Supernatural: A Tale of Two Finales -

Supernatural: A Tale of Two Finales

TV Guide (blog) - 19 May 2017
It took an entire season of aimless wandering, but Supernatural finally had its devil baby and of course there was a labor scene and Mary Winchester (Samantha Smith) said to Dumb Kelly Kline (Courtney Ford), "Your contractions are five minutes apart.

Supernatural: Season 12 Review - IGN

IGN - 28 May 2017
By Matt Fowler This is a mostly spoiler-free review of Supernatural: Season 12, which is now available on Netflix. That is, until the end of the piece, where a ...

Check out these steamy new Supernatural promo photos - 03 May 2017
As Supernatural's season 12 winds down, Sam and Dean could use all the help they can get. Not only are they dealing with Lucifer's baby — which Castiel has now decided to protect — but they've got Mr. Ketch breathing down their necks, even if they ...

John Winchester is coming back in season 13 of 'Supernatural'

Blasting News - 29 May 2017
As season 12 revolved around the relationship of the boys and Mary Winchester, season 13 wants to step up its game as well. This season finale left us with the breath-taking cliffhanger of Mary Winchester being stuck in another realm with none other ...

Supernatural boss previews the 'most meta finale we've ever done' - 17 May 2017
In the final two episodes of Supernatural's 12th season — airing back-to-back on Thursday — Sam and Dean face off against two major foes: the British Men of Letters and Lucifer. And even though the episodes are standalone stories, showrunner Andrew ...

Why Supernatural Should Join The Arrowverse (& Why It Shouldn't)

Screen Rant - 23 May 2017
The current seasons of both Arrow and Supernatural wrap up this month, and as fans get ready for a summer bereft of superhero and supernatural goodness, a familiar question comes to mind. Should these two incredible CW shows finally meet in a ...

Season 12 Ends With a Bang, Not a Whimper

PopMatters - 24 May 2017
If there's one word that can describe Supernatural's twelfth season, it's “surprising”. It was surprising how the show had not just one, but two major “big bads” to contend with, the unpredictability of who would get killed off and how, the difference ...

Supernatural: 5 things we already know about season 13

FanSided - 21 May 2017
If Thursday's Supernatural season finale left you slack-jawed, you'll want to check out our list of 5 things we know about season 13. The Supernatural season finale was intense, shocking and left fans with a lot of questions. Spoiler alert, but “Who We ...

Supernatural recap: 'Twigs & Twine & Tasha Banes' - 05 May 2017
Hey, remember how cool and interesting those twins from “Celebrating the Life of Asa Fox” were? Yeah, hope you weren't too attached to them. As always, curse you, Supernatural, and the blender you put our hearts into every time you bring back ...

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