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suzanne (leonard cohen song)

"Suzanne" is a song written by Canadian poet and musician Leona...

wikipedia - 12 Nov 2016
"Suzanne" is a song written by Canadian poet and musician Leonard Cohen in the 1960s. First published as a poem in 1966, it was recorded as a song by Judy Collins in the same year, and Cohen performed it as his debut single, from his 1967 album Songs of Leonard Cohen. Many other artists have recorded versions, and it has become one of the most-covered songs in Cohen's catalogue.
suzanne (leonard cohen song)

The Imagined Story Behind Leonard Cohen's 'Suzanne'

New York Times - 02 Nov 2018
I feel sure the poem and the song wouldn't have been written if he'd put his hand over hers on that long-ago afternoon and she'd answered with a kiss, if they'd had time to reach the irritations and disappointments — the finger taps on the tabletop ...
suzanne (leonard cohen song)

Suzanne Holds the Mirror

Yale Daily News (blog) - 16 Nov 2018
I first heard the songSuzanne” by Leonard Cohen at a poetry reading in a medieval church in southern France. A poetry teacher at the Virginia Center for Creative Arts in Auvillar, France, approached the front of the small stone church, her short hair ...
suzanne (leonard cohen song)

Exclusive: Hear Lindi Ortega Cover Leonard Cohen's "Suzanne"

Paste Magazine - 30 Oct 2018
One such devotee and a Canadian singer-songwriter herself, Lindi Ortega is honoring the late musician with a cover of “Suzanne,” the lead single from Cohen's 1967 debut album, Songs Of Leonard Cohen. The cover, which Ortega originally recorded for ...
suzanne (leonard cohen song)

'Mi Mami' Approves: Our Favorite Latin Songs This Week

NPR - 08 Nov 2018
"Suzanne" is a devastatingly beautiful Leonard Cohen classic full of his poetic imagery and magical lyricism. Ortega doesn't really sing it as much as she recounts it in a breathless whisper that perfectly captures the intimate nature of the song ...
suzanne (leonard cohen song)

20 Years Ago: REM Find Their Way as a Trio With 'Up'

Ultimate Classic Rock - 26 Oct 2018
(Incidentally, Leonard Cohen was given a songwriting credit on this song because it resembled his own "Suzanne.") But Up was also marked by dense, layered arrangements, which made songs feel like pastiches. For example, the blocky, off-kilter glam ...
suzanne (leonard cohen song)

If music be the food of love, you'll eat twice at this event

CollingwoodToday - 01 Nov 2018
Ramolo's album is a 10-song collection of Cohen songs she has interpreted in her own way. Homage was produced by Michael Timmins of Cowboy Junkies, and is Ramolo's second collaboration with Timmins. The Nov. 6 Crow Session will take place even ...
suzanne (leonard cohen song)

See Lindi Ortega's Haunting Cover of Leonard Cohen's 'Suzanne'

RollingStone.com - 13 Jun 2018
Leonard Cohen took a famously long time to write his songs, in some case years, but once finished many of them have become vehicles of endless reinterpretation. One of the Canadian songwriting legend's most celebrated is “Suzanne,” which has received ...
suzanne (leonard cohen song)

Is Leonard Cohen the New Secular Saint of Montreal?

New York Times - 06 Mar 2018
That's how many people on Earth are streaming Cohen's version of the secular anthem right now, each represented by a recorded voice humming the song. In a nearby neighborhood is Bar Suzanne, a new speakeasy named after one of Cohen's most ...
suzanne (leonard cohen song)

Leonard Cohen's Words And Songs Are The Soundtrack Of A Generation

Investor's Business Daily - 22 Jun 2018
He decided to put his poems to melodies. Cohen's big break came in 1967. Judy Collins recorded two of Cohen's songs, "Suzanne" and "Dress Rehearsal Rag." Other artists such as James Taylor and Willie Nelson were soon asking Cohen to write songs for ...
suzanne (leonard cohen song)

This week's best radio: Jeremy Paxman and Songs of Leonard Cohen

The Guardian - 05 Nov 2017
One such is Jeremy Paxman, who pays tribute to his hero in How the Light Gets In (6 November, 10pm, Radio 2) with the help of musicians Judy Collins, Rufus Wainwright and Suzanne Vega, comedian Arthur Smith and former chancellor of the exchequer ...
suzanne (leonard cohen song)

Evy Warshawski The Arts Landscape: Perla Batalla sings Leonard Cohen

Napa Valley Register - 03 Oct 2018
Thankfully, many of Cohen's most famous songs – “Bird on the Wire,” “Suzanne,” “I'm Your Man,” “Anthem” and “Hallelujah” (for which he wrote 80 verses) – continue to be covered by a multitude of talented voices who keep his songs fresh, relevant and ...

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