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stolen generations

Historian Professor Peter Read, then at the Australian National Univer...

wikipedia - 11 Nov 2016
Historian Professor Peter Read, then at the Australian National University, was the first to use the phrase "stolen generation". He published a magazine article on the topic with this title, based on his research. He expanded the article into a book, The Stolen Generations (1981). Widespread awareness of the Stolen Generations, and the practices which created it, grew in the late 1980s through the efforts of Aboriginal and white activists, artists, and musicians (Archie Roach's "Took the Children Away" and
stolen generations

Gap is widest for the Stolen Generations

The Australian - 14 Aug 2018
The first definitive analysis of the horrific scale of trauma endured by Stolen Generations members and their descendants has prompted a warning that lacklustre efforts to close the gap on indigenous disadvantage must focus more sharply on individual ...
stolen generations


Herald Sun (blog) - 03 Aug 2018
If there is an anger, Dodson bears heavy responsibility for it with his wild and reckless rhetoric of the past, not least when he co-wrote the infamous Bringing The Home report that supercharged the "stolen generations" myth, claiming there had been a ...
stolen generations


Herald Sun (blog) - 13 Aug 2018
But a three-day beard, an earring and a few tattoos will show you are also a bit of an edgy type and on the correct side of big issues like The Stolen Generations, First Nations and refugees. Ladies: a multi-coloured turban and matching robes tells the ...
stolen generations

Some people in government wish we had died out, says Anita Heiss

The Sydney Morning Herald - 20 Jul 2018
Remarkably, debate over what happened to Indigenous Australians when this country was settled by Europeans continues to this day. Statistics on the Reconciliation Australia website show one in three Australians don't recognise the Stolen Generations.
stolen generations

Dicey Topics: Ken Wyatt talks money, religion and bodies

The Sydney Morning Herald - 10 Aug 2018
Each week, Benjamin Law asks public figures to discuss the subjects we're told to keep private by getting them to roll a die. The numbers they land on are the topics they're given. This week, he talks to Ken Wyatt. Wyatt, 66, is the federal Liberal MP ...
stolen generations

Protocol aims to close cancer gap

The Australian - 14 Aug 2018
“Or Stolen Generations, where people have a lot of other things going on in life, or people living with chronic diseases; if you're living with other diseases ...
stolen generations

Our Healing, Our Future

ABC Local - 06 Aug 2018
CEO Richard Weston says the process is being informed and driven by the contributions of young people who have been directly affected by the devastating legacy of the Stolen Generations. He says new research is expected to reveal the full extent of the ...
stolen generations


Herald Sun (blog) - 04 Aug 2018
The "stolen generations" were exaggerated, to the danger of Aboriginal children today. The tribalising of Australia is not healthy. Mass immigration at these levels is threatening the cohesion we need, especially for a welfare state. The new racism of ...

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