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WWE 2K15 Preorder Bonus Includes Sting--No, Not the Singer

GameSpot - 15 Jul 2014
2K Sports today announced that professional wrestling legend Sting--not to confused with the Police frontman Sting--will appear in WWE 2K15. If you want to play as the iconic fighter, you'll need to preorder a copy of the wrestling title for any of the ...
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10 Fascinating WWE Survivor Series 2014 Facts

WhatCulture - 19 Nov 2017
Yes, the 2014 Survivor Series is best known for the WWE bow of Sting, almost unquestionably the greatest modern era star that had never before set foot in McMahon's ring. Unfortunately, Sting's brief WWE run would be subject to self-indulgent ...
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11 big WWE signings that flopped

Sportskeeda - 13 Nov 2017
While he was in his mid-50's and well past his prime at the time of his signing, WWE fans were ecstatic to see Sting when he debuted at the 2014 Survivor Series. After all, the thought of Sting in WWE seemed to be merely a smark's pipe dream. Needless ...
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Revisiting five War Games matches that changed wrestling history

ESPN - 15 Nov 2017
It was at that point in which El Gigante (known as Giant Gonzalez in the WWE) entered the match to check on Pillman's safety, pleading with officials to call for the bell, which they did. Sting's squadron prepares for their War Games clash against the ...
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WWE Resurrects WarGames This Weekend in Houston, Kinda

Houston Press - 17 Nov 2017
Back in 2013, John Cena battled Randy Orton in a WWE/World Heavyweight Championship unification match. In 2015, WWE Hall of Famer Sting wrestled his last match. And just last year, Kevin Owens won the WWE Universal Championship in one of the ...
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ESPN's 30 For 30 On Ric Flair Glorifies Decades Of Sexual Misconduct

Deadspin - 10 Nov 2017
“And he said 'Sting, how can you deal … with THIS?” adds announcer Tony Schiavone as he pantomimes Flair opening his robe. “And he opened up and he was completely naked. And he was like, really erect.” Sting, one of Flair's greatest rivals, concludes, ...
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WCW WarGames: Ranking the Matches

Den of Geek US - 13 Nov 2017
From the InVasion storyline to Sting vs. Triple H, Vince's obsession with pissing on Turner's old playground has gotten in the way of WWE's own quality. There was even a YouTube series that was mostly an excuse for WWE to poke fun at the stupidity of ...
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Ric Flair Confirmed For WWE Starrcade 2017

WhatCulture - 17 Nov 2017
His 1989 bout with Sting is widely considered the greatest the brand has ever seen, and it wouldn't be Starrcade without him. WWE still don't plan on screening the show on the Network, though they'll likely share clips from the event after it has taken ...
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Sting Comments On WWE Bringing Back War Games And Starrcade

eWrestlingNews - 20 Oct 2017
WWE Hall of Famer Sting recently spoke with William Mullally for Al Arabiya English while promoting the WWE 2K18 video game. Here are the highlights: On why he sticks to the 'Crow' look for his character today: Yeah, Surfer-Sting went to a certain ...
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The Moments that Made Survivor Series

Cageside Seats (blog) - 14 Nov 2017
Undertaker would be WWE Champion within a year of his Survivor Series debut; so would Kurt Angle. The Shield would become the hottest act in the company almost overnight. And Sting…well I had fun at WrestleMania 31, but I think I'm in the minority.

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