slow burn. In the franchise's first serialized television show, everything else takes a back seat to action. For now, fans will have to be patient and just ...
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Michelle Yeoh talks 'Star Trek: Discovery' shocker

CNN - 26 Sep 2017
Captain Philippa Georgiou might be gone, but she will not be forgotten. In the premiere of "Star Trek: Discovery," the character played by Michelle Yeoh met her untimely end during a battle with the Klingons. But Yeoh tells CNN, her character "might be ...
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Check Out Star Trek: Discovery, Dropping Some Eff Bombs

IGN (blog) - 17 Oct 2017
This week, we nitpick "Choose Your Pain" and its very Trek-ian debate about whether or not it is okay to use a lifeform to power a tech that is slowly killing it. We also call out some great Easter Eggs (Rura Penthe, anyone?) and posit a huge possibly ...
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Star Trek: Discovery: Drastic Measures Blurb

Trek Today - 17 Oct 2017
Fans waiting for Star Trek: Discovery: Drastic Measures, due out next February, will now know what to expect in the novel penned by Dayton Ward. “It is 2246, ten years prior to the Battle at the Binary Stars, and an aggressive contagion is ravaging the ...
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Star Trek: Discovery Recap: Belay That Premise

Vulture - 26 Sep 2017
This episode's title, “Battle at the Binary Stars,” puts me in mind of one of the greatest scenes from Party Down, wherein a group of cater-waiters puts on a spontaneous table reading of their co-worker's sci-fi script at Steve Guttenberg's house. The ...
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SERIES REVIEW: Star Trek Discovery

Daily Nation - 12 Oct 2017
SERIES REVIEW: Star Trek Discovery. Thursday October 12 2017. On this particular edition of this year's reboot, TV giant, Netflix, throws a new twist on a different cast in a different world, one that's far, far away. PHOTO| COURTESY. In Summary. On ...

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