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Japan's food fakery: a tradition designed to tantalize

The Japan Times - 07 Mar 2017
A craftswoman of Fake Food Hatanaka makes plastic hamburger earrings at the company A craftswoman of Fake Food Hatanaka makes plastic hamburger earrings at the company's studio in Tokorozawa, Saitama. | AFP-JIJI. But replicas don't come cheap. A single ...
takizo iwasaki

A Visit to Japan's Fake Food Capital

VICE - 01 Jul 2014
Gujo is also the hometown of Takizo Iwasaki, who is widely credited as the father of fake food. According to the romanticized legend, Iwasaki had an epiphany as he watched over his sick wife by candlelight (they couldn't afford electricity), inspired ...
takizo iwasaki

Nghệ thuật làm thức ăn giả tại Nhật Bản: Nhìn "thật" hơn cả đồ ăn thật, lợi nhuận siêu khủng với giá cao ngất ngưởng

Kênh 14 - 31 Jan 2018
Thế nhưng, ít ai biết rằng ý tưởng làm thức ăn giả xuất hiện lần đầu tiên tại Nhật Bản vào năm 1926, do Iwasaki Takizo – một công dân sống tại Osaka nghĩ ra. Ý tưởng này nảy sinh trong hoàn cảnh gia đình ông đang gặp khó khăn, khi vợ ông bị bệnh nặng ...
takizo iwasaki

Takizo Iwasaki and the Origin of Food Replica

Hall Of Fame Magazine - 14 Sep 2016
While recalling the replicas of vegetables and fruits used in the schools to teach good nutrition to students, Iwasaki believed that he could use wax to make better fake food models. His wife, Suzu, first attempted to make a prototype of replica food ...
takizo iwasaki

Japanese food samples: Look so good you could eat them

The Japan Times - 20 Sep 2016
Takio Iwasaki is the father of Japan's plastic food models. The idea behind the replicas is that restaurants can display the food they sell without having to remake display dishes every single day. Iwasaki's first mold was an omelette with ketchup ...
takizo iwasaki

5 things you didn't know about Japan's fake food

Channel NewsAsia - 01 Oct 2016
“This is why delicious-looking fake food is appreciated.” Indeed, this is to the extent that sampuru collectibles such as magnets, keychains and phone cases have become a lucrative line for sampuru makers such as Maizuru, which has been in business for ...
takizo iwasaki

Exploring Japan's rising dragon

Jakarta Post - 24 Feb 2017
(JP/Stevie Emilia). If you love going to Japanese restaurant, you are no stranger to food samples. And if you can't speak the language or read the menu, food samples will save the day — all you need to do is point your finger to the desired “food ...
takizo iwasaki

Japan's Most Mouthwatering Dishes Are Made of Plastic

Smithsonian - 04 Aug 2016
It all started in 1917, when businessman Takizo Iwasaki was struck by inspiration. The legend is up for debate, but at some point Iwasaki witnessed either a wax anatomical model or candle drippings on a table and became obsessed with the lifelike ...
takizo iwasaki

Siapa Takizo Iwasaki yang Jadi Google Doodle Hari Ini?

KOMPAS.com - 12 Sep 2016
KOMPAS.com - Laman utama mesin pencarian Google pada hari ini, Senin (12/9/2016), dihiasi dengan doodle berupa gambar berbagai makanan, mulai dari tempura-don, soba, bento, omelet, dan pancake. Gambar-gambar makanan ini ternyata merupakan persembahan ...
takizo iwasaki

You can't eat these burgers, but you can wear them

Star2.com - 15 Mar 2017
They may look good enough to eat, but Japan's mouthwatering food replicas are only for show as restaurateurs compete for the attention of hungry customers. They're common sights in this food-obsessed nation, with everything from sudsy beers and ...
takizo iwasaki

Japanese inventions that changed the way we live

CNN International - 27 Jun 2017
In the early 20th century a businessman, Takizo Iwasaki, supposedly saw candle drippings on a table and became inspired to create lifelike food out of wax. Iwasaki sold his waxwork food models to restaurants which used them to advertise their meals ...
takizo iwasaki

Conheça Takizo Iwasaki, o homenageado da Google a 12 de setembro

PT Jornal - 12 Sep 2016
O japonês Takizo Iwasaki é lembrado hoje com um Google doodle, no dia em que o mestre do sampuru completaria o 121.º aniversário. Iwasaki (que nasceu em 1895 e viria a morrer em 1965) reinventou a arte da comida falsa, que servia para os restaurantes ...
takizo iwasaki

Into Japan's heartland

Manila Bulletin - 06 May 2017
The city is a leading producer of fake food in Japan, a technique commercialized by Gujo-born Takizo Iwasaki. Also located in the Gifu Prefecture is the charming city of Takayama. It is famous for its old quarter, a collection of streets of the old ...
takizo iwasaki

Miért van ma ez a sok étel a Google-kereső főoldalán?

hvg.hu - 11 Sep 2016
A világon nagyon kevés országban került ma különleges ételsor a Google logójába, érdekes módon közéjük került Magyarország is. Fontos nap a mai a műanyag ételmásolatok történetében, ezt jelzi ma a Google. 121 éve ezen a napon született ugyanis Takizo ...
takizo iwasaki

Google presta homenagem ao japonês Hirotugu Akaike

OtakuPT - 05 Nov 2017
Hoje, dia 5 de Novembro de 2017, a Google decidiu prestar homenagem ao japonês Hirotugu Akaike com um doodle que comemora o 90º aniversário deste génio da estatística. Nascido em 1927, Hirotugu Akaike veio a falecer em 2009 com 81 anos tornando-se ...
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Celebrity Chef Giada De Laurentiis Describes Herself As 'Anti-Social'

Hall Of Fame Magazine - 19 May 2016
The celebrity chef Giada De Laurentiis, known for her scrumptious Italian-American delicacies, has recently revealed that she is a very shy lady and even described herself as “anti-social human being” before she was exposed in TV. But there are more ...
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Springtime at Shoryudo

Inquirer.net - 25 Apr 2014
Postcard-perfect view from Shinhotaka Ropeway's viewing deck. PHOTO BY TATIN YANG. At Gujo Hachiman, canals flanked each quaint house along the street, serving as a symbol of the town as well as providing a clean source of water to its residents. The ...

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