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super bowl rigged

Trump Threatens Google Over 'Rigged' News Search Results

Daily Beast - 28 Aug 2018
Maroon 5 will headline the 2019 Super Bowl Halftime show, joining the ranks of Bruno Mars and Beyoncé as performers who have taken the stage during football's biggest night, Variety reported Wednesday. Based on recent successful collaborations, Variety ...
super bowl rigged

Molly Roberts: It's finally Google's day of reckoning

The Spokesman-Review - 15 Sep 2018
President Donald Trump tweeted unsubstantiated accusations three weeks ago that the company “RIGGED” its search results against conservatives. The right-wing internet apparatus followed up by recirculating a recording of executives comforting employees ...
super bowl rigged

Why Your Team Sucks 2018: New England Patriots

Deadspin - 05 Sep 2018
This franchise has won five Super Bowls and has enjoyed a longstanding run of success that will never be duplicated in this sport, least of all by whoever ends up running this team when Bill Belichick decides to retire to life of carrying around tiny ...
super bowl rigged

Let's talk about the Super Bowl being rigged (it's not so stop)

FanSided - 04 Feb 2018
Whenever the New England Patriots do something inexplicable, it's assumed that the game has been rigged in their favor. When the Philadelphia Eagles were making their run to the Super Bowl, Amazon was running out of dog masks. The reason being, fans ...
super bowl rigged

Did the NFL Admit to Rigging Games?

Snopes.com - 26 Jan 2018
Predictably, the video was followed by an uptick in social media posts about purported NFL rigging, with few people apparently making their way to Satire Daily's “About” section on Facebook. That section listed “Fake News” as a Personal Interest, while ...
super bowl rigged

Gates rejoins Chargers — and that's a good thing

The San Diego Union-Tribune - 02 Sep 2018
Seeing the system was rigged, he encouraged his cousin Devin Funchess, a tight end at Michigan, to play receiver for the Carolina Panthers. In San Diego, Gates classed up and steadied a franchise that was often out to lunch ...
super bowl rigged

Sunday Night wrap-up: Dak Prescott bounces back from opener

NBCSports.com - 17 Sep 2018
Dinks 'n' dunks from 2-time Super Bowl MVP lil' bro Manning, when you've got Jared Goff and Patrick Mahomes EATING UP YARDAGE with dynamic, intermediate 20-35 yard throws downfield. Man, I am frustrated and I am not even a Big Blue Team-fan lol.
super bowl rigged

What is a search engine, anyway?

Computerworld - 01 Sep 2018
This column is not about politics. It makes no political judgments and takes no political positions. No, really! Stay with me here. President Trump this week slammed Google, claiming that the company “rigged” Google News Search results to favor stories ...

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