Mailbag: Term limits already exist -
term limits in the united states

Mailbag: Term limits already exist

Los Angeles Times - 09 Nov 2016
As we hold the current president of the United States accountable for bigotry, how can we set a double standard and give Sinanyan a pass? Any GUSD teacher who posted such comments would be fired. Contrary to what Sinanyan — and those who excuse ...
term limits in the united states

Gary Cohn Talks Economy, Trade, Term Limits at NIC Conference

REBusinessOnline - 19 Oct 2018
China notched a record-high $34.1 billion trade surplus with the United States in September, taking the surplus to $225.8 billion year to date, according to The Washington Post. The Trump administration says China's massive trade surplus with the U.S. ...
term limits in the united states

The Crisis in US-China Relations

Wall Street Journal - 19 Oct 2018
Large state-owned enterprises, once expected to be wound up, remain. President Xi Jinping's anti-corruption campaign seems to be motivated in part by a desire to root out his opponents, and he has managed to abolish term limits for his own office. As ...
term limits in the united states

Term Limits for Supreme Court Justices Won't Save Us

Reason (blog) - 03 Oct 2018
Would term limits (or age limits), and the predictability they provide to the presidents and senators responsible for choosing and confirming Supreme Court justices, save us? Probably not. Would the stakes really be that much lower if Kavanaugh were in ...
term limits in the united states

Two face off for District 40 seat

Norfolk Daily News - 19 Oct 2018
Keith Kube of Crofton and Timothy Gragert of Creighton are in contention for the seat now held by Tyson Larson of O'Neill, who could not seek re-election because of term limits. The top ...
term limits in the united states

Why Supreme Court Term Limits Won't Work and What to Do Instead

Slate Magazine - 11 Oct 2018
In Ex Parte Endo, seven FDR appointees bucked the president. In United States v. Nixon, three justices who owed their seats to President Richard Nixon nonetheless voted to order him to deliver White House tapes to a federal district court. In the ...
term limits in the united states

Commentary: Finding solutions despite Washington's gridlock

Naples Daily News - 18 Oct 2018
I have had many opportunities to work for our citizens in a bipartisan manner during my first 21 months in Congress, despite the partisan gridlock which affects many issues. I began immediately to work on my top priority, getting the funds appropriated ...
term limits in the united states

Camarillo's local ballot measures focus on City Council term limits

Ventura County Star - 08 Oct 2018
Measure M would allow council members to serve a lifetime maximum of two four-year terms before having to step down, similar to the term limits for the President of the United States. The measure was added to the ballot in June after a grass-roots ...

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