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sweet stranger and me

How I became a professional stranger and found kindness everywhere

Irish Times - 02 Oct 2018
Once or twice a day in the West Bank I would be ushered into the home of a stranger and a cup of sweet black tea would be pressed into my hand. Food would usually follow; often huge platters of eggs and hummus and olives and tomatoes and za'atar spice, ...
sweet stranger and me

A Russian Mail-Order Bride and a Jaw-Dropping Twist

The Atlantic - 12 Oct 2018
“She also can't wrap her head around the fact that so many parents are not as supportive of their LGBT kids as she was of me. So people's passionate reactions to her unconditional acceptance of me are both sweet and very strange to her.” We want to ...
sweet stranger and me

The Romanoffs Recap: Austrian Horror Story

Vulture - 19 Oct 2018
This is as true of capital “G,” capital “F” Great Films like Under the Skin and Hereditary as it is of derivative corn like Stranger Things, or of recent critical darling Mandy, which after the weed-scented glacial pacing and lush psychedelia of its ...
sweet stranger and me

Blood tales: the magic liquid that keeps us alive

The Guardian - 20 Oct 2018
This is what it does for me: it carries oxygen to my organs and tissues; it gives me the strength to run up hills and carry shopping; it removes carbon dioxide and waste products so I won't die; it carries the white blood cells that rush to repel ...
sweet stranger and me

Mommy's Inside Voice: Stop telling me to enjoy motherhood

Saanich News - 21 Oct 2018
She winks at the 4-year-old and flirts with the youngest. “Such sweet boys you have! Oh, and all so close together. It must be such fun! Enjoy these times, Mama. They pass by so quickly.” And with a twinkle in her eye, she turns and carries on with her ...
sweet stranger and me

Phoebe Robinson on Feminism and That 'I Was Rooting For You' Moment

Signature Reads - 19 Oct 2018
Well, Tiffany hit the sweet spot of being a potentially rags‑to‑riches contender (like the average American, she was not flush with money), seeking redemption (she had competed in Cycle 3 but hadn't made it as far as she wanted), and having a charming ...
sweet stranger and me

Cannabis Legalization Day in Canada: Leafly's Live Coverage

Leafly - 18 Oct 2018
In the past, it was “hard to find people to sell to me because I look like a cop,” the clean-cut, 43-year-old computer programmer said outside a newly opened cannabis store. He and his friend Alex Lacrosse were smoking when two police officers walked by.

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