Shark Week is once again making things up -
submarine shark

Shark Week is once again making things up

Vox - 10 Aug 2014
As zoologist Michelle Wciesel points out at Southern Fried Science, the "submarine shark" in South Africa was an urban legend started by journalists in the 1970s who were trying to fool a gullible public. But the Discovery Channel didn't debunk the ...
submarine shark

'The Meg' Violates the First Rule of Shark Movies

Haaretz - 21 Aug 2018
To catch a shark. At the end of the long, arduous rescue mission – no less arduous for the viewers than for the characters – it turns out that the submarine has fomented a change in the delicate balance of the ocean floor, which until now has prevented ...
submarine shark

The Meg makes a mediocre addition to the shark-movie canon

Pacific Northwest Inlander - 16 Aug 2018
After a slow start that keeps the shark offscreen in favor of a drawn-out submarine rescue, director Jon Turteltaub and the three screenwriters (working from Steve Alten's bestselling novel) generate some real excitement in the movie's second half ...
submarine shark

Here are the sharks found off the Oregon Coast - 25 Jul 2018
While there have been no attacks in Oregon, it was reported that sixgill sharks attacked a submarine with a camera crew inside while filming for "Blue Planet 2." 6. Common thresher shark. This shark grows up to 20 feet long with an extremely long tail fin.
submarine shark

'Crazy Rich Asians' sparkles at N. America box office

Saudi Gazette - 21 Aug 2018
LOS ANGELES, California — Highly anticipated rom-com “Crazy Rich Asians” — the first Hollywood film with a mainly Asian cast in a generation — dazzled North America in its debut weekend, topping the box office, industry data showed on Monday.
submarine shark

MovieBob Reviews: THE MEG (2018)

Geek - 17 Aug 2018
So, then the “gimmick” here used to explain the existence of a giant prehistoric shark in modernity is that a high-tech oceanic research station discovers that the bottom of the ocean isn't actually the bottom of the ocean. ...
submarine shark

Rich Lowry: Tragedy of USS Indianapolis still fresh

Winona Daily News - 21 Aug 2018
Three hundred men died in the initial catastrophe on July 30, 1945, then the survivors cast into the sea suffered unimaginable horrors, abandoned for days without food or water in shark-infested waters. The new book “Indianapolis” is a bestseller, a ...
submarine shark

The sinking of the USS Indianapolis

Fenton Tri County Times - 27 Jul 2018
This war-time disaster took the lives of almost 900 of the 1,200 sailors and marines on board and left 317 survivors barely clinging to life from exhaustion, dehydration, saltwater poisoning, drowning or shark attack before a dramatic rescue took place.
submarine shark

'Crazy Rich Asians' tops at America box office

Deccan Herald - 20 Aug 2018
It stars action movie regular Jason Statham as a rescue diver who tries to save scientists in a submarine from an attack by a huge, prehistoric shark. Mile 22 -- a new spy thriller-action flick starring Mark Wahlberg -- opened in third place at $13.6 ...
submarine shark

USS Shark Class joins the fleet

Dolphin - 09 Aug 2018
Basic Enlisted Submarine School is a six-week introduction to the basic theory, construction and operation of nuclear powered submarines. In preparation for an assignment, Sailors receive instruction on shipboard organization, submarine safety and es ...
submarine shark

Shark Thriller 'The Meg' Goes Deep, Stays Shallow

Wheeling Intelligencer - 10 Aug 2018
On the tail of “The Shallows,” “47 Meters Down,” “Dark Tide” and, of course, the seminal “Sharknado,” comes “The Meg,” the latest in a growing school of shark movies, all of which, to varying degrees, use our fond memories of “Jaws” as bait to reel us ...
submarine shark

Whale shark freed - 01 Aug 2018
He was the surface officer on an Atlantis Submarine dive when he got a call over the radio that there was a whale shark near them. “Sure enough, there was an individual, about 15 feet long, entangled in a line similar to the one on Maui,” he said ...
submarine shark

The Real Science Behind the Megalodon

Smithsonian - 03 Aug 2018
There, they brood in silence, biding their time until they happen upon an unlucky submarine. (This is essentially the plot of The Meg.) Most shark experts scoff at this notion. As Skomal puts it, “We've spent enough time fishing the world's oceans to ...
submarine shark

The Meg review: No love at first bite for dreary monster shark tale

The Sydney Morning Herald - 14 Aug 2018
Everyone I know seemed to be looking forward to The Meg, with its brilliantly idiotic title (short for "megalodon," a long-extinct shark species three or four times the size of a great white), and its irresistible trailer, which used Bobby Darin's ...
submarine shark

The Darkest Moment In 'Jaws' Had Nothing To Do With *That* Shark

Task & Purpose - 03 Aug 2018
Steven Spielberg briefly ruined the ocean for me, thanks to his 1975 classic Jaws, in which a giant great white shark terrorizes the sleepy New England beach town of Amity Island. It's hard not to develop a phobia of sharks after watching a two-hour ...
submarine shark

Review: The Meg

Nouse - 14 Aug 2018
The Meg, starring Jason Statham, Li Bingbing and Rainn Wilson, follows a hapless team of scientists as they enter the Mariana Trench and encounter a Megalodon; a gigantic, prehistoric shark trapped in the deep by a gaseous ice sheet. When a submarine ...

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