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superbowl rigged

Let's talk about the Super Bowl being rigged (it's not so stop)

FanSided - 04 Feb 2018
Whenever the New England Patriots do something inexplicable, it's assumed that the game has been rigged in their favor. When the Philadelphia Eagles were making their run to the Super Bowl, Amazon was running out of dog masks. The reason being, fans ...
superbowl rigged

Did the NFL Admit to Rigging Games?

Snopes.com - 26 Jan 2018
I added a video to a @YouTube playlist https://t.co/ae3H7RH5ee Breaking News: NFL Admits to Rigging Games for Super Bowl. — Brooks Bryan (@jujutsucop) January 24, 2018. Predictably, the video was followed by an uptick in social media posts about ...
superbowl rigged

Fake news: A look at completely untrue headlines this week

CBS News - 02 Feb 2018
THE FACTS: There's no truth to the story about an entertainment lawyer named Dan Goodes, his claims the Super Bowl was rigged and a report he was found shot to death in a car in New York. The NFL has no lawyer by that name, and New York's medical ...
superbowl rigged

Upset NFL Fans Claim Refs Rigged AFC Championship

Heavy.com - 22 Jan 2018
Regardless, the final whistle has sounded, and the Patriots are on their way to yet another Super Bowl, with two full weeks of anticipation to go along with it. That means endless analysis, theorizing, and yes – conversations regarding just how ...
superbowl rigged

Will the Vikings' story ever change during this lifetime?

Minneapolis Star Tribune - 22 Jan 2018
At least we know one thing: You can't accuse the NFL of being rigged. A Vikings/Patriots Super Bowl would have been far more compelling — not to mention engaging for the local community — than the one we got. The game was legit, and the outcome was ...
superbowl rigged

Bo Burnham's Age of Anxiety

The New Yorker - 25 Jun 2018
Their first kiss was at a party, after Tom Brady won his second Super Bowl. The indignities of junior high are perennial, ...
superbowl rigged

Is the Super Bowl rigged? Here's what we know.

Mic - 04 Feb 2017
Will the NFL allow the Patriots to win the Super Bowl? That's the question a Boston columnist posed in a piece that must be read to be believed. "The absolute last thing NFL commissioner and artful dodger Roger Goodell wants to do is hand the Vince ...

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