Mailbag: Term limits already exist -
term limits in the united states

Mailbag: Term limits already exist

Los Angeles Times - 09 Nov 2016
As we hold the current president of the United States accountable for bigotry, how can we set a double standard and give Sinanyan a pass? Any GUSD teacher who posted such comments would be fired. Contrary to what Sinanyan — and those who excuse ...
term limits in the united states

How Apple's Tim Cook Became Tech's Top Diplomat

New York Times - 19 Jun 2018
In a trade and technology showdown between the United States and China, Apple and Mr. Cook have a lot to lose. With 41 stores and hundreds of millions of iPhones sold in the country, there is arguably no American company in China as successful, ...
term limits in the united states

Trump Threatens Tariffs on Another $200 Billion of Chinese Goods

New York Times - 19 Jun 2018
All told, the Trump administration is threatening to impose tariffs on as much as $450 billion worth of goods, including an earlier round — a sum nearly as large as the total value of goods China sent the United States last year, which was $505.6 ...
term limits in the united states

Will term limits transform government's digital service groups? - 12 Jun 2018
A 2015 group shot of 18Fers. Four years ago, the Obama administration launched 18F and United States Digital Service to pull private sector tech talent into government for short-term stints to help solve public-facing agency problems. The programs ...
term limits in the united states

Select few emerging Asian economies comfortable with Fed hikes

Reuters - 17 Jun 2018
HONG KONG (Reuters) - Higher U.S. rates are rattling many emerging markets in much the same way past tightening cycles did, but the Federal Reserve's hawkishness could also bring cheer for a small group of Asian economies that wouldn't mind seeing ...
term limits in the united states

Opinion: Why Pinole should keep City Council term limits

The Mercury News - 01 Jun 2018
Term limits have a long and documented history in the United States. They are woven into the fabric of national, state and local government. There are volumes of academic literature written about them. Yet people do not understand them or how they work.
term limits in the united states

French press review 18 June 2018

RFI - 18 Jun 2018
He praised Xi's decision to do away with presidential term limits. "He's against the rule of law when it prevents him from doing what he wants," Fukuyama tells Le Monde, "he has deepened racial, social and cultural divisions in the United States ...
term limits in the united states

Burundi term limits referendum draws US criticism

Africa Times - 22 May 2018
Officials in Burundi verified on Monday the final vote tally on a referendum, initiated by President Pierre Nkurunziza, which extends presidential term limits to allow him to run for and remain in the office through 2034. The Independent National ...
term limits in the united states

Mission Concluding Statement

International Monetary Fund - 14 Jun 2018
Such a rapid rise in inflationary pressures would force the Federal Reserve to move at a faster pace than is currently priced in by markets, potentially creating volatility and disruptions in U.S. asset markets, tightening financial conditions ...
term limits in the united states

China startled by Trump's hotline to Kim

Nikkei Asian Review - 17 Jun 2018
SINGAPORE -- At first glance, the historic June 12 summit here looked as if it ended with U.S. President Donald Trump making one-sided concessions to North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. Indeed, the joint statement contained no mention of how to verify the ...
term limits in the united states

The 10 Names That Matter on China Policy

POLITICO Magazine - 11 Jun 2018
As Trump sits down at the table with Kim this week, China-watchers (and the Chinese themselves) will be paying close attention to what the results signal regarding the nation's relationship with the United States. The 10 people on this list are ...
term limits in the united states

Your Views Tuesday, June 19 - 19 Jun 2018
Regarding “Thunder searching for new TV voice” (Sports, June 16): How sad to lose this animated, enthusiastic sports announcer because of a “politically incorrect” term most of us grew up hearing and had no idea was offensive. I loved Brian Davis from ...

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