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The Hustle (blog) - 09 Jun 2017
The Shogun of Sampuru, Takizo Iwasaki (PS: no one actually calls him that), is credited as the father of the fake-food craze. Legend has it that in 1932, after watching candle wax melt onto a tatami mat (flooring in Japanese-style houses), Takizo was ...
takizo iwasaki

A Visit to Japan's Fake Food Capital

VICE - 01 Jul 2014
Gujo is also the hometown of Takizo Iwasaki, who is widely credited as the father of fake food. According to the romanticized legend, Iwasaki had an epiphany as he watched over his sick wife by candlelight (they couldn't afford electricity), inspired ...
takizo iwasaki

Japanese food samples: Look so good you could eat them

The Japan Times - 20 Sep 2016
Takio Iwasaki is the father of Japan's plastic food models. The idea behind the replicas is that restaurants can display the food they sell without having to remake display dishes every single day. Iwasaki's first mold was an omelette with ketchup ...
takizo iwasaki

Exploring Japan's rising dragon

Jakarta Post - 24 Feb 2017
Takizo Iwasaki, who was born and grew up in Gujo Hachiman — a small riverside town in Gifu Prefecture that is often called “Little Kyoto” due to its many temples, first made food samples a business in 1932. His inspiration came after watching melted ...
takizo iwasaki

Japan's food fakery: a tradition designed to tantalize

The Japan Times - 07 Mar 2017
A single dish can cost several hundred dollars, so some restaurants rent food model sets by the month for upwards of ¥6,000. Takizo Iwasaki — whose eponymous firm controls about half the market in Japan — is widely credited for turning faux food into ...
takizo iwasaki

5 things you didn't know about Japan's fake food

Channel NewsAsia - 01 Oct 2016
Takizo Iwasaki, widely regarded as the father of sampuru (Google even marked his birthday last month with a commemorative doodle on Sept 12), made an omelette out of wax that looked so convincing, his wife couldn't tell the difference from the real one.
takizo iwasaki

Japan's Most Mouthwatering Dishes Are Made of Plastic

Smithsonian - 04 Aug 2016
It all started in 1917, when businessman Takizo Iwasaki was struck by inspiration. The legend is up for debate, but at some point Iwasaki witnessed either a wax anatomical model or candle drippings on a table and became obsessed with the lifelike ...
takizo iwasaki

The art of faux food: Japanese company makes real-looking samples

MiamiHerald.com - 20 Nov 2014
Since 1932, when Takizo Iwasaki used one of his wife's omelets as the inspiration for a realistic-looking wax food sample, an Iwasaki company has been turning out those ubiquitous faux food dishes that grace the front windows of many Japanese restaurants.
takizo iwasaki

Siapa Takizo Iwasaki yang Jadi Google Doodle Hari Ini?

KOMPAS.com - 12 Sep 2016
Gambar-gambar makanan ini ternyata merupakan persembahan Google untuk merayakan ulang tahun ke-121 dari seorang pria asal Jepang bernama Takizo Iwasaki. Jika melihat melihat doodle tersebut, sebagian besar dari Anda pasti berpikir, Takizo ...
takizo iwasaki

Tokyo firm is faux food master

Yahoo7 News - 21 Sep 2015
But where and how did the trend of displaying what's on the menu by a selection of model dishes start? Since 1932, when Takizo Iwasaki used one of his wife's omelets as the inspiration for a realistic-looking wax food sample, an Iwasaki company has ...
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Japanese inventions that changed the way we live

CNN International - 15 Jun 2017
Japan is a nation of inventors. But it hasn't just given us robots, laptops and reliable cars -- it also has a huge influence over popular culture. More from World. CLEVELAND, OH - JULY 17: Paul Manafort, campaign manager for Republican presidential ...
takizo iwasaki

You can't eat these burgers, but you can wear them

Star2.com - 15 Mar 2017
Takizo Iwasaki – whose eponymous firm controls about half the market in Japan – is widely credited for turning faux food into what is now a US$90mil (RM400mil) business. It's not a growth industry, though. High-end restaurants shun the idea of plastic ...
takizo iwasaki

Into Japan's heartland

Manila Bulletin - 06 May 2017
The city is a leading producer of fake food in Japan, a technique commercialized by Gujo-born Takizo Iwasaki. Also located in the Gifu Prefecture is the charming city of Takayama. It is famous for its old quarter, a collection of streets of the old ...
takizo iwasaki

Google presta homenagem a Takizo Iwasaki

OtakuPT - 12 Sep 2016
Por altura do seu 121º aniversário o Google decidiu hoje prestar homenagem ao japonês Takizo Iwasaki com um doodle. Iwasaki tornou-se popular por reinventar a prática de sampuru (amostras) de comida servidas pelos restaurantes. Este modo de ...
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太邪惡了!Google 首頁用食物祝賀岩崎瀧三121歲冥誕

ETtoday - 12 Sep 2016
在百貨公司、大賣場美食街常見的「複刻食物」,讓每個人可以藉此預覽一下自己要吃的食物,然後決定要不要吃,然而這項作法,其實已經超過80 年,在當年,這項突破性作法,也因各大媒體報導,讓岩崎瀧三(Takizo-iwasaki)這名字名揚四海,不過卻因為時代的演進, ...
takizo iwasaki

Chúng ta đổi cách 'ăn chơi' từ các phát minh của Nhật

Tuổi Trẻ - 27 Jun 2017
Đầu thế kỷ 20, một doanh nhân tên Takizo Iwasaki được cho là đã có cảm hứng làm thức ăn giả bằng sáp sau một lần bất chợt thấy nến chảy xuống bàn. Sau đó ông đã bán các mô hình thức ăn bằng sáp của mình cho các nhà hàng. Ngày này, thức ăn giả ...
takizo iwasaki

岩崎瀧三食品模型創造者Takizo-iwasaki 121歲冥誕

點子生活 - 11 Sep 2016
岩崎瀧三(Takizo-iwasaki),自1932 年6 月1 日在大阪發明了食品模型後,使用至今已有84 年歷史。而岩崎瀧三也為現在的餐廳、小吃店創造了相當便利的食品模型,讓消費者一眼就能看到美味、精緻的料理,也使餐廳、小吃店招攬客人更加方便。為了紀念這位發明出 ...

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