Stephen D. Richards (died 1879) was an American serial killer.... -
stephen richards (murderer)

American Horror Story: Cult premiere recap: 'Election Night' - 06 Sep 2017
After the title credits (featuring a brassy, Hail-to-the-Chief-y rendition of the AHS theme and a lot of clown footage), we're treated to a familiar sight: Twisty the Killer Clown, who is still stumbling out of the woods after all these years to ruin a ...
stephen richards (murderer)

Aiming High and Low

North Coast Journal - 21 Sep 2017
AMERICAN ASSASSIN. Solid, straight-ahead action pictures seem ever rarer in a field dominated by costumed heroes, horror and animation. It may well be that their day has passed, that the genre has been relegated to the digital equivalent of ...
stephen richards (murderer)

The Movies That Will Inspire Riverdale Season 2 - 21 Sep 2017
An unplanned pregnancy adds some chaos to that plan, which is interesting in the face of Jason Blossom and Polly Cooper; both are members of wealthy and/or powerful families, and Jason was recently murdered (albeit by his dad) after impregnating Polly.
stephen richards (murderer)

Browne indicted for murder in Irvin shooting death

Brownwood Bulletin - 31 Aug 2017
In an unrelated case, grand jurors returned a three-account indictment for DWI with a child passenger against Stephen Matthews, 31, of Brownwood, in connection with a Dec. 24 traffic accident. ...
stephen richards (murderer)

Every Stephen King Film Ranked

Nerdist - 29 Aug 2017
If you're reading this, it's too late for me. I've been chained up on a soiled bed in a crawl space beneath the room where they film Alpha Book Club segments and demanded I rank every Stephen King movie. Was it last week? A month ago? Time moves ...
stephen richards (murderer)

Bennett found guilty of murder, concealment of homicide

Chicago Tribune - 08 Mar 2017
Bennett, a former Algonquin resident, was arrested in Colorado nearly a year after Crawford disappeared. His defense attorney had attempted to pin Crawford's disappearance on other men, including the state's star witness. Attorney Stephen Richards said ...
stephen richards (murderer)

Winners & Losers 9/8/17

City & State - 08 Sep 2017
O'Neill then announced on Tuesday that there was a 60 percent drop in murders last month from August 2016, with violent crime in general in decline. Donovan Richards – Aren't rezonings controversial? The Queens councilman and the de Blasio ...
stephen richards (murderer)

Losers Rejoice

North Coast Journal - 14 Sep 2017
Stephen King has a hard time relinquishing creative control of his body of work. He famously hated Stanley ...
stephen richards (murderer)

Six of the best films to see at the cinema this weekend

Irish Times - 15 Sep 2017
Tolerable, industry-standard adaptation of Stephen King's bullet stopper concerning a malign spirit – notoriously in the form of a clown – who feeds on the fears of a New England town. The escalating horrors are delivered via a ...
stephen richards (murderer)

'The right verdict' in Bennett murder trial: Kane state's attorney

Chicago Tribune - 09 Mar 2017
He also mentioned the effort of Bennett's "very experienced" attorney, Stephen Richards. Although the murder of a drug dealer doesn't often get much attention, McMahon said, "every murder case is important" and this particular prosecution showed his ...
stephen richards (murderer)

Prosecutors offer blunt view of Bartlett man's 2014 murder

Chicago Tribune - 22 Feb 2017
Bennett's attorney, Stephen Richards, conceded little during his opening remarks. Going beyond the usual defense commentary imploring jurors to make sure prosecutors prove the murder charge beyond a reasonable doubt, Richards told the 12-member ...
stephen richards (murderer)

Defense rests in Bennett trial, deliberations set to begin Tuesday

Chicago Tribune - 06 Mar 2017
Kane County Judge John Barsanti sent the jury home early on Monday — after the 12 jurors and four alternates heard just 20 minutes of testimony in Gary Bennett's murder trial. The jurors — including four alternates — are expected back in court at 9 ...

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