Sutro Baths officially opened 121 years ago today -
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Sutro Baths officially opened 121 years ago today

San Francisco Examiner - 13 Sep 2016
On this day in 1896, the now-defunct Sutro Baths officially opened in San Francisco. Named for Adolph Sutro, a San Francisco mayor and millionaire who designed Sutro Heights and the Cliff House, the baths were destroyed in a fire in 1966 and the ...
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Fun Activities To Do in San Francisco With Your Family - 20 Feb 2018
CHECK OUT SUTRO BATHS AND LANDS END. For decades, the Sutro Baths were an iconic part of San Francisco and defined the grand vision that prominent San Franciscans had for their burgeoning city. If you're planning a visit to San Francisco's Richmond ...
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Person rescued by SFFD from Sutro Baths “bunker”

Richmond District Blog (blog) - 13 Oct 2017
After sunset tonight, the SFFD was on scene at Sutro Baths for a “bunker rescue”, according to a tweet sent out by @sffdpio at 7:51pm. The photos show firefighters on top of a concrete structure with a square opening in the top. They are lit with a ...
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Secrets of Sutro Baths & Lands End Tour

Atlas Obscura - 16 Aug 2017
Join historian and retired park ranger John Martini on a two-hour walk exploring the ruins of the legendary Sutro Baths. The Baths visit will include a walk downhill into the ruins and the mysterious tunnels through Point Lobos, followed by an uphill ...
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The Haunted Ruins of San Francisco's Water Wonderland

Daily Beast - 11 Mar 2017
The surf of the Pacific Ocean crashes into the rocky ruins dotted with a red sign of caution, “Cliff and surf area extremely dangerous.” Just in case that warning wasn't dire enough, it gets specific: “People have been swept from the rocks and drowned ...
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6 heart-shaped destinations for the romantics among us

Starts at 60 - 10 Feb 2018
5. Isla Corazón, Argentina. Love is in the air in Argentina where the heart-shaped island of Isla Corazon is located. Take a kayaking trip out to the island and take a selfie with your loved one. 6. Sutro Baths, San Francisco. A popular sunset spot ...
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120 years ago today, San Francisco's iconic Sutro Baths opened

SFGate - 14 Mar 2016
Now just a haunting collection of ruins, when the Sutro Baths opened on March 14, 1896, it was Adolph Sutro's grandest achievement. The Sutro Baths were meant to provide "permanent entertainment, the like of which was never before thought in San ...
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Sutro Baths' grand ruin is a window into SF's past

San Francisco Chronicle - 24 Feb 2014
One of my favorite places in San Francisco is a ruin, all that is left of Sutro Baths, once one of the wonders of the West and said to be the largest indoor swimming complex in the world. Sutro Baths was as tall as a 10-story building, had seven ...
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Man who died near SF's Sutro Baths IDd as Merced man, 28

SFGate - 31 Jul 2016
A man who fell to his death over the weekend from a cliff near San Francisco's Sutro Baths was identified Sunday as a 28-year-old Merced man, officials said. Vincent Holland died Saturday afternoon after falling from the cliffs at Point Lobos into the ...
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Sutro Baths was test case for blacks' civil rights

San Francisco Chronicle - 25 May 2012
John Harris brought the first successful one in San Francisco. In response to the lawsuit, the Sutro Baths superintendent stated, "Negroes, so long as they are sober and well-behaved, are allowed to enter the baths as spectators, but are not permitted ...
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The ghosts of Sutro Baths

San Jose Mercury News - 28 Jun 2014
But by 1896, the gully on the northwest tip of San Francisco, where the sea sprayed onto a bed of sand, rocks and seaweed, had been transformed into a lavish swimming and entertainment complex by wealthy entrepreneur and former San Francisco Mayor ...
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Modern Ruins on the California Coast

Slate Magazine (blog) - 01 May 2014
Roman Mars' podcast 99% Invisible covers design questions large and small, from his fascination with rebar to the history of slot machines to the great Los Angeles Red Car conspiracy. Here at the Eye, we cross-post new episodes and host excerpts from ...
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SF's only river otter at Sutro Baths

San Francisco Chronicle - 03 Jan 2013
Naturalists and wildlife aficionados are atwitter about the unexplained presence of a river otter at the ruins of Sutro Baths, the first of the furry mammals seen in San Francisco in at least a half century. The otter, dubbed Sutro Sam, has been ...

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