Mailbag: Term limits already exist -
term limits in the united states

Mailbag: Term limits already exist

Los Angeles Times - 09 Nov 2016
As we hold the current president of the United States accountable for bigotry, how can we set a double standard and give Sinanyan a pass? Any GUSD teacher who posted such comments would be fired. Contrary to what Sinanyan — and those who excuse ...
term limits in the united states

Opinion: Elections: what's at stake

Daily Comet - 19 Aug 2018
If there ever were a time in U.S. history when the phrase “elections have consequences” would be most accurate, now would be that time. The contrast between the past and current United States presidents could not be more different. Under President ...
term limits in the united states

Arkansas Lawmaker Term Limits to be Voted on in November - 16 Aug 2018
“I think 10 years is wonderful and I think it's a good time,” says Tim Jacob, an Arkansas Term Limits spokesperson. “They still have a longer tenure than any statewide office and if eight years is good enough for the president of the United States, I ...
term limits in the united states

The two sides of term limits

Maui News - 14 Aug 2018
Whether one is considering election to the Maui County Council, the state Legislature, the Congress of the United States or even the presidency of the United States, there are two overriding questions about term limits: 1. Should the citizenry of the ...
term limits in the united states

Kabila slams foreign 'blackmail' ahead of DRC vote - 18 Aug 2018
Kabila hit a two-term limit at the end of 2016 but stayed in power, invoking a caretaker clause in the constitution to remain in office. In recent months, he kept the international community guessing as to whether he would try to run again. ...
term limits in the united states

United States House of Representatives candidates

Rawlinstimes - 15 Aug 2018
Annual salary for US Representatives is $174,000 per year plus some benefits; congressional leaders receive more. An annual allowance is also provided to defray office expenses including staff. Cost-of-living increases may take effect before those ...
term limits in the united states

Term limits will bring fresh blood into Legislature - 24 Jul 2018
In 2018, the Legislature passed a resolution calling for a convention of states to amend the U.S. Constitution. This legislation proposes amendments that would enact term limits for federal elected officials, impose spending limits on the federal ...
term limits in the united states

Trans students: A test of identity for US girls schools

Reuters - 18 Aug 2018
NEW YORK (Reuters) - Secondary schools for girls across the United States are grappling with a difficult and increasingly common question: what is the best approach when a student or applicant no longer identifies as female or is going through a gender ...
term limits in the united states

Utah State Senator Dr. Brian Zehnder signs US Term Limits pledge

The Independent | - 25 Jul 2018
Utah State Senator Dr. Brian Zehnder (District 8) has committed his support for term limits on Congress by signing the Article V U.S. Term Limits Convention Pledge. U.S. Term Limits, or USTL, the leader in the national movement to limit terms for ...
term limits in the united states

US Term Limits praises Brian Zehnder for signing pledge

Utah Policy - 30 Jul 2018
U.S. Term Limits is gathering support from state lawmakers across the nation. Its mission is to get 34 states to apply for an amendment proposal convention specific to term limits on Congress. Utah State Senator Dr. Brian Zehnder (District 8) has ...
term limits in the united states

Trump's Trade War Is Rattling China's Leaders

New York Times - 14 Aug 2018
BEIJING — China's leaders have sought to project confidence in the face of President Trump's tariffs and trade threats. But as it becomes clear that a protracted trade war with the United States may be unavoidable, there are growing signs of unease ...
term limits in the united states

Go deeper: USA vs. Elon Musk

Axios - 18 Aug 2018
Tesla Motors has been subpoenaed by U.S. securities regulators, related to Tesla CEO Elon Musk's efforts to take the company private. Why it matters: Musk is one of America's most consequential tech ...
term limits in the united states

Take Charge Chicago still pushes for mayoral term limits

Gazette Chicago - 03 Aug 2018
“This isn't focused on the incumbent as much as it is about having a principle for a two-term limit here in Chicago, similar to what we have for the president of the United States.” Dick Simpson, former alderman and professor of political science at ...
term limits in the united states

US sanctions on Iran: India currently staring at a big conundrum - 19 Aug 2018
Impact of US sanctions are already evident in recent crude import arrangements for India. Indian Oil Corporation, which is the state run oil company in India, and had been buying US crude in the spot market, also signed a term tender to purchase ...

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