The Tea Party protests were a series of protests throughout the... -
tea party protests

Does This Photograph Show ICE Arresting Small Children? - 10 Aug 2018
The photograph has been online since 2009 and is associated with a Tea Party protest in West Palm Beach, Florida, during which parents brought their kids for a mock arrest to demonstrate how they are being saddled with debt from government spending.
tea party protests

Left is most damaging to our nation's fabric

The - 14 Aug 2018
But let's compare their rhetoric to the Tea Party protests in the early part of Obama's presidency. Obama also inspired a backlash due to his moves to the left and his stated desire to “fundamentally change the United States.” Tea Partiers, however ...
tea party protests

Because of protests

Dodge City Daily Globe - 13 Aug 2018
This country was founded on protest. Remember the Boston Tea Party? Kneeling is not disrespecting the American flag; it is holding the flag accountable for what it stands for: “liberty and justice for all.” Protest means something is wrong, and God ...
tea party protests

Controversy Kicks Off Football Season

National Center for Public Policy Research - 17 Aug 2018
Professional football doesn't officially start until September 6, but the pre-season is indicating there will be a fresh new set of protests against the National Anthem, for washed-up player Colin Kaepernick, against alleged police brutality or ...
tea party protests

Protesters on left and right greet Obama on visit to St. Louis

KBIA - 25 Jul 2018
Meanwhile, about 75 conservative activists, apparently less enamored of wind power, congregated across the street from Tom Carnahan's house for a demonstration organized by the St. Louis Tea Party, Americans for Prosperity and United for Missouri, ...
tea party protests

Could a grown-up Tea Party save the GOP?

The Week Magazine - 07 Aug 2018
I did not at all anticipate that Donald Trump would be the primary agent of destruction, but it was grimly amusing to watch how rapidly the zealous and paranoid anti-leftism of the late Tea Party years could be siphoned into a totally antithetical ...
tea party protests

I'm A Conservative, And I Went To An Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Rally

The Daily Caller - 23 Jul 2018
Over the years, I have attended my share of political events: tea party protests, a Rick Perry speech on tax cuts, a Ted Cruz rally, and even a speech given by President Donald Trump earlier this year. But nothing prepared me for the stark difference ...
tea party protests

Is it now too easy to organize mass protest?

Waging Nonviolence - 07 Aug 2018
So, the example she focuses on is the conservative Tea Party movement, which targeted the U.S. electoral system to great effect. The final chapter in “Twitter and Tear Gas” explains how governments are learning about networked protest and developing ...
tea party protests

Miami Dolphins Players Take a Knee, Police Unions Walk

Sunshine State News - 15 Aug 2018
This country was built on protest i.e. the Boston Tea Party, being able to peacefully protest is a fundamental concept associated with democracy. The nature of a protest is to illicit a response. The players have the right and so do the officers ...
tea party protests

Meet the candidates for Florida governor

WPLG Local 10 - 31 Jul 2018
Experience: A tea party conservative, DeSantis has represented Florida's 6th Congressional District, which covers parts of St. Johns, Flagler, Volusia and Lake counties, since 2013. In 2016, he briefly ran for Marco Rubio's Senate seat, but dropped out ...
tea party protests

Workers Struggles: Asia, Australia and the Pacific

World Socialist Web Site - 18 Aug 2018
The Communist Party (Marxist)-controlled union has only asked for a 20-rupee pay increase, which would take the rate to just 210 rupees per 1,000 beedis. The poverty stricken beedi rollers, who are mainly women, are only employed for ...
tea party protests

Striking images of black struggle

BBC News - 24 Jul 2018
Diop puts himself in the shoes of Senegalese World War Two soldiers, South African students and the Black Panther Party to explore what unifies and defines these struggles for human rights and freedom. “The Liberty project is a journey that I started ...

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