Austin man fights for life after wife killed, driver charged in SXSW crash ... -

Faith and Spirituality@South by Southwest (SXSW)

UrbanFaith - 22 Mar 2018
Through 10 faith-based sessions held on March 12-13, topics at the mass meetup in Austin, Texas, included faith in film, faith in the workplace, pride in interfaith communities, sacred activists: spirituality and resistance, and finding faith in ...

How SXSW Captures Culture

Forbes - 20 Mar 2018
Seventy-five thousand people descended on's Austin, TX, for the nine day South by Southwest (SXSW) conference that wrapped on Sunday, March 18. The conference has grown by leaps and bounds over its twenty one year history. What started as an indie ...

SXSW's Top 10 bands: Bad Moves

The Mercury News - 22 Mar 2018
If there's one genre that stood out at SXSW 2018, it was power pop. There were bands mixing it with metal, with punk, with country. And so much of it was outstanding. This quartet out of the nation's capital played the power pop straight and did it as ...

Playback: Does Size Matter at SXSW?

Austin Chronicle - 22 Mar 2018
Everyone noticed, though some were too polite to point it out. Others made a big deal of it. South by Southwest's Music week experienced significant shrinkage in 2018. Variety foreshadowed the phenomenon with the article "For SXSW Music, Bigger Isn't ...

SXSW's Top 10 bands: Grace Vonderkuhn

The Mercury News - 22 Mar 2018
Vonderkuhn has been a pretty well-known presence in her state for several years, and writers there noted in pre-SXSW feature stories that this was her big chance to be seen and appreciated outside The First State. Playing a pink guitar with a Hello ...

Six lessons we learned from SXSW 2018 - 22 Mar 2018
South by Southwest, the whirlwind that concluded its 2018 edition on March 17, can leave you with a mental hangover worse than any set of tequila shots or overdosing on Texas tacos. It's not just the sprawl and the length of time it stretches (10-11 ...

The best 90 minutes at SXSW were tech-free

The Drum - 22 Mar 2018
Half a million people descended on Austin for SXSW, including a healthy contingent from what a friend called the 3 B's: Bitcoin, Blockchain and Bros. Things that get this big also tend to get really bad. But for all the talk of the festival outgrowing ...

Inside the 100-Hour Hell Week of a SXSW Programmer

Noisey - 21 Mar 2018
SXSW is not a festival, at least not exactly. Founded in 1987, “the event” as its referred to by staff, is a ten-day conference where the music, tech, and film industries descends on Austin to drink Lone Star and eat breakfast tacos. Then, so the myth ...

SXSW should benefit the homeless - Texas State University

The University Star - 21 Mar 2018
SXSW is a worldwide showcase of innovation in art, technology, business, and social justice. Along the streets of Austin, homeless residents sat, slept, and surveyed as convention goers filed into endless lines and celebrities shuffled to their ...

SXSW 2018 – the year that tech became responsible

Design Week - 22 Mar 2018
It felt like change was in the air this year at SXSW, the interactive design conference held in Austin, Texas, which has shown how a more mature use of emerging technology is taking hold. There was a definite sense that designing for good, with ...

The 8 Best Artists We Saw at SXSW 2018

Paste Magazine - 21 Mar 2018
South By Southwest is one hell of a week. Think of the annual music conference and festival as one big starting point for the year in music. Artists flock to Austin to play for their lives, sometimes more than 10 or 15 showcases in a week, while ...

Podcast Breaking Banks: SXSW takeaways; Amazon's banking bid

American Banker - 21 Mar 2018
American Banker. All Sections. Name. Policy & Regulation · Technology · Retail & Commercial · Community · Cap Markets · BankThink · Resources · Events. Now Reading: The Latest. Previous. Podcast. Breaking Banks: SXSW takeaways; Amazon's banking bid ...

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