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Taylor Swift Honors a 2009 Tradition With Her Mother

TeenVogue.com - 17 Jun 2018
Taylor Swift's world tour in support of her newest album Reputation has been filled with surprises. From special guest appearances to tender interactions with supporters, the singer has made this an unforgettable tour for Swifties. And the surprises ...
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Five Times Taylor Swift Wore Wigs in Music Videos

Billboard - 07 Jun 2018
Back when Taylor Swift was still the 16-year-old crooning over high school boys who caused teardrops on her guitar, her most distinguishable physical attribute was arguably her cascading blonde ringlets. But like any young woman, sometimes a change in ...
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Taylor Swift at Croke Park: Everything you need to know

Irish Times - 13 Jun 2018
While the hullabaloo surrounding Taylor Swift's personal life is, in a word, exhausting, the skyscraping pop star's latest album, Reputation – and its tour – is a carefully curated slap to the media's perception of her, seeing her take ownership of the ...
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Taylor Swift's best ever tracks

Evening Standard - 12 Jun 2018
Taylor Swift has been at the top of her game for a long time: first, at 16, she arrived as a ready-made country star with records glistening like chrome bumpers on Ford pickup trucks, full of Nashville accents and wailing Telecasters. Slowly, over the ...
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Taylor Swift Fires a Top Dancer Over Sexist Memes

Digital Music News - 11 Jun 2018
Taylor Swift's former dance member, Kim “Toshi” Davidson, apologized after posting memes that made light of sexism and sexual assault on Instagram. Davidson upset many fans for sharing the memes, including one that stylized the phrase “back to the ...

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