November Supermoon 2016: Best Photos From Across the Globe -
super moon 2016

November Supermoon 2016: Best Photos From Across the Globe - 13 Nov 2016
Marseille, France- Last night's supermoon was the biggest we'll see until 2034. Appearing 14% larger and 30% brighter than usual, the stunning spectacle was a sight to behold in many countries across the globe. According to NASA, the full moon of ...
super moon 2016

China to Launch Artificial Moon in 2022

teleSUR tv HTTPS (press release) (blog) - 20 Oct 2018
The “man-made moon's” purpose is to help illuminate urban areas in order to assist in cases like blackouts and natural disasters. The reflection of light from the sphere, which would cover an urban area of 3,600 kilometers to 6,400 kilometers, will ...
super moon 2016

What Is a Supermoon? - 30 Nov 2017
The term "supermoon" has only been used in the past 40 years, but it received a slew of attention in late 2016 when three supermoons occurred in a row. The supermoon of November 2016 was also the closest supermoon in 69 years, although a closer ...
super moon 2016

How best to view the first supermoon of 2018 on New Year's Day - 29 Dec 2017
The first supermoon of the new year officially happens on Monday, according to NASA. But nearly full moons on the two evenings following the supermoon and the night before the supermoon should make for equally good viewing. Those nights are Sunday, ...
super moon 2016

Full supermoon on December 3

EarthSky - 03 Dec 2017
The December 2017 supermoon features the first of three full moon supermoons in succession. The two full moons in January 2018 – on January 2 and 31 – also count as supermoons. As is typically the case, the second of these three full moon supermoons ...
super moon 2016

How to See the Brightest Supermoon of 2017

National Geographic - 21 Nov 2017
Tonight, sky-watchers around the world will get a chance to revel under the first—and last—full supermoon of the year. Sometimes called the cold moon in the Northern Hemisphere, the December 3 full moon will be relatively close to Earth and will ...
super moon 2016

Supermoon 2016

The Atlantic - 14 Nov 2016
Last night, and later tonight, skywatchers around the world will be treated to views of this year's so-called "supermoon," the largest full moon of the year. Today, on November 14, at 6:20 am Eastern time, the moon approached within 356,500 km (221,500 ...
super moon 2016

Behold November's Super-Duper Supermoon

Sky & Telescope - 09 Nov 2016
Since we can only see one Moon in the sky, there's no way to directly compare macro and micro full Moons in real time, so you'll have to recall the appearance a typical full Moon and compare it to the upcoming supermoon 2016. Or hold the image of the ...
super moon 2016

Super Blue Blood Moon coming January 31: How to see it

Fox 35 Orlando - 25 Jan 2018
WASHINGTON - Sky gazers across the Western Hemisphere are in for a treat when they look skyward on the final day of this month. For the first time in over a century, a Blue Moon, a Supermoon, and a Blood Moon will all coincide on the same day.
super moon 2016

Brightest supermoon since 1948

CNN International - 14 Nov 2016
01 Super Moon 2016 RESTRICTED. 11 Super Moon 2016. 10 Super Moon 2016 RESTRICTED. 13 Super Moon 2016. 02 Super Moon 2016. 12 Super Moon 2016 RESTRICTED. 03 Super Moon 2016. 08 Super Moon 2016. 04 Super Moon 2016. 05 Super ...
super moon 2016

The Moon Is Electric—Especially When It's Full

National Geographic - 18 Sep 2018
The moon is often thought of as a lifeless and inactive place. But a new study reminds us that our pale celestial guardian is more dynamic than it seems from afar. Fresh measurements of its flimsy atmosphere back up the idea that our lunar companion is ...

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