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super bowl rigged

Let's talk about the Super Bowl being rigged (it's not so stop)

FanSided - 04 Feb 2018
Whenever the New England Patriots do something inexplicable, it's assumed that the game has been rigged in their favor. When the Philadelphia Eagles were making their run to the Super Bowl, Amazon was running out of dog masks. The reason being, fans ...
super bowl rigged

Did the NFL Admit to Rigging Games?

Snopes.com - 26 Jan 2018
The NFL admitted to rigging games in a style similar to professional wrestling. False. RATING. False. ORIGIN. On 23 January 2018, the Facebook page Satire Daily published a video seemingly documenting that the National Football League (NFL) had openly ...
super bowl rigged

Fake news: A look at completely untrue headlines this week

CBS News - 02 Feb 2018
THE FACTS: There's no truth to the story about an entertainment lawyer named Dan Goodes, his claims the Super Bowl was rigged and a report he was found shot to death in a car in New York. The NFL has no lawyer by that name, and New York's medical ...
super bowl rigged

Rossow's Rants: Behind the scenes from the NFL Draft in Dallas

OurQuadCities - 29 Apr 2018
During Super Bowl week in Minneapolis, I went back-and-forth with a close friend about the top quarterbacks in the draft. I argued the Browns should take Baker Mayfield because he was a winner, and that if he was two inches taller he'd be a lock at No. 1.
super bowl rigged

New attorney signals strategic shift by president

theday.com - 03 May 2018
WASHINGTON — President Donald Trump's growing desire for his lawyers to more forcefully counter the ongoing special counsel investigation drove yet another shake-up of his legal team on Wednesday, putting the White House on a war footing with federal ...

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