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tactical nuclear weapon

A tactical nuclear weapon (TNW) or non-strategic nucl...

wikipedia - 08 Nov 2016
A tactical nuclear weapon (TNW) or non-strategic nuclear weapon is a nuclear weapon which is designed to be used on a battlefield in military situations, mostly with friendly forces in proximity and perhaps even on contested friendly territory. This is opposed to strategic nuclear weapons which are designed to be mostly targeted in the enemy interior away from the war front against military bases, cities, towns, arms industries, and other hardened or larger-area targets to damage the en
tactical nuclear weapon

US General Considered Nuclear Response in Vietnam War, Cables Show

New York Times - 06 Oct 2018
Within four days, Admiral Sharp, the Pacific commander, wrote that he had “been briefed on the contingency plan for the employement of tactical nuclear weapons in the Khe Sanh/DMZ area which was drafted by members of our respective staffs last week in ...
tactical nuclear weapon

No First Use

ArmsControlWonk.com - 15 Oct 2018
Archival research by Michael Beschloss has revealed that in 1968, General William Westmoreland, the beleaguered commander of U.S. troops in South Vietnam, requested that plans be drawn up for the use of tactical nuclear weapons to relieve his besieged ...
tactical nuclear weapon

Democrats try to ban the Pentagon's new nuclear warhead

Washington Examiner - 18 Sep 2018
Defense Secretary Jim Mattis and military planners are worried that Russia is willing to use its own tactical nuclear weapons to win small-scale conflicts quickly, and that increasing the U.S. stockpile will deter such a move. The military already has ...
tactical nuclear weapon

The B-2 Stealth Bomber Is Getting Ready for a Nuclear War

The National Interest Online (blog) - 24 Sep 2018
The latest version of the B61 thermonuclear gravity bomb, which has origins as far back as the 1960s, is engineered as a low-to-medium yield strategic and tactical nuclear weapon, according to nuclearweaponsarchive.org, which also states the weapon has ...
tactical nuclear weapon

Be Prepared for an India-Pakistan Limited War

The Diplomat - 05 Oct 2018
The architect of Pakistan's rationale for introducing short-range tactical nuclear weapons (TNWs), General Khalid Kidwai of Pakistan's Strategic Plans Division, reasoned that TNWs would remove India's ability to wage limited war. This need, he said ...
tactical nuclear weapon

US diplomat jangles nerves on Russia nuclear missiles

EUobserver - 03 Oct 2018
Russian contacts told Mattis, the US defence chief, in summer last year, that if a conventional conflict erupted in Estonia, Latvia, or Lithuania, then it would strike targets in Europe using "tactical" nuclear weapons, Woodward said, citing Pentagon ...
tactical nuclear weapon

The Nuclear Trump Card

The American Conservative - 15 Oct 2018
Russia and the United States, as the only countries possessing enough H-bombs, are especially obligated to reduce their nuclear stockpiles and lessen the danger of nuclear war. The cost of not doing so could be the world itself. The administration of ...
tactical nuclear weapon

Defining Defense Down

Wall Street Journal - 11 Oct 2018
These are admissions that the U.S. cannot proportionally and equally defend itself in space, cyber, and response to tactical nuclear weapons except through the threat of escalation and intrusion into other domains. At the beginning of the nuclear age, ...
tactical nuclear weapon

Democrats trying to ban low-yield nuclear warhead

DefenseNews.com - 20 Sep 2018
The requirement for the weapon is part of the Trump administration's Nuclear Posture Review—meant to deter Russia from using its own arsenal of low-yield nuclear weapons. Defense Secretary Jim Mattis and others have said Russia might attempt to use a ...
tactical nuclear weapon

Russian Official: Cold War Arms Race Back On

TruNews - 12 Oct 2018
The talks also come in the wake of President Donald Trump's unveiling of a new nuclear strategy that specifically calls for countering Russia and developing smaller tactical nuclear weapons that fall outside the START framework. Additionally, the ...
tactical nuclear weapon

Small question, big consequences: Is N. Korea a nuke power?

Washington Post - 26 Sep 2018
The allies should also consider bringing back the tactical nuclear weapons that the United States withdrew from South Korea in the 1990s to increase pressure on the North and create conditions for mutual nuclear disarmament, Cheon said. “South Korea ...
tactical nuclear weapon

US-Russia tensions threaten nuclear arms curbs, says Moscow

Financial Times - 10 Oct 2018
The Trump administration announced this year it would develop its own so-called tactical, lower yield submarine-launched nuclear weapons to counter Russian threats. Sea-launched missiles would not be in technical breach of the INF, which covers only ...

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