Surfer's myelopathy is a rare nontraumatic paraparesis. It is a... -
surfer's myelopathy

First-Time Surfers Cautioned About Rare Spinal Injury

ABC News - 14 Aug 2008
The story is always the same." Nakamoto sees two or three new cases of surfer's myelopathy each year. But most first-time surfers -- and even most surfing instructors -- have never heard of this rare complication and have no idea what the warning signs ...
surfer's myelopathy

Rare beginner surfing injury leaves Seattle woman paralyzed

KOMO News - 17 Nov 2014
Surfers Myelopathy can happen when a novice surfer spends an extended amount of time lying on board, looking back at the oncoming waves. When moving to stand, it's possible to hyperextend the back in a way that pinches the blood vessels running along ...
surfer's myelopathy

Community raising money for paralyzed Estill County teen

WKYT - 25 Sep 2015
Doctors diagnosed Miller with Surfer's Myelopathy, a rare hyper-extension of the spinal cord typical among surfers. According to Jackie's doctors she is the first confirmed case of Surfer's Myelopathy in a gymnast in the United States, and of the 62 ...
surfer's myelopathy

The Road to Recovery: Sensations of hope

Rapid City Journal - 06 Mar 2011
16, when Willmore's first surfing lesson in Hawaii - the team was slowly filtering into Honolulu for the Hoop N Surf tournament - resulted in her development of surfer's myelopathy, a spinal cord injury that often afflicts first-time surfers who have ...
surfer's myelopathy

Do It Yourself Yoga For Surfers - 30 Sep 2015
I've never met a surfer who said, “Yeah, I don't need to do yoga. I never have any aches and pains, my lower back feels amazing and my hips are super supple!” What I usually hear is that surfers want to do yoga but they don't know what to do. They ...
surfer's myelopathy

West Seattle native fights back from bizarre surfing injury

West Seattle Blog (blog) - 04 Apr 2008
Later that afternoon, the hospital called Seattle to tell mom that Addie had a non-traumatic surfing injury known as 'Surfer's Myelopathy' that affects the spinal cord, resulting in paralysis.” Maureen says research revealed this is fairly common in ...
surfer's myelopathy

Wheelchair lacrosse clinic

Baltimore Sun - 21 Mar 2014
Lacrosse is the official team sport of Maryland and Kennedy Krieger International Center for Spinal Cord Injury is hoping even more people will be able to play. Kennedy Krieger in partnership with FreeState Wheelchair Lacrosse recently put on a ...
surfer's myelopathy

Mandy Willmore's willpower remains a source of inspiration

Rapid City Journal - 25 Dec 2011
She'd just been transported across the Pacific Ocean from Hawaii to Craig Hospital in suburban Denver, where she was combating the acute lower-body pain that coincided with her development of surfer's myelopathy. Too weak to do much else but sit up, ...
surfer's myelopathy

New device helps people with spinal cord injury walk upright - 04 Nov 2011
He was rushed by ambulance to the hospital, where doctors determined he was permanently paralyzed because of surfer's myelopathy. Peter arched his back so much while paddling through the surf that a blood vessel to his spine became kinked, depriving ...
surfer's myelopathy

Mines coach: Athletic director out to get her

Rapid City Journal - 15 Apr 2013
Willmore was paralyzed after suffering from surfer's myelopathy in Hawaii on a Hardrocker basketball trip in late 2010. Felderman was suspended because it would be an NCAA violation for a coach to pay for a trip of any kind for her players. She ...
surfer's myelopathy

Paralysés après leur premier cours de surf…

Surf Prevention (Blog) - 25 May 2010
On connaît la « surfer's myelopathy » depuis peu dans la littérature médicale : cette pathologie rare est mal connue par les médecins et neurologues en Europe où aucun cas n'a été authentifié pour le moment. La myélopathie du surfeur entraînerait une ...

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