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5 Reasons To Take Your Tesla Profits Now

Forbes - 14 Oct 2018
If you are fortunate enough to have purchased Tesla shares at a price below $270.90 -- where it traded after-hours on September 27 -- I firmly believe you should take those profits this morning. The reasons for selling the stock abruptly tilted way ...

18 Nasty Tesla Charts

CleanTechnica - 21 Oct 2018
Tesla Model 3 is beautiful, but nasty. It is a monster of the ocean that is packing its muscles with gigatons of seaweed (spinach of the sea). The Model 3's sales splash is creating waves and waves of clean energy fun. Looking at them all together, 3 + ...

Tesla pulls useless 'Full Self-Driving' add-on from its cars

Mashable - 21 Oct 2018
On Thursday, Elon Musk unveiled a new “lower cost, mid-range” Tesla Model 3 car coming in at around $45,000. At the same time, one eagle-eyed Twitter user noticed another update over at Tesla: the optional add-on “Full Self-Driving” feature was gone.

China's Tesla Wannabe Has a Big Brother Problem

Bloomberg - 22 Oct 2018
Investors are throwing billions of dollars at connected cars. The technological advances that enable vehicles to be linked into wireless networks promise greater efficiency and, in theory, safety. They also open the possibility of being watched and ...

This Week in the Future of Cars: Let's Start All Over Again

WIRED - 21 Oct 2018
OK, stop me if you're heard this one before (actually bother Jack)—Tesla isn't releasing the forever-awaited $35,000 Model 3 yet, but it will sell you a brand new “mid-range” Model 3, good for 260 miles and starting at $45,000. And the strategy ...

Tesla CEO Elon Musk Signals 'Dog Mode' Could Be on the Way

Fortune - 21 Oct 2018
Tesla introduced a v8 software in 2016 that provided a feature called “Cabin Overheat Protect” that would keep the car at a “safe” temperature for a duration of time, and operates even when the car is off, according to electrek, which first reported on ...

Lessons Learned From 6 Months With The Tesla Powerwall

CleanTechnica - 21 Oct 2018
Since we have the Powerwall operating parameters on the Tesla app now along with the car, I am able to monitor the capacity on the wall pretty much instantaneously. Charging our Model S with the array provides approximately 7.5 kW and the battery ...

Tesla stopped promoting the 'Full Self-Driving' option for its cars

The Verge - 20 Oct 2018
Tesla has pulled a long-standing promise of a “Full Self-Driving” option for its cars from the order page on the company's website. Elon Musk, Tesla's CEO, said on Twitter that the option will be temporarily available “off menu,” much like Animal Style ...

Tesla buys new plot for China factory for $140 million

CNBC - 18 Oct 2018
Tesla has acquired an 864,885-square meter plot in Shanghai's Lingang area for the electric car maker's new factory — the company's first outside the U.S.. The local subsidiary of Elon Musk's company bought the industrial-use land for 973 million yuan ...

Tesla's Chinese Gigafactory land has been secured

CNET - 19 Oct 2018
Tesla announced on Wednesday that it had secured a 212.5-acre plot of land from the Shanghai government on which it will build its long-anticipated second Gigafactory location. Tesla revealed the agreement on a Chinese social media post, Reuters ...

Tesla prepares to rock Caesars

Press of Atlantic City - 21 Oct 2018
WHAT TO EXPECT: Tesla arrived at the big time in 1989 with the album “The Great Radio Controversy.” The hard rocking band brought the volume down on their next release “Five Man Acoustical Jam” but were just as successful, scoring a hit with “Signs.

Electrek: Tesla maintaining near 1000-vehicle/day production pace

Seeking Alpha - 19 Oct 2018
Tesla (TSLA -2.8%) is currently maintaining production of close to 1,000 vehicles per day, Electrek says, with most of those Model 3 vehicles. The publication cites a source saying the automaker made about 6,800 cars over the past week, including about ...

Facebook, Nvidia And Tesla Are Now Strong Buys

Forbes - 19 Oct 2018
Investors looking to protect themselves from a deeper correction are selling the stocks that have led the market up and buying value stocks and bond funds may be jumping out of the frying pan into the fire. Stocks like Facebook, Nvidia and Tesla ...

Tesla's Board Needs More Manufacturing Expertise

Forbes - 15 Oct 2018
At the end of September it was reported that Tesla and Musk reached a settlement with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission that included Musk stepping down as Chairman of the company. This should be viewed as a move in the right direction.

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