The murder of Sylvia Likens took place in Indianapolis, Indiana... -
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The murder of Sylvia Likens took place in Indianapolis, Indiana...

wikipedia - 20 Sep 2016
The murder of Sylvia Likens took place in Indianapolis, Indiana, United States in October 1965. The 16-year-old Likens was tortured to death by Gertrude Baniszewski, Baniszewski's children, and other young people from their neighborhood. Likens' parents, who were carnival workers, had left her and her sister, Jenny, in the care of the Baniszewski family three months before her death. The Likens' parents were paying Baniszewski $20 a week to care for the sisters.
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Revisiting the Murder of Sylvia Likens

93.1 WIBC Indianapolis (blog) - 26 Oct 2017
It was on this day in 1965, the IPD were called to 3850 E. New York Street to find the body of 16 year-old Sylvia Likens. It is considered one of the more notorious crimes in the history of Indianapolis. Dawn Mitchell of the Indy Star gives us some ...
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10 Halloween horror films that were inspired by real-life events - 30 Oct 2017
The Girl Next Door is based on Sylvia Likens, who was left with a family friend while her parents travelled the world. Sylvia was left with a woman called Gertrude Baniszewski, who performed the same type of torture methods on the girl and eventually ...
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La maledizione di Sylvia Likens: una storia di torture domestiche - 17 Nov 2017
La storia di Sylvia Likens è di sicuro una delle più atroci, se non la più macabra in assoluto, che si sia mai verificata. Una vita da non credere, in ambienti tra i più degradati, trascorsa in Indiana, dove la donna è nata. Un racconto incredibile, ma ...
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Notorious crimes in Indianapolis-area history

Indianapolis Star - 09 Jun 2017
For weeks, even months, the torture of Sylvia Likens was casual entertainment, something to do in the afternoon before dinner and favorite TV shows. At least a dozen children participated or at least watched, and none felt sufficiently disturbed to ...
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Retro Indy: The Murder of Sylvia Likens, as told 50 years ago

Indianapolis Star - 23 Oct 2015
Fifty years ago Monday, Indianapolis police were called to a home on East New York Street where they found the body of a 16-year-old girl. A coroner later counted 150 wounds on the body. The girl was Sylvia Likens. She was the daughter of carnival ...
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Halloween: 3 casos reales que inspiraron películas de terror

El Comercio - 01 Nov 2017
Lo que siguió fueron cuatro meses de castigos, abusos y violaciones sobre Sylvia. Según las autoridades, toda la familia Baniszewski e incluso algunos vecinos participaron de las torturas. Sylvia pasó sus últimas semanas durmiendo en un colchón antiguo ...
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Sylvia Likens' missing sister found in California

Indianapolis Star - 25 May 2015
The older sister of Sylvia Likens, a 16-year-old Indianapolis girl who was tortured and murdered in 1965, was found Sunday after going missing for two weeks, authorities said. Dianna Bedwell, 67, was found in serious condition in a vehicle stranded ...
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Archives: Sylvia Likens' older sister vanishes in California

Indianapolis Star - 13 May 2015
This story was originally published on May 13, 2015. In a twist in the story of Sylvia Likens, the older sister of the 16-year-old who was tortured and murdered in 1965 has vanished in California. Police are searching for Dianna Bedwell, 67, and her ...
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When Sylvia Likens was killed, part of our childhoods died, too

Indianapolis Star - 25 Oct 2015
Editor's note: Fifty years ago Monday, Oct. 26, Indianapolis police were called to a home on East New York Street where they found the mutilated body of 16-year-old Sylvia Likens. Her parents had left her in the care of a woman who, along with two of ...
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Building a framework for ethics in global health research

Emory News Center - 31 Oct 2017
Global biomedical and public health research—whether introducing genetically modified mosquitoes to fight dengue or testing new medicines to prevent HIV transmission from mother to child—is aimed at finding and implementing solutions to some of the ...
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The Hoosierist: Local Horror Films

Indianapolis Monthly - 19 Oct 2017
On the movie front, there's An American Crime, a retelling of the loathsome Sylvia Likens murder that, honestly, sounds like an awful party flick. Happily, the small screen offers better options, including the NBC series Eerie, Indiana, which ran for ...
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Sylvia Likens Revisited

Southside Times - 26 May 2016
The Sylvia Likens murder haunts me. It has for years. The 1965 carnage of a young girl in the inner city of Indianapolis continues to swirl in this writer's brain as to how something like this could ever happen. In today's times it appears to happen ...

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