Forget Forecast: Seahawks Pour It On in the Super Bowl -
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Forget Forecast: Seahawks Pour It On in the Super Bowl

New York Times - 01 Feb 2014
The 48th Super Bowl was the first time the game to decide the champion of the National Football League was played in the New York City area since the Super Bowl era began. Visitors Guide | Crystal Bowl | Full Coverage. “We ran into a buzz saw,” Denver ...
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Sporting Witness

BBC News - 26 Aug 2015
In 2010, the New Orleans Saints swept to victory in the Superbowl - the biggest prize in American sport. The win came just five years after Hurricane Katrina devastated the city and severely damaged the Saints' own stadium, the Superdome. Former Saints ...
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New England Patriots: Tom Brady has arrived for Training Camp

Musket Fire - 25 Jul 2017
Five-time Super Bowl Champion Tom Brady reported to Gillette Stadium Monday morning for the New England Patriots. Fresh off his fifth Super Bowl, Tom Brady reported to New England Patriots camp on Monday. Position players do not report to camp until ...
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Who Dat Nation is hungry for another 'Black and Gold' Super Bowl

Who Dat Dish - 24 Jul 2017
July is starting to really get hot down here in New Orleans. At the same time, water is just not quenching the thirst for Saints' fans. The hunger pains have been growing for nearly eight years now. Incidentally, there is no replacement for the ...
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Britney Spears ruled out as Super Bowl 2018 half-time headliner - 13 Jul 2017
The NFL and Pepsi have big plans for the Super Bowl's 2018 half-time show, but they don't include Britney Spears. All week, speculation has been running rife that Britney was in negotiations to make her return as Super Bowl headliner 17 years after she ...
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2017 NFL projections: Patriots vs Packers in Super Bowl LII?

WHAS - 25 Jul 2017
Dallas Cowboys (11-5): The league should be ready for Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliott — assuming he isn't suspended — this time around; that celebrated O-line is breaking in two new starters; and the defense could be a hot mess. Still, there's no ...
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Mark Murphy presumes a Super Bowl appearance for the Packers - 24 Jul 2017
The Packers haven't been to the Super Bowl since 2010. Their CEO thinks that streak will end in 2017. “It's going to be a lot of fun for all our fans to drive across the state when we're in the Super Bowl in Minneapolis,” Mark Murphy told shareholders ...
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Texans must win now for JJ Watt

Toro Times - 27 Jun 2017
The NFL's all-time sack leader, Michael Strahan had 18.5 sacks at the age of 30 but never had more than 12 again throughout the remainder of his career. Jared Allen sacked opposing quarterbacks 22 times at age 29 but like Strahan never broke 12 in a ...
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Why the Kansas City Chiefs will win the AFC in 2017

Arrowhead Addict - 25 Jul 2017
As we all know, the Chiefs made their last Super Bowl appearance in the 1969 season, 15 years before the Lamar Hunt trophy was first awarded. Since then the team has been led by all-time greats such as Joe Montana and Derrick Thomas in the '90s.
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Julian Edelman on one-handed catches and his 'very ugly feet'

ESPN - 30 Jun 2017
I do all these crazy reaction-time things or reaction skills with tennis balls every morning, or at least four times a week. After that catch in the Super Bowl, I go up to the guy who throws for me -- he's one of our equipment guys -- and I go, "It's ...
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Is Simeon Rice a Hall of Famer? - 22 Jul 2017
Sim is one of the best pass rushers of his time, and he played a big part in making us the dominant defense that we were in the early 2000s. Go talk ...
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Predicting the most “Chargers” things to happen this season

BoltBeat - 22 Jul 2017
If you've been a Chargers fan long enough, you know what I'm talking about. Marlon McCree's fumble. Ray Rice converting a fourth-and-29. Losing to the winless Browns. Or, some positive moments: Throttling the reigning Super Bowl champion Seattle ...

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