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stolen generations

Historian Professor Peter Read, then at the Australian National Univer...

wikipedia - 11 Nov 2016
Historian Professor Peter Read, then at the Australian National University, was the first to use the phrase "stolen generation". He published a magazine article on the topic with this title, based on his research. He expanded the article into a book, The Stolen Generations (1981). Widespread awareness of the Stolen Generations, and the practices which created it, grew in the late 1980s through the efforts of Aboriginal and white activists, artists, and musicians (Archie Roach's "Took the Children Away" and
stolen generations

After the apology to the stolen generations – a photo essay

The Guardian - 25 May 2018
Ten years ago the then Australian prime minister, Kevin Rudd, made an official apology to all Indigenous Australians, and in particular to the stolen generations, for past governments' mistreatment and wrongdoings to Australian's Indigenous populations ...
stolen generations

Blacktown 'living memorial' to stolen generations opens

The Sydney Morning Herald - 09 Jun 2018
The land on which one of the first institutions to take Aboriginal children from their families was situated is being commemorated and healed with an art project called The Ngara – Ngurangwa Byallara (Listen, hear, think – The Place Speaks). The ...
stolen generations

Sorry Day monument honours stolen generation, marks meeting place

The Age - 26 May 2018
Talgium "Chocko" Howard Edwards' life story is told most succinctly in his three first names. Talgium is “the blackfella name” he gave himself in honour of his great-grandfather, a Taungurong man. These were the people from whom Uncle Edwards and his ...
stolen generations

Grandmothers demand 'bring our children home'

Green Left Weekly - 01 Jun 2018
On the 20th anniversary of Sorry Day, May 26, a day to remember the forced removal of First Nations' children from their families that became known as the Stolen Generations, a delegation of First Nations' grandmothers marched on Parliament House ...
stolen generations

Australia's Lost Generation: Battling Aboriginal Suicide

Aljazeera.com - 16 Jun 2018
"Our then-Prime Minister Kevin Rudd's apology to the stolen generations was one of those really historical moments where there was an acknowledgement of the harm done and a genuine apology given for that harm. "So, I think that we as a nation can start ...
stolen generations

These Children Will Have Stories to Tell. And They Will Be Told.

Esquire.com - 18 Jun 2018
Part of what is knows as the Stolen Generations. "Every time she would come up and knock on the door and ask to see her baby, they would just say, 'Go away. You're not fit to be a mother…She went to the priest to ask for me from the foster home to ...
stolen generations

Why we need an Indigenous Voice in Parliament

Crikey - 19 Jun 2018
In 240 years of colonisation, we have been subjected to dispossession, cultural destruction, massacres, stolen land, stolen wages, Stolen Generations and paternalistic government policies. As a result, we face significant barriers to equal ...
stolen generations

Sorry Day

The Age - 26 May 2018
To commemorate national Sorry Day, the Yarra city council commissioned a tribute to the stolen generation and their families in the Atherton Gardens, Fitzroy. 26 May 2018 — 7:20pm. 1/11. To commemorate national Sorry Day, the Yarra council has ...
stolen generations

Daisy Kadibil, Aboriginal escapee – obituary

Telegraph.co.uk - 21 Jun 2018
The film shone a light on one of the most shameful episodes in Australian history, that of the “stolen generations”, when thousands of children, many of mixed Aboriginal-European heritage, were kidnapped by government decree as part of an attempt to ...
stolen generations

Still being Stolen

Echonetdaily - 17 Jun 2018
Stolen by Jane Harrison and directed by Vicki Van Hout is a play following five individuals from the stolen generation. On the 20th anniversary of its premiere season, this timely revival of Harrison's landmark play is as powerful today as it was for ...
stolen generations

Throwback Thursday

Esperance Express - 21 Jun 2018
In February that year, then Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd made an historic apology to the Indigenous Australians and the Stolen Generations. “Today we honour the Indigenous peoples of this land, the oldest continuing cultures in human history ...

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