The Stennis Compromise was a legal maneuver attempted by U.S. P... -
stennis compromise

Editorial: Liias, McCoy and Hobbs for state Senate seats

The Daily Herald - 31 Jul 2018
Like most other of the area's state lawmakers, Liias voted for a bill that would have largely exempted legislators from the Public Records Act, and still supports some exemptions for constituent emails but is open to compromise as the issue returns ...
stennis compromise

Nixon fired the man investigating him - will Trump?

The Macomb Daily - 11 Feb 2018
Now Richardson had to sell the Stennis compromise to Cox, who wanted to see the terms in writing. Richardson drafted an agreement that said it would 'cover only the tapes heretofore subpoenaed by the Watergate grand jury at the request of the Special ...
stennis compromise

Hobbs seeks 4th term against two challengers

The Daily Herald - 02 Aug 2018
He was a combat pilot in the first Gulf War and later served as captain of the USS John C. Stennis aircraft carrier. In the political arena, he lost to Democratic U.S. ...
stennis compromise

New podcast revisits Watergate in the Trump era

Columbia Journalism Review - 04 Dec 2017
One of the stories that I learned and hadn't heard before is about the Stennis compromise. John Stennis was a senator from Mississippi, an ally of Nixon, and a well-known Senate war horse. Around the time of the legal battle of the tapes, Nixon ...
stennis compromise

Daily Business Report-Aug. 3, 2018

San Diego Metropolitan - 03 Aug 2018
The proposal, announced by the Environmental Protection Agency and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, are open to negotiation, and at least one federal official left the door open for compromise. EPA assistant administrator Bill Wehrum ...
stennis compromise

Eugene Robinson Live (March 20)

Washington Post - 19 Mar 2018
Hello, everyone, and welcome to today's conversation. First, take a minute and catch your breath. The president continues to flail amid the quicksand of the Mueller investigation; Trump Agonistes is the subject of today's column. On his legal team ...
stennis compromise

What The Saturday Night Massacre Teaches Us About James Comey's Firing

Huffington post (press release) (blog) - 10 May 2017
The obvious is being repeated all over the media: FBI Director Comey's abrupt firing by President Trump can only be compared in its gravity to President Nixon's firing of Special Prosecutor Archibald Cox on Saturday, October 20, 1973 — the so-called ...
stennis compromise

Five Reasons the Comey Affair Is Worse Than Watergate

The Atlantic - 12 May 2017
(His proffered solution was something called the “Stennis compromise,” in which the very conservative Senator John Stennis, from Mississippi, would “listen” personally to the tapes and summarize their content. As it happens, Stennis was famous for ...
stennis compromise

Lyndon Johnson vs. the Hawks

New York Times - 29 Aug 2017
Over the course of August 1967, Stennis used his little-known subcommittee to host a series of high-profile hearings that gave the win-the-war caucus a national platform and forced Johnson into a compromise that, arguably, extended the war by several ...
stennis compromise

Lessons From Saturday Night Massacre for Trump and Democrats

Roll Call - 29 Dec 2017
With Cox demanding access to 10 hours of potentially incriminating White House tapes in mid-October, Nixon tried to work out a compromise. Conservative Mississippi Democratic Sen. John Stennis, a former judge, would review White House-provided ...

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