Straight-ticket voting or straight-party voting is the p... -
straight ticket voting

Straight-ticket voting or straight-party voting is the p...

wikipedia - 08 Nov 2016
Straight-ticket voting or straight-party voting is the practice of voting for every candidate that a political party has on a general election ballot. In general, straight-ticket voting was a very common occurrence up until around the 1960s and 1970s. Since that time, straight-ticket voting has declined in the United States among the general voting population; however, strong partisans (that is strong party identifiers) have remained straight-ticket voters.
straight ticket voting

Mich. to appeal ruling against straight-ticket voting ban

The Detroit News - 14 Aug 2018
The state will appeal a federal judge's ruling that permanently barred Michigan from enforcing a straight-ticket voting ban. Secretary of State Ruth Johnson filed a notice of appeal Monday morning, nearly two weeks after Detroit U.S. District Judge ...
straight ticket voting

Jacques: A straight ticket to discrimination?

The Detroit News - 17 Aug 2018
Forty states have done away with straight-ticket voting. Michigan has tried to join them, but a lawsuit charging racial discrimination has blocked the state from putting the ban in place. What's Michigan getting wrong? This state's contentious ...
straight ticket voting

Federal judge blocks Michigan ban on 'straight-ticket' voting

Reuters - 01 Aug 2018
(Reuters) - A federal judge on Wednesday ruled Michigan cannot ban “straight-ticketvoting, allowing voters to choose all a party's candidates with just one bubble on a ballot, saying the law prohibiting the practice was racially discriminatory. The ...
straight ticket voting

Michigan Straight-Ticket Voting Ban Racist? - 14 Aug 2018
A Detroit U.S. District Judge, Gershwin Drain, appointed by former President Obama stated in his ruling that the Republican led legislature was “intentionally discriminated against African Americans” when they voted for a ban of straight-ticketing voting.
straight ticket voting

Michigan's Ban on Straight-Ticket Voting Hits a Legal Roadblock

National Review - 03 Aug 2018
From 1891 until Bill 13's passage, Michigan voters had the option of voting for all the candidates of a given political party by shading in one oval, instead of shading in ovals for each individual candidate. Such straight-ticket or straight-party ...
straight ticket voting

Letter: Why have two parties?

Danville Commercial News - 19 Aug 2018
Yes, we can vote split ticket or independent, but both Democrats and Republicans are counting on all those who simply vote a straight ticket for the ease of voting. They rely on the fact that most Americans can't or don't have the time to observe ...
straight ticket voting

Michigan officials to appeal straight-party voting ban

New Jersey Herald - 15 Aug 2018
State officials have said there are no constitutional violations in the straight-ticket voting ban. Gov. Rick Snyder and other Republicans say a ban would inspire voters to do their homework instead of simply choosing a party. Nearly half of all ...
straight ticket voting

Elections – Straight-ticket voting — Permanent injunction

Michigan Lawyers Weekly - 09 Aug 2018
Where a law that eliminated straight-ticket voting in the state of Michigan was challenged by the plaintiffs, who demonstrated by a preponderance of the evidence that it imposed a disparate impact on African-Americans by causing drastically longer ...
straight ticket voting

Judge: Michigan can't eliminate straight-party voting

The Morning Journal - 01 Aug 2018
In Iowa, which has a Republican-led Legislature and governor, a new voter ID law eliminated an option for straight-ticket voting for one political party. Last year in Texas, where Republicans are also in charge, lawmakers approved eliminating straight ...
straight ticket voting

Rochester council races close - 15 Aug 2018
Holmes could not be reached for comment after the election results were tallied, but Myhrom said he feels low conservative turnout hurt his efforts to return to the city council seat, based on straight-ticket voting in statewide elections. “The people ...
straight ticket voting

Absentee voting rules could change

Traverse City Record Eagle - 05 Aug 2018
In his 103-page opinion, Drain also said evidence and arguments showed Republicans wanted to eliminate straight-ticket voting because it has traditionally benefited Democrats, especially in areas where there are a large number of African American voters.
straight ticket voting

Courts side with voters, democracy

Port Huron Times Herald - 01 Aug 2018
U.S. District Judge Gershwin Drain ruled that the Republican-controlled Legislature “intentionally discriminated against African Americans in violation of the Equal Protection Clause” of the U.S. Constitution by trying to eliminate straight-ticket voting.
straight ticket voting

After this election, Texas judicial races might never be the same

Bay City Daily Tribune - 05 Aug 2018
It's easy to find supporters of straight-ticket voting in any political circle in Texas. What's tough on a party's judges in El Paso County might be good for the same party's judges in Collin County. It's popular with voters, too: nearly 64 percent of ...

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