The peril lurking in Trump's deepening legal mire -
summer zervos

The peril lurking in Trump's deepening legal mire

CNN - 21 Mar 2018
It was the precedent of that very case that New York Supreme Court Judge Jennifer Schecter used to allow Zervos to pursue her action against Trump, a ruling that the President's lawyers have said they will appeal. In practice, given the criticism ...
summer zervos

What Makes the Lawsuit against Trump's Foundation Very Different

Just Security - 06 Jul 2018
In the cases of the Stormy Daniels and Summer Zervos suits, public debate has explored the constitutionality of a private party suing a sitting president in state court. But what happens if the plaintiff is a state? That is exactly the question ...
summer zervos

Trump's Cloud Of Legal Woes Will Hang Over Midterm Elections

TPM - 29 Jun 2018
There are also defamation suits from two women whom the President denied having sexual contact with: former “Apprentice” star Summer Zervos, who says Trump groped her without consent, and former adult film star Stormy Daniels, who claims they carried ...
summer zervos

Judge: Trump can be deposed in Summer Zervos lawsuit

Politico - 05 Jun 2018
A judge ruled Tuesday that President Donald Trump can be deposed in a defamation lawsuit brought last year by Summer Zervos, a former contestant on "The Apprentice” who says Trump kissed and groped her after she appeared on the show. Zervos is one ...
summer zervos

Facts about President Trump you might not know

WNEM Saginaw - 21 Jul 2018
The lawsuit, filed by Summer Zervos, a former "Apprentice" contestant, is related to sexual assault allegations. March 23, 2018 - The White House announces that it is adopting a policy, first proposed by Trump via tweet in July 2017, banning most ...
summer zervos

Cohen's Next Phase, Manafort's Trial Looms: Trump Legal Update

Bloomberg - 02 Jul 2018
House Republicans (still) want to shut down the probe into Russian election meddling. President Donald Trump's former campaign chairman Paul Manafort -- facing trial this month on fraud charges -- told a judge that government leaks to reporters were ...
summer zervos

Why the Summer Zervos Lawsuit Against President Trump Matters

TIME - 22 Mar 2018
Tuesday's opinion from Judge Schechter of the New York Supreme Court in the Summer Zervos defamation case against Trump rightly rejects these claims. The very first sentence, “No one is above the law.” could not be clearer. No one, not even and perhaps ...
summer zervos

Why the Summer Zervos case might be the most dangerous for Trump

The Hill - 09 Jun 2018
A ruling by a New York state judge this week said Trump can be deposed in the defamation lawsuit filed by Summer Zervos, the former contestant who has accused Trump of unwanted advances. Some see the legal fight, which has received less publicity than ...
summer zervos

The Trump accuser who refuses to go away

Washington Post - 13 Feb 2018
Summer Zervos filed a defamation lawsuit a year ago in which she claims that Trump groped and sexually assaulted her. He called Zervos and other female accusers “liars.” Trump's lawyers have fought to keep the case from going to trial, dismissing it as ...

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