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Low-income students face red tape when seeking study abroad

The Daily Tar Heel - 19 Apr 2018
The University claims that studying abroad is available to all students, regardless of their financial situations. Some low-income students have had frustrating experiences trying to coordinate a study abroad trip and feel that the scholarship and ...
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Max Scherzer vs. Clayton Kershaw: The Tale of the Tape

MLB.com (press release) (blog) - 20 Apr 2018
No one has defined pitching in the 2010s more than Max Scherzer and Clayton Kershaw. Over the last five years, the two have appeared in every All-Star Game; they rank in the top four in ERA, strikeouts and wins; and they've combined for one MVP, two ...
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5 eye-popping revelations from James Comey's book excerpts

Vox - 12 Apr 2018
Former FBI Director James Comey excoriates President Donald Trump in the first excerpts released from his new book, A Higher Loyalty. Comey describes Trump's presidency as a “forest fire,” likens the president to a mob boss, and says Trump pressured ...
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Pedro Martinez hit in face with batted ball of tape on live TV

WEEI.com (blog) - 10 Apr 2018
The set of MLB Tonight can be a dangerous place, as Pedro Martinez discovered on Monday night when he was hit in the eye with a ball of tape. Martinez pitched the ball to co-host Harold Reynolds and Reynolds smacked it right back into Martinez's face ...
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Is a Hillary Clinton 'Snuff Film' Circulating on the Dark Web?

Snopes.com - 17 Apr 2018
Many people are unable to watch the video due to the horrific nature of the content, according to sources familiar with the tape. In the video, they take a little girl and they fillet her face, according to reports, and then they take turns wearing the ...
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Lyon sex tape case goes to Sacramento jury

Sacramento Bee - 18 Apr 2018
The raid and the charges Lyon now face came just years after he was convicted in Sacramento Superior Court in 2011 of secretly filming and recording nannies, relatives, friends and sex workers at his various properties. He pleaded guilty in March 2011 ...
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Teens sent friend's sex tape to her parents: cops

New York Post - 13 Apr 2018
Three teen girls face charges for allegedly circulating a friend's sex tape on social media that was sent to her parents, police said. Alyssa Nicole Ollervides, 17, Abdalys Medellin, 19, and Daniela Vasquez, 18, were issued arrest warrants Wednesday in ...
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How to Spot a Fake Video

Lifehacker - 18 Apr 2018
Using an increasingly sophisticated method for making fake videos, or “deepfakes,” video editors can realistically face-swap someone into a video. (As our sister site Gizmodo reports, the technology has been especially popular for making fake celebrity ...
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Lordy, Is There a Tape?

New York Times - 16 Apr 2018
Yet the book's most significant new information is about Trump's obsession with the rumored tape, which he brought up with Comey again and again, and the lies Trump told about why it couldn't be real. In one conversation, Trump insisted to Comey that ...
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Abuse has no room in a world where each life is precious

Wahpeton Daily News - 22 Apr 2018
Doctors also noted marks consistent with “a strap or some type of restraint across his upper body” and his face “was scabbed over and scared with multiple injuries in different phases of healing.” Detectives were told the boy had been pulled by his ...
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Sex-for-mark: OAU prof's accuser to face panel Tuesday

The Punch - 22 Apr 2018
Although Osagie rejected the offer based on the conversation in the leaked audio tape, the professor tacitly mentioned that other female students had accepted the offer and passed. Subsequently, the management of the OAU set up an investigative panel ...
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Wall Street Just Relieved Stormy Didn't Release a Trump “Tape”

Vanity Fair - 26 Mar 2018
While it's unclear how on the money Cramer's analysis is—figuring out why the stock market has done one thing or another is notoriously difficult, his powers of prognostication have been off before, and attributing rising stocks to a lack of dick pics ...
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Brutal after-school fight caught on tape

FOX 11 Los Angeles - 19 Apr 2018
VICTORVILLE, CA (FOX 11) - It is a brutal fight caught on a security camera, Elementary school students in the middle of it all! The story is making huge headlines in the high desert. Jacob Chavez tells FOX 11, “I was walking down the stairs of the bus ...

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