Five interesting facts about Sweetest Day -
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Five interesting facts about Sweetest Day

Kankakee Daily Journal - 21 Oct 2018
Today's the day. Sweetest Day is celebrated on the third Saturday in October, or today (unless you're reading this on Sunday). First known as Candy Day. When the holiday was founded in 1916, trick-or-treating hadn't become popular, and there was no ...
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Sweetest Day gifts that aren't flowers or candy

Chicago Tribune - 17 Oct 2018
Sweetest Day may not be the well-known holiday that Valentine's Day is, but it captures a similar idea: spend a day showing the people in your life how much care. The twist with Sweetest Day, though, is that it's a day for celebrating anyone who ...
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5 things to know about Sweetest Day

Quad-Cities Online - 18 Oct 2018
Sweetest Day is primarily celebrated in the Midwest and parts of the Northeast. The holiday is said to have gotten its start in Cleveland in 1922 when a candy company employee named Herbert Birch Kingston wanted to bring happiness to those in society ...
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Here's where you should take your sweetie for Sweetest Day!

WDIV ClickOnDetroit - 19 Oct 2018
When you find your passion, magic can happen. In the case of Tom Moro, his magic came in the form of some delicious food. "I enjoy the cooking. I spend a lot of time in the kitchen," said Moro. "I just enjoy my trade. It's fun!" So when he had the ...
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4 Car-Themed Sweetest Day Gift Ideas for Men

The News Wheel - 18 Oct 2018
Sweetest Day originally started back in 1921, in Cleveland. A committee of 12 candy makers — dubbed the “Sweetest Day in the Year Committee” — wanted to promote candy sales in light of that October's pre-holiday season slump. Although the group also ...
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Sweetest Day Is Not Just For Lovers - 18 Oct 2018
I never knew how sweet Sweetest Day really is. I rarely am bothered by being single. I mean, I decide what I want to eat and when, I can be a sheet hog and no one complains, plus, I can drink liquids right out of the container! Yet, I seem to loose my ...
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7 Sweetest Day horror baes

Syfy Wire - 20 Oct 2018
Leaves are on the ground, love is in the air, and it's time to celebrate our favorite fall honeys, the horror baes we would love to call our boo(geyman)! Sure, they have their flaws (don't we all!), but these scary movie hotties are our Sweetest Day ...
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Sweetest Day concert at Powers

Youngstown Vindicator - 20 Oct 2018
The Dramatics, featuring L.J. Reynolds, will headline the Sweetest Day Love Festival tonight at 8 p.m. at Powers Auditorium in Youngstown. Also on the bill are Ray, Goodman & Brown, Enchantment and Heatwave. Tickets start at $49 and are available at ...
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Singles To Take A 'Spin' At Navy Pier Ahead Of Sweetest Day

CBS Chicago - 17 Oct 2018
CHICAGO (CBS) — If you're single and looking to mingle, head to Navy Pier for a party on the Centennial Wheel. The Spinning With Singles event is billed as a mixer on the Ferris wheel and aboard the private yacht Chicago Elite. Singles will get a ...
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Sweetest Day at Cafe Cortina

Fox 2 Detroit - 19 Oct 2018
(WJBK) - It's been declared as the most romantic restaurant in Michigan. Antonio Giannola and Chef Ernesto Antopia from Cafe Cortina joined us in the FOX 2 Cooking School to tell us more about celebrating Sweetest Day at the restaurant. You can hear ...
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Sweetest Day is about a gift for BOTH of you? - 19 Oct 2018
GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. - Saturday marks Sweetest Day. It is a day to share romantic deeds or expressions with your partner. The best gift to give may be an experience you can both enjoy. The Woodhouse Day Spa recently opened at Knapp's Crossing. It is a ...
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Celebrating Sweetest Day with Mindo Chocolate

Fox 2 Detroit - 17 Oct 2018
(WJBK) - Sweetest Day is this Saturday, October 20. The experts from Mindo Chocolate joined us in the FOX 2 Cooking School to show us some perfect options for the chocolate lover in your life. You can hear from artisan chocolate makers Barbara Wilson ...
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Impress BAE for Sweetest Day with a Personal Chef

Michronicleonline - 19 Oct 2018
It's that time again, “Sweetest Day!” This Saturday, October 20th instead of the traditional dinner and movie, impress your BAE with a personal chef experience. Not convinced that a personal chef is the move? Chef Shanel Dewalt of Divine Indulgence PCS ...
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Sweetest Day 2018 Quotes & Poems for Cards - 20 Oct 2018
Sweetest Day 2018 is here. For those unfamiliar, Sweetest Day is a holiday that is celebrated in the Midwestern United States, as well as some parts of the Northeastern United States. Like Valentine's Day, it is a holiday to celebrate romance and love.
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HEALTH AND FITNESS: The sweetest meal of the day

Aiken Standard - 12 Nov 2018
Eating a healthy breakfast provides energy to start the day and is important for weight control. In children, a healthy breakfast is essential for proper growth and development and is linked to improved attention and learning in school. Breakfast is ...
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Don't use a 'national day' as a reason to celebrate those close to you

Iron Mountain Daily News - 03 Nov 2018
IRON MOUNTAIN — “Do you have any 'Sweetest Day' cards?” It was a couple weeks ago that I was asked this question, but when the lady who spoke the words in my shop looked at me, I had to shake my head. For a card shop, you'd think we'd have all the ...

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