Walmart says it's preordered 15 of Tesla's new semi trucks -

Walmart says it's preordered 15 of Tesla's new semi trucks

The Verge - 17 Nov 2017
Hot on the heels of Tesla's big event last night, Walmart says it has preordered 15 of the electric automaker's new semi trucks, according to CNBC. The deal was likely in the works before Tesla unveiled its new truck to the public, but interest from ...

The Case For The Chevy Bolt EV Over The Tesla Model 3

Forbes - 21 Jul 2018
Not everyone looking for an EV needs the Model 3. Here's an argument for probably the best alternative. Disclaimer: I don't own a Model 3, have not driven one, and probably won't until Tesla begins offering Model 3 test drives at the end of July at the ...

Tesla's Struggles Are A Threat To The Future Of Electric Cars

Forbes - 19 Jul 2018
When I visited Tesla's tiny factory in Silicon Valley in March 2008—months after Elon Musk took over as CEO—I was floored by their ambition and skeptical they could survive, much less thrive. Tesla's journey from upstart visionary to household name ...

Tesla's Model 3 Performance has an experimental 'Track Mode'

Engadget - 21 Jul 2018
Tesla's Model 3 is very quick, especially if you spring for the dual-motor Performance variant, but it's still tame for safety's sake. What if you want to launch an all-out assault on a race course? You might have that option soon. YouTuber Marques ...

Tesla invests in Carbondale's Solar Rollers initiative

Glenwood Springs Post Independent - 23 Jul 2018
Solar Rollers of Carbondale is taking its unique energy education program to Nevada schools, thanks to a sponsorship from renowned electric vehicle maker Tesla. "The Solar Rollers team is both honored and stoked to partner with Tesla, a groundbreaking ...

Amazon, Netflix, and Tesla Face Tighter Capital Markets

Barron's - 20 Jul 2018
Since the Great Recession, amid ultralow borrowing rates, (ticker: AMZN), Netflix (NFLX), and Tesla (TSLA) have plowed $93 billion into property and equipment, or, in the case of Netflix, acquiring video content for its service. They have ...

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