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'Star Trek: Discovery' Behind The Scenes Photos Released

Comicbook.com - 18 Dec 2017
I liked when people were outraged by things, and mostly everyone's loving it all over the world now. I seek out those people who are upset because they're always more passionate, first in line to watch it and first to hit the internet afterward. They ...
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Preview STAR TREK: DISCOVERY'S Soaring Soundtrack (Exclusive)

Nerdist - 14 Dec 2017
2017 saw the long-awaited and much anticipated return of Star Trek to our television screens with Star Trek: Discovery on CBS All Access. One of the many great things about this new series, especially as opposed to the last Star Trek series that aired ...
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What's with All the Hate for 'Star Trek: Discovery'?

WIRED - 09 Dec 2017
Star Trek fans have been waiting over a decade for a new Star Trek TV show, so many fans were excited when Star Trek: Discovery finally aired back in September. But since its launch the show seems to have been met with an usually high degree of ...
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9 best Groundhog Day episodes from TV shows

DigitalSpy.com - 18 Dec 2017
Star Trek: Discovery wasn't the first Star Trek to test out a time loop as The Next Generation had the Enterprise caught in a loop that always culminates in the destruction of the ship, whatever they try to do. Smartly scripted and with plenty of ...
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Doug Jones on the Star Trek: Discovery Timeline

Den of Geek US - 04 Dec 2017
We've been trying to figure out the Star Trek: Discovery timeline since Day One. Can Doug Jones help? Interview Kayti Burt Don Kaye. Dec 4, 2017. facebook · twitter · google+ · tumblr ...
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How can we make Star Trek: Discovery canon?

SYFY WIRE (blog) - 25 Nov 2017
In a tradition set down by the beloved Star Trek Enterprise, Discovery has starships that are supposed to predate The Original Series which look like they should be alongside the Enterprise-E fighting a Borg Cube or docked at Deep Space Nine beside the ...
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10 reasons to binge watch Star Trek: Discovery this holiday season

SYFY WIRE (blog) - 07 Dec 2017
As you're deciding on what to binge this holiday season, I want to add a title to your list: Star Trek: Discovery. I've written about the series extensively, from recapping it every week to the representation in the show, but I haven't delivered a ...
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Star Trek fight: Shatner blocks Isaacs on Twitter after comments

EW.com (blog) - 27 Nov 2017
The actor who played the most iconic Star Trek captain has blocked the newest actor to play a Star Trek captain — Jason Isaacs on Star Trek: Discovery — on the social network following the latter's comments in an interview. Shatner hasn't publicly ...
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'Star Trek: Discovery' Soundtrack Coming December 15

TrekMovie - 05 Dec 2017
“Grand, glorious, hopeful, heartbreaking, intimate, bittersweet, tense, soaring, surprising. Over 51 years, in its many iterations, there's been no shortage of adjectives to describe the music of Star Trek. On the other hand, the list of composers ...
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Updates on The Last Jedi, Venom, Star Trek: Discovery, and More

Gizmodo - 20 Nov 2017
The next Terminator gets yet another writer. Get a look at new images from Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Star Trek: Discovery co-showrunner Aaron Harberts discusses when the show will start reconciling itself with the classic Trek timeline. Plus, more ...
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Third 'Star Trek: Discovery' Novel Gives Saru the Spotlight

Comicbook.com - 10 Dec 2017
Star Trek: Discovery: Fear Itself follows the previous Star Trek: Discovery novels Desperate Hours and Drastic Measures. Desperate Hours tells the story of a mission that saw the USS Shenzhou working alongside the crew of the USS Enterprise, including ...

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