November Supermoon 2016: Best Photos From Across the Globe -
super moon 2016

November Supermoon 2016: Best Photos From Across the Globe - 13 Nov 2016
Marseille, France- Last night's supermoon was the biggest we'll see until 2034. Appearing 14% larger and 30% brighter than usual, the stunning spectacle was a sight to behold in many countries across the globe. According to NASA, the full moon of ...
super moon 2016

What Is a Supermoon? - 04 Dec 2017
A supermoon happens when the full moon coincides with the moon's closest approach to Earth in its orbit. Supermoons make the moon appear a little brighter ...
super moon 2016

When to watch the closest supermoon

EarthSky - 13 Nov 2016
The moon hasn't been this close since 1948 and won't be again until 2034. West of the International Date Line, watch November 14. In the Americas, watch ...
super moon 2016

Two more supermoons rising in 2016

CNN - 18 Oct 2016
If you missed last weekend's supermoon, don't worry. There's two more opportunities to see one before 2016 ends, including the closest full moon we've seen so ...
super moon 2016

Supermoon 2016

The Atlantic - 14 Nov 2016
Last night, and later tonight, skywatchers around the world will be treated to views of this year's so-called "supermoon," the largest full moon of the year. Today ...
super moon 2016

Supermoon Pictures

National Geographic - 14 Nov 2016
Don't miss your chance to see the biggest, brightest moon in 68 years.
super moon 2016

How to See the Hunter’s Supermoon

National Geographic - 14 Oct 2016
Sky-watchers are gearing up for a super-sized moon that will grace evening skies this Sunday, October 16. The so-called hunter's supermoon kicks off a lunar ...
super moon 2016

Why the Moon Looks Bigger Near the Horizon

National Geographic - 13 Dec 2016
For millennia, a perplexing sight has materialized in the evening sky: Sometimes, a gigantic moon appears to hover near the horizon, but as that overgrown orb ...
super moon 2016

Images of a Supermoon Spectacle

The New York Times - 15 Nov 2016
Photographs from around the world captured the biggest and brightest full moon in nearly 70 years on Sunday and Monday nights.
super moon 2016

Embracing the "Supermoon," Hyped or Not

Sky & Telescope - 14 Nov 2016
Much has been said and written about the Moon's proximity to Earth today. Is that a good thing or a bad thing? About an hour ago I headed for the studios of ...
super moon 2016

Scene at MIT: Supermoon over MIT

MIT News - 13 Dec 2016
Photographer and chemistry professor Dan Dill captured a beautiful view of the November 2016 supermoon over the MIT campus.
super moon 2016

Share your supermoon photos

The Guardian - 02 Dec 2017
The full moon coincides with its closest stage of orbit for the only time in 2017 this weekend. We'd like your help documenting the astronomical phenomenon.
super moon 2016

Super effect on us from supermoons?

EarthSky - 31 Dec 2017
A supermoon's extra pull of gravity creates higher-than-usual tides. But the moon's pull doesn't affect a human body nearly as powerfully as it does an ocean.
super moon 2016

Green Moon? What are you smoking?

Allentown Morning Call - 20 Apr 2018
No telling how “Blue Moon” would have fared on the charts if it had been titled “Green Moon.” A blue Moon is a real thing, after all. A green Moon is not.

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