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Tarrare (c. 1772 – 1798), sometimes spelled T...

wikipedia - 12 Mar 2018
Tarrare (c. 1772 – 1798), sometimes spelled Tarare, was a French showman and soldier, noted for his unusual eating habits. Able to eat vast amounts of meat, he was constantly hungry; his parents could not provide for him, and he was turned out of the family home as a teenager. He travelled France in the company of a band of thieves and prostitutes, before becoming the warm-up act to a travelling charlatan; he would swallow corks, stones, live animals and a whole basketful of app

Meet the man who couldn't stop eating

AV Club - 18 Mar 2018
Strangest fact: Tarrare was decidedly not a picky eater. While performing, he would eat corks, stones, and live animals. When his act led to an intestinal blockage, he thanked the doctor who treated him by offering to eat his watch. The doctor said he ...

A trip down gluttony lane

The Navhind Times - 03 Mar 2018
He contacted stable boys and farm hands and always laid his hands first on sickly cattle and dead and flogged horses before they could be disposed off. When this menu got a tad tedious and repetitive, he started visiting cemeteries and helping himself ...

Off Limits Corporate Events bought out of administration

Conference News - 19 Feb 2018
Off Limits Corporate Events Limited, one of the UK's largest events businesses for private and corporate clients, has been acquired out of administration. CN understands that former directors Martin Stephens (pictured) and John Tarr are behind the new ...

Massachusetts legislators attempt prevention of offshore drilling

Daily Free Press (blog) - 01 Mar 2018
“Is it really worth it to try and get those precious resources, or is the environment worth more? That's the question.” The resolution asks the Administration to refrain from drilling off the coast, specifically at surrounding Georges Bank, Stellwagon ...

ED GEIN's First New Song In Five Years "Tarrare" Is A Crusher

Metal Injection.net - 20 Dec 2016
Ed Gein's last album was in 2011, which means that it's been 5 years entirely too long. Fortunately, Ed Gein is making a return to the world next week via its double 7" album Smoked. The album is 5 songs long, one of which is the nearly 2-minute ...

French prosecutor rules out terror link in Dijon car rampage

FRANCE 24 - 22 Dec 2014
A driver who rammed a crowd of pedestrians while shouting “Allahu Akbar” (God is greatest) in France's eastern city of Dijon had a history of severe mental illness, a prosecutor said Monday, ruling out a "terrorist act". “This is absolutely not an act ...

« Le devenir de la cour d'appel de Bourges n'est plus menacé »

Le Berry Républicain - 19 Jan 2018
Il n'a pas fallu attendre longtemps pour être fixé. Dès les premières secondes de l'audience solennelle de rentrée de la cour d'appel de Bourges, hier matin, Mauricette Danchaud, première présidente, a lancé : « Soixante-douze heures en arrière, je ...

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