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Ted Chiang is a genius, but he's wrong about Silicon Valley

TechCrunch - 24 Dec 2017
Ted Chiang isn't just one of the greatest science-fiction writers alive — he's one of the greatest writers alive full stop. Which is why I was so saddened and disappointed by his recent excoriation of Silicon Valley in BuzzFeed. As the tech industry ...
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Ted Chiang

BuzzFeed News - 18 Dec 2017
Ted Chiang is an award-winning writer of science fiction. Over the course of twenty five years and fifteen stories, he has won numerous awards including 4 Nebulas, 4 Hugos, 4 Locuses, and the John W. Campbell Award for Best New Writer. The title story ...
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'The race for governor has turned into a scam'

Politico - 04 Jun 2018
In muted skirmishes during the campaign, Newsom and his chief Democratic rivals have offered divergent views on single-payer health care and education, with Villaraigosa and Chiang cutting more moderate profiles than Newsom, the clear front-runner.
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Stuff We Love: Ted Chiang's Arrival-inspiring Story of Your Life

Syfy Wire - 23 Feb 2018
Like many people who loved the movie, I came to its source material, Ted Chiang's Nebula Award-winning novella “Story of Your Life” afterwards. And, perhaps also like many, I was initially somewhat surprised to find out how different Arrival is from ...
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What If Parents Loved Strangers' Children As Much As Their Own?

The New Yorker - 31 Dec 2017
By Ted Chiang. December 31, 2017. What would a radically compassionate world look like—and would we want to live there? Illustration by Tim Lahan. Last December, the author and philosopher Sam Harris invited Paul Bloom, a professor of psychology at ...
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Magical realism: How do magical systems work?

The Stanford Daily - 18 Mar 2018
I'll always remember the first time I picked up “Harry Potter” and my first Ted Chiang novella “Story of Your Life,” and how they've shaped who I've become. This genre is unique in that it's all about giving the reader the space and power to dream, to ...
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Ted Chiang's Soulful Science Fiction

The New Yorker - 05 Jan 2017
In the early nineteen-nineties, a few occurrences sparked something in Ted Chiang's mind. He attended a one-man show in Seattle, where he lives, about a woman's death from cancer. A little later, a friend had a baby and told Chiang about recognizing ...
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The humanity of Ted Chiang's 'Exhalation'

The Stanford Daily - 08 Nov 2017
If you are reading this, you are probably a human being. But what distinguishes you — whoever you are, dear reader — from other human beings? Is it the pattern of electricity circuiting your brain, the arrangement of your neurons and their delicate ...
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AMC is developing a sci-fi show from the writers behind Arrival

The Verge - 29 Jul 2017
During the Television Critics Association press tour, AMC announced a slate of eight new shows that it's putting into development, according to Deadline, which includes a project based on a story by Ted Chiang, whose novella Story of Your Life was the ...
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Ted Chiang, the science fiction genius behind Arrival

The Guardian (blog) - 11 Nov 2016
In the small world of science fiction short stories, Ted Chiang is a superstar. It's easier to list the major SF awards he hasn't won than those he has, and he's equally acclaimed in the broader field of literary short fiction – all for a body of work ...
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With Arrival, Ted Chiang Becomes Hollywood's New Philip K. Dick

WIRED - 18 Nov 2016
Geek's Guide to the Galaxy host David Barr Kirtley is thrilled that Hollywood has finally discovered Ted Chiang, and he hopes to see more of Chiang's stories adapted in the future. “After this you kind of think he's got to become the next Philip K ...
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How a Bellevue writer's short story became a major new film

The Seattle Times - 02 Nov 2016
At the heart of local author Ted Chiang's acclaimed short story “Story of Your Life” is the idea of translation: A linguist learns a new language as she attempts to communicate with an alien race that has suddenly appeared on Earth. And now, “Story of ...

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